Sunday 29 April 2007

Blog Silence Day......

30th April 2007

No posts, no comments, in respect to those who have lost their lives to violence.


We went to a friend's 60th birthday party last night.

There were about 100 guests, young and old and some inbetween.

Mary had organised a lovely buffet and a disco come karaoke. Now I'm not a big fan of karaoke because, as you will know from an earlier post (Singing), my view is that anyone who can't hold a tune shouldn't be allowed near a microphone, including myself. However, apart from one or two people all those who sang last night could actually sing! In fact, I'd go as far as to say that some of them should try for Pop Idol!

Everyone had a great time and the younger ones were up dancing to the old favourites - Time Warp, Agadoo, Music Man, etc. The drinks were flowing but thankfully no-one got 'legless'.

Near the end of the night Mary's husband David asked Mary to go into a back room with his sister and when she returned she was wearing a veil, carrying a posy and looking quite bemused. The DJ took them through a shortened version of their wedding vows and David produced a ring with three huge diamonds on it. Mary told me later that she had been wondering why David hadn't bought her a birthday present but now she knew.

The highlight of the evening for me was when MWM asked me to dance. I was unsure but he gently led me to the dance floor (minus crutch) and held me close for our first dance in a long time. He whispered "I'm so proud of you".

Saturday 28 April 2007

Indoor Garden.............

The weather this week hasn't been too good, so I have been unable to get out into the garden much. Luckily I have some houseplants so I am able to enjoy greenery inside.

photographs copyright 2007 Click on photos to enlarge

Here's my Aspidistra. It started life as two leaves from my MIL's plant. I remember my grandmother having a huge Aspidistra on show in her parlour window. In fact, in those days, everyone had an Aspidistra on show. Apparently it is native to China - I wonder how it got here?

My rubber plant (ficus elastica) also started off as a cutting from a friend, just a bit of a twig and a couple of leaves. Look at it now.

I bought this bamboo from the local market. Last year one or two of them went yellow so I cut them back and hey presto they're growing again.

I also have some 'lucky bamboo' which sits on my coffee table. I'm not sure it's lucky, I haven't won the lottery yet, but it looks pretty don't you think?

I'm not sure what this is. My SIL gave me a cutting from her plant which she calls a 'money plant'. Again it's not brought me any lottery wins!

This is my much diminished Aloe Vera, I repotted it recently as it had taken over the kitchen. This started off as a small plant given to me by a friend. I have now populated the neighbourhood with it's babies.

The larger plant is an Amaryllis, a present from a neighbour. I am waiting for the leaves to turn yellow so I can cut it back and save the bulb for next year.

My latest addition a little pot of Gerbera, my favourite flower.
Oh, and I always have some cut flowers in a vase.
If I can't get out I can still be surrounded by nature!

My knee
Saturday 28th April
Getting better all the time, but it's a slow process.

Friday 27 April 2007

Kiss This Guy......

Have you ever wondered if the words you sing to your favourite songs are right?

Apparently one of the most misheard lyrics is in the Jimi Hendrix song 'Purple Haze' where people thought he was singing 'Kiss this guy', when in fact he was singing 'Kiss the sky' - hence the title of the post.

There's a website devoted to misheard lyrics such as:

Rod Stewart 'Maggie May'
The real lyrics were:All you did was wreck my bed
Misheard as:All you did was wet my bed

Michael Jackson 'Man in the mirror'
'The real lyrics were:I'm starting with the man in the mirror.I'm asking him to change his ways.
Misheard as:I'm stuck with the man in the mirror.I'm asking him to change his face.

The Bangles 'Walk like an Egyptian'
The real lyrics were:Walk like an Egyptian
Misheard as:Walk like a midgets son

Abba 'Souper Trouper'
The real lyrics were:I was sick and tired of everythingWhen I called you last night from Glasgow
Misheard as:I was sick and tired of being thinWhen I called you last night from Tesco

Bee Gees 'Stayin' Alive'
The real lyrics were:Ah, ah,ah,ah, Stayin alive, stayin alive
Misheard as:Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stay in the light, Stay in the light

If you want a good laugh make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and go to

Where you can see who misheard and where they were when they made a fool of themselves! You can also vote on whether you think they are funny/or not.

Mine was:
John & Yoko 'Give Peace a Chance'
The real lyrics were: All we are saying is give peace a chance
I heard: Oh we are sailing give peace a chance.

