Saturday 17 March 2007

What the fox that..............

How surprised were we to see this visitor to our garden?

It was sitting scratching itself as large as life in the middle of the afternoon. MWM crept outside to get a photograph and Freddie just looked up at him as if to say "Yeah, what?", finished scratching then hopped over the garden wall, down the drive and into the street!

Neighbours have seen two foxes recently so we are keeping our eyes open for some little ones, fingers crossed.

My Knee

Saturday 17th March

Eureka - I've discovered the secret of a good night's sleep and a more comfortable one! Something so simple I can't understand why I didn't think of it 2 weeks ago - a pillow under my knee! Ah blessed relief!


Claire said...

Glad to here you got a good nights sleep!
I thought you might of been talking about my salad at first!lol!
Thanks for your visits lately, i have been late visiting my visitors.

Akelamalu said...

Hi claire thanks for dropping by. Oooh you naughty girl, salad indeed! lol :)

TJ said...

my wish for you in your last post "that you would have a good night's sleep" came cool is that??
That was one brave Fox!!
Take care and have a Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Neoma said...

Oh my, Fox in the henhouse. haha, few people have henhouses these days, I wonder what the poor foxes are finding to eat. That is why something so timid would come so close to humans, do they eat dogfood? I have seen only one fox in life, he was scurrying across the road. It was fall, and he was so fluffy, well his tail was.

Your knee, isn't that something, makes you wonder why you didn't think of that before. I sleep on about seven pillows, one behind my back three under my head, one under my hip, one under my wrist. There is little room for the cat. haha

Akelamalu said...

Yes Tammy your wish came true, thank you honey!

The fox didn't seem at all bothered that we were there, so I guess it must have been around for ages it's just that we haven't seen it before.

Akelamalu said...

nea - No henhouses round here, too urbanised. I suppose Freddie must be finding plenty to eat otherwise he'd move on.

Yes the pillow was a 'bright' idea. Goodness, how big is your bed to fit all those pillows round you?

Claire said...

Only one pillow for me, although when knees are playing up i do the same as you.
me naughty? never,lol.