I was 18 and in the middle of a beach party with 3 friends and 3 boys we'd met on holiday. One of the boys had a guitar and started singing so we all joined in. Everybody sang the right words except me! I was mortified.


Before you go, what's the song you sing the wrong lyrics to?

PS MWM has been laughing at me for years for singing "cause I can play this here guitar" to The Drifters 'On Broadway'. He said the real lyrics are "cause I can play this air guitar". Guess what - I just looked it up and I'm right! Just wait till he gets back from the Libary, boy is he in trouble!

My knee
Friday 28th April
No significant change, but at least it's not any worse!

Thursday 26 April 2007

We are not alone.....

A new planet resembling Earth has finally been found. Here's the report from yesterday in 'The Sun'......

"A PLANET resembling Earth has finally been found — and conditions there are ideal for LIFE. Astronomers say water could exist on the surface of the world and temperatures are between zero and 40°C. It is one and a half times the size of our own planet and the discovery team say conditions are perfect for Earthlings. It is 14 times closer to its star Gliese 581 than we are to the sun, but its star is much cooler. A European team used a giant telescope on a mountain top at La Silla, Chile, to spot the planet — which is 20.5 light-years away in the constellation of Libra. Scientist Xavier Delfosse said: “This planet will most probably be a very important target of the future space missions dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrial life. “On the treasure map of the universe, one is tempted to mark this planet with an X.”

Can you picture this new planet? I wonder if it's as beautiful as our own Blue Planet - Mother Earth, the wonderful Gaia? Personally I think it is impossible that there isn't at least one more planet out there in the Universe that supports life such as ours. Could this be it? Maybe one day we will contact our neighbours. Maybe one day..............

On a different note...
Our local newspaper has informed us that our local police station is now contactable by email! Presumably because the place is never open when you want it.
I am sorely tempted to email "Is there anybody there?" Testing, testing.....

My knee
Thursday26th April
Getting better all the time. :)

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Open Day....

Today is the start of the National Garden Scheme where people open their gardens to the public.
Now my garden is just not in the same league as those that open to the public so, I thought I'd share some photos of my favourite garden - Monet's. You can find the following paintings, and more, here.

Japanese Bridge

Probably 1918-24 (280 Kb); Oil on canvas, 89 x 116 cm (35 x 45 3/4 in); The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Japanese Bridge
Courtesy of Ariane & Alain Cauderlier

Green Reflection, Left Part 1916-1923; Orangerie, Paris

Courtesy of Ariane & Alain Cauderlier

I found a lovely site called The Lilacs, a house to let near Giverney, France. This is a place I'd like to visit in the future, so I can see for myself Monet's garden and the inspiration for his paintings. Not only do I love gardens I love Monet's paintings.

The owners of The Lilacs, Ariane & Alain Cauderlier, have a page of their own photographs showing Monet's Garden as it is today, like this photograph. Do take a look at the link, the photographs are beautiful.

My knee
Wednesday 25th April
Giant Leaps today. I had a shower all by myself! Although I still have to use the bathboard to get into the bath I was able to stand and do everything for myself. MWM is almost redundant!
Also added an extra exercise to my regime - stepping!!

Tuesday 24 April 2007


I can't believe I got an award!!! I'd like to thank my husband, my mother, my father, my brothers, my kids, my grandkids, my friends, my hairdresser, my agent and anyone else who knows me. Bwaaaahhhhhhh, sniff, sniff, bwaaaahhhhh.

No seriously now, Josh at The Gabbatha Journey has very kindly awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award. Ok, he said it's more because myself and another british blogger have put him on the International map rather than I get him thinking about the universe or anything. Nevertheless, I will display my award with pride.

I now need to bestow this award on other bloggers who make me think rather than just ones I like. Let me think!

Annelisa - Words That Flow
This was one of the first blogs I started to read. She has such wonderful pictures of the countryside around where she lives, she writes poetry and is a budding author - she's just written a novel in a month! She makes me think about nature.

Claire - A Little Piece of Me
Claire makes me think so much it hurts my brain. She helped organise a Easter Egg Hunt to raise money for charity, which had quite a lot of bloggers racking their brains. Now I know you don't like Memes Claire but I wanted you to have this award.

Dave - Energy Healing
Dave makes me think about all things spiritual with his pictures and words.

Yazi - Seed a Brain
Yazi's posts are always thought provoking.

Ron - Foot Notes
I have only very, very recently found Ron's blog. He is very knowledgeable on many things - Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, etc., his posts are very informative and a joy to read.
Should you choose to participate, please make sure to pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. The participation rules are simple:

If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to five blogs that make you think

Link to the original post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme

Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

My knee
Tuesday 24th April
Giant Steps for me. Yesterday I began walking upstairs one foot in front of the other! I used the bannister and a crutch to help but this means my knee is getting stronger. Also this morning I actually stood up to take my shower. I still have to get in and out of the bath by sitting on the bathboard but this is a big improvement.

Monday 23 April 2007

Getting to know you..........

I’ve been tagged by La Bellina Mammina to answer 40 questions about myself.

1. What is your occupation? I’m a Word Processor Operater/Administrator in a High School.
2. What color are your socks right now? I’m not wearing any, just slippers.
3. What are you listening to right now? My playlist on my blog.
4. What was the last thing that you ate? My breakfast of Oatibix, honey and milk.
5. Can you drive a stick shift? If a stick shift is a manual car then yes.
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Oh sunshine yellow of course!
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Dad, who telephoned to tell me what he’s been doing in the garden.
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? La Bellina Mammina - though I only know her by what I read on her blog yes I do.
9. How old are you today? Old enough to know better!
10. Favorite drink? Anything except Gin!
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? Ice Skating.
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? No. My hairdresser does it for me.
13. Pets? Not for a long time – too upsetting when they go.
14. Favorite food? Cheese, the stronger the better.
15. What was the last movie you watched? Collateral – Tom Cruise
16. What was the last book you read? The General’s Daughter – Nelson De Mille
17. What do you do to vent anger? Retail Therapy
18. What was your favourite toy as a child? My Hula Hoop. Wish I could find one now it's great exercise.
19. What is your favourite, fall or spring? Spring
20. Hugs or kisses? Both, the more the merrier.
21. Cherries or blueberries? Blueberries
22. Do you want your friends to leave you comments? I only have one friend who knows about my blog.
23. Who is the most likely to comment? Other Bloggers
24. Who is least likely to comment? Anyone who doesn’t find it.
25. Living arrangements? My Wonderful Man and me.
26. When was the last time you cried? When I heard what had happened at Virginia Tech.
27. What's on the floor of your closet? Shoes, lots of them.
28. Who is the friend you have had the longest? Queenie
29. What did you do last night? Watched television.
30. Favorite smells? Jo Malone 154 cologne, fresh mown grass and flowers.
31. What inspires you? People who work tirelessly for charity.
32. What are you afraid of? Heights, being alone permanently.
33. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheese
34. Favourite dog breed? Dogue de Bordeaux
35. Number of keys on your key ring? Four
36. Number of years at current job? Seventeen at my present school, 26 years in education.
37. Favourite day of the week? Friday because it’s the end of the working week.
38. How many states/countries have you lived in? One
39. Favourite holidays? Beach
40. Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery? No

I now tag the following people because I'd like to know more about them:

Josh - The Gabbatha Journey
Yazi - Seed a Brain
Sandy - Flip Flop Floozie
Denise - Mrs Nesbitt's Place

My knee
Monday 23rd April
It's 8 weeks to the day since I had my operation - not long really in the scheme of things. Although the muscles are still weak in that leg and I am still using a crutch, there is no pain in my knee when I stand or walk which is a miracle after what I've put up with in the past.

Sunday 22 April 2007

Wriggly Wrigglers.....

We have just received a leaflet from our local Council about their plans for recycling household waste.

At the moment the council provide us with two wheelie bins - one for garden waste and one for household rubbish. They have also provided us with a box in which to collect glass (bottles & jars) and cans, and a bag for newspapers and magazines. The council don't collect plasic bottles, but we do collect them and take them to the local recycling centre. At the moment all my kitchen waste goes in the compost bin at the bottom of the garden but obviously not left-over cooked food, so you can see we already recycle most of our household rubbish.

However, this leaflet informs us that the council will now supply us with another wheelie bin (I'll have to decorate all these bins!) in which to put glass, plastic and cans, and a large sack for newspapers and cardboard so they will be collecting everything.

To take recycling one step further I have just purchased a Wormery like this

A wormery transforms all your kitchen waste - peelings, eggshells, paper towels, cooked left-over food, etc, etc, into liquid fertiliser for your garden.
The one I have bought is a small one - Capacity : 21 Litres340mm x 440mm(13.4" x 17.3") and will sit outside my kitchen window. They don't smell and don't take much looking after. You just put your rubbish in and get the fertiliser out!
Read more about wormeries here, and I ordered mine from here.

I have been thinking about buying a wormery for some time but was galvanised into action by an advert I saw in a magazine by Shell Oil advocating recycling, it said:
Never throw anything away, there is no away

I'll let you know how it goes with the wormery when it arrives!

My knee
Sunday 22nd April
Slow progress.

Saturday 21 April 2007


Oh what I would give to have nails like these!!!

Over the years I must have tried every product under the sun to get my nails to look like this. I don't want them to look like talons, I just want to have that lovely white fraction at the tip of my nail so I have have a French Polish.

I have a confession to make - I used to bite my nails!! Aarrrgh I know, it's a disgusting, dirty, filthy, horrible habit. I started as a child and I must have been about 18 when I stopped, by which time the damage had been done. It seriously weakens your nails and I believe they don't ever really recover, though I'm sure a manicurist would say differently.

I have, in desperation, had nail extensions. However, this has been when I am going away on holiday and after two weeks I have had to have the things taken off because either a couple have flipped off anyway or they are driving me mad. I want my own nails!

I have now discovered that by massaging Sweet Almond Oil, which is dirt cheap, into my cuticles every night my nails have grown. They are not hanging over the end of my fingers but I could have a French Polish now! I am wondering now just how long they will last before they split, chip and return to their former appearance, oh me of little faith.

Anyway for now I have nails to be proud of and I will be showing them off!

My knee
Saturday 21st April
Doing OK, getting a little stronger every day. I
may have to increase the ankle weight next week as it becomes easier and up the Pilates.

Friday 20 April 2007

Buddha Says.............

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Friendship is the only cure for hatred, the only guarantee of peace

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Click on photos to enlarge photos copyright 2007

I love quotes from Buddha, so I have interspersed them with photographs of the Buddhas around my home, all except the first photo - this Buddha lives in a garden centre because it is about 7ft tall!
My knee
Friday 20th April
Doing really well I have tried a couple of steps without the aid of a crutch. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel safe yet. I need to do a lot more exercise to build up the muscles. My lovely friend Helen came yesterday and gave me another Reflexology treatment - that has helped!

Thursday 19 April 2007

My Dad.....

My dear old Dad is 82 years old and lives in sheltered accomodation. He has his own little one bedroom bungalow, but it is in the grounds of a council run property where there is a warden who checks on all the residents every day to make sure they are ok. This is a great idea especially for the families of the residents, as it means if there are any problems we get to know straight away.

Just outside his backdoor is a communal garden. Well actually it wasn't really a garden at all, just a patch of grass and a border with some overgrown shrubs. My Dad said it was like looking out at a cemetery so, as he said he'd be seeing one soon enough, he decided to do something about it.

Photographs copyright 2007 Click on photos to enlarge

First he dug out his own borders and filled them with plants

Then, much to the council's chagrin, he dug all the shrubs up! Once the council found out what he'd done it was too late, they were a bit upset but he persuaded them to put some roses in to fill the gap, saying a bit of colour would cheer everyone up!

He then went to work creating some more flower beds, growing a lot of the flowers from seed.

Dad cleared this plot outside one of the other bungalows and replanted, because the man who lives there is in a wheelchair and blind.

And this bit of garden is outside another bungalow where the occupant is 90 years old - "she's an old lady, she can't possibly do it herself!" said my Dad.

The council are so pleased with what Dad has done they now supply him with new bedding plants every spring. Dad won't let the council gardeners put the plants in because he has put all sorts of bulbs etc of his own in and he says they wouldn't know where everything is!

He wanted us to buy him a lawnmower to cut the patch of grass because the council only cut it every 4 weeks, but we persuaded him that cutting the grass would really be too much work for him.

The council's head gardener has praised Dad for his work and a bench has been provided so that all the residents can enjoy the garden now it is so colourful.

I really don't know where Dad get's his energy from. He has arthritis in his hands and hips but it doesn't stop him doing anything. He's out most days at various places playing Bridge or Whist, but as soon as there's a bit of sunshine he's out there in the garden. What a guy!
I just hope if I reach the age of 82 I'm as sprightly as my dear old Dad.

My knee
Thursday 19th April
Getting around using one crutch now and doing really well. I have started using the ankle weights to help build up the muscle. I'm really pleased with myself!

Tuesday 17 April 2007

I've been tagged twice......

so I'll do them both today.

First I was tagged by Carol at Blog Virgin, who was tagged by Knowley Powley , to put my birthday (18th November) into Wikepedia and come up with the following.

Three Events
1307 - According to legend, William Tell shoots an apple off his son's head
1493 - Christopher Columbus first sights what is now Puerto Rico.
1926 - George Bernard Shaw refuses to accept the money for his Nobel Prize, saying, "I can forgive Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize."

Two Birthdays
1901 - George Gallup, American statistician and opinion pollster
1924 - Alexander Mackenzie Stuart, Baron Mackenzie-Stuart, president of the European Court of Justice

One Death
1969 - Ted Heath, British musician and bandleader

One Holiday
Latvia - Independence Day

I now tag Early-bird, aka-nik and Diana Joy, hope you don’t mind.


Yesterday mrsnesbitt tagged me as one of her 5 favourite blogs – how lovely.

Now I have to choose five, which is difficult because I have so many! Please don’t feel left out if I don’t choose you.

Queenie – my bestest friend in the whole world and she’s to blame for me blogging.

Annelisa – she is the most talented photographer and a beautiful person.

Cream – I love his tales about his restaurants and his doodles, yes I said doodles as in scribblings, drawings…..

Claire – affectionately known as Miss Whiplash.

Mist1 – because this is the funniest blog in the world. Not just her posts but her replies to comments. Be warned do not take a mouthful of fluid or food whilst reading – you will choke!!!

I hope you will join in, good luck choosing your five it’s really difficult.

My knee
Wednesday 19th April
Feeling better with my new found confidence, but taking it slowly.

Green Light.............

Well the surgeon has given me the green light!

The operation has worked perfectly and I can now start getting my knee back to normal.

I can now get rid of the crutches as soon as I feel confident so, as soon as I got home, I discarded one of them and have been managing just fine around the house. I have even tried going downstairs one foot after the other instead of down with the bad leg all the time. This was difficult but I used a crutch and the bannister for support and I managed it. I'm still going upstairs good leg first, the knee doesn't feel strong enough to be able to take my weight and push up at the same time!

I have also started Pilates again this morning. Pilates is fantastic for strengthening inner muscles, it was the only exercise I could do whilst I have been having trouble with my knee because it's not weightbearing. I have a Pilates machine like the one in the picture, you can see how these exercises will help me bend and straighten my knee and strengthen the muscles in my leg at the same time. It felt a little strange this morning, as you can imagine, but I'll just to a little each day and build up.

I feel so much better in myself now I have been given the go ahead to do what I want. I was so apprehensive about trying anything other than what was on the sheet of exercises I was given, just in case I dislocated my knee, which was what I was told could happen in the first six weeks. There'll be no stopping me now - I will go gently though!!

The surgeon suggested that I get some weights to strap onto my ankle so, as soon as I got home, I got straight onto Ebay and they should be here within the next day or two.

I have to go back to see the surgeon in three months (beginning of August) when they will take another X-ray to make sure the joint is OK, he said he expects me to walk in there without aids and with a spring in my step! I said I'll do my best.

Monday 16 April 2007

The Verdict...........

I'm back to see the surgeon this afternoon to get the verdict on whether the operation on my knee has been a success.

Although progress has been very slow, there has definitely been progress! I am hoping to get off the crutches today and perhaps onto walking sticks. I know my knee is not really strong enough yet to do without some sort of support so sticks would seem to be a good idea.

I do not actually have any pain in my knee joint - well I wouldn't would I as it's metal! It is still fairly stiff at times so I need to get plenty of exercise I think.
For those of you who have a delicate disposition look away now cos I'm putting some photographs up!
Click on photos to enlarge
photographs copyright 2007

This is what my knee looked like before the operation.

By the way, it's the right knee in case you were wondering!

This is the day after the operation. Look at the lovely pressure stocking they gave me, which I've been wearing for seven weeks.

You remember I told you about the spectacular bruising on my ankle? Well lookee here..........................

This is what it looked like the day they took out the clips.
The surgeon used the same scar line as before, it's just a bit longer!

And here it is about two weeks later. Neat eh?

Here I am today. It's still swollen but apparently the swelling can take many months to go down completely. Also my thigh muscle is wasted because I haven't used it properly for years, so I have to build it up now.

Well there you are that's where I'm up to now. I'll let you know tomorrow what the surgeon says and where I go from here.

Sunday 15 April 2007

Al Fresco...........

MWM and I must be the only people in Christendom who don't like barbequed food, but for us eating Al Fresco is not about that, it's about enjoying good food outside in the fresh air.
Take yesterday for instance. We spent most of the day sitting in the garden so it was natural progression to eat our evening meal outside while the sun was still shining, the birds were still singing and the air was clear.
We had a simple meal - a fresh salad with fat juicy jumbo prawns, fresh homemade wholemeal bread, ice cream with honey and a bottle of Pino Grigio to wash it all down. Delicious.
On sunny summer days, and nights, food eaten outside always seems to taste better don't you think?
My knee
Sunday 15th April
Knee doing good, back a lot better.

Saturday 14 April 2007

Busy, busy.........

We were busy, busy again yesterday. It's strange how a bit of sun makes you want to get out and get doing isn't it?

I thought the best medicine for a bad back was walking round the garden centre collecting plants to brighten up the garden and then sitting planting. How wrong can you be, but more about that later!
click on photos to enlarge
photographs copyright 2007

We have some lovely garden centres nearby but Newbank, Bury is my favourite. They sell everything you could possibly want for your garden and more, and they have a large fancy goods department which I can't spend too long in because I spend too much money!

They have a huge variety of plants, trees, shrubs, garden ornaments, furniture etc., etc. It's an enormous place but the staff are really helpful


I went a bit beserk and spent £67.00 (ouch) but we did quite a lot with what we got.

Whilst MWM planted the alyssum, lupins, foxgloves and antirhynums which he says attract butterflies and bees, I sat at the table in the sunshine and planted up the various pots.

I can't remember the name of these lovely daisy type flowers but apparently they flower right through from March to September, and they look lovely sitting outside the kitchen door.

We got some herbs as well - flat leaf parsey, curly parsley, sage, mint, thyme, rosemary - I love fresh rosemary stuck in my leg of lamb when it's cooking.

I planted this strawberry pot up with busy lizzies and petunias - it sits in the arbour. MWM put some Lavender in the troughs in the arbour, nestling amongs the ivy.

We also got a lovely Clematis Pixie for this tub outside the kitchen door, hopefully it will climb up the trellis next to the lion's head water feature we have there. I'll take some picture of that when MWM has cleaned it out!

I also tidied up all the patio containers, raked of and moss and and inch of topsoil, put some slow release food pellet and new compost and put a layer of gravel on the top - apparently this stops moss from growing and stops the plants drying out. You learn something new every day!

Now MWM just has to mow the grass and it will be all ship shape and Bristol fashion. Hopefully he will find time this weekend to do it.

My knee
Saturday 14th April
Knee is doing great. After sitting for over 2 hours planting, my back decided it was knackered had had enough and went into spasm mode! I could hardly move. Anyway this morning it seems to have recovered a bit, still a bit iffy but if I'm careful I think it will be ok. No more gardening for me this weekend!

Friday 13 April 2007

Lovely afternoon.........

It was such a lovely afternoon yesterday that I sat in the garden watching MWM plant up some seeds and even did a bit of gardening myself!
photographs copyright 2007

Well, I say gardening but all I did was repot my Aloe Vera plant
from the kitchen windowsill. It was enormous as you can see from the photograph, with lots of babies in the pot.

I have had it for a long, long time and repotted it that many times that I have run out of people to give the babies to. So, unfortunately, I had to throw the little ones away this time

Well all but two, I'm sure I can find homes for them! Aloe Vera is a very useful plant to have in the kitchen especially if you're like me and burn yourself on the oven regularly!

Our daughter-in-law popped by with Harry and Gracie, who wanted to sit in the arbour and play with the windchimes.

Here's a picture of our Lilac bush getting ready to burst into bloom with Bhudda nestling beneath.

The Polyanthus have been flowering all year but are really blooming now.

I usually pot up my own hanging baskets but there were some really nice ones already planted at the garden centre with 25% off the price so I bought two. This one is just outside the kitchen window.

I love flowers so much I have even decorated my wheelie bin!

Hopefully the weather will be kind this weekend and we (MWM) will be able to pot up the troughs and plant up some more seeds, so I'll venture outside again and take some more pictures.

Click on photos to enlarge

My knee
Friday 13th April
Getting much better, unfortunately I now have a bad back! Aarrrgh!