Wednesday 14 March 2007


I was watching an interview with Lesley Garrett this morning as she was talking about Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, which is on BBC at the moment and for which she is one of the judges. She said that anyone, regardless of their voice, can be taught to sing! I'm sorry but I just have to disagree with her.
I agree that if you can sing vaguely 'in tune' then, with training, you may be passable, but there's no way that TPT and Colin Murray are ever going to be able to hold a tune no matter how much training they're given. I'm not being cruel here, just realistic. Not only can they not sing in tune, what comes out of their mouths is absolute torture to the eardrums. Their saving grace is that they are making utter fools of themselves for charity - now that's commendable.
I don't consider myself a singer - that reminds me of an old joke............They're all singers in our family except the sewing machine and that's a Jones! Sorry I digress. I'm not a singer in the sense that I would embarrass myself by getting up at a Karaoke night at the local pub, but I was always chosen to be in the school choir, so I must be able to hold a tune together. I do love to sing along - as long as everyone else is joining in, or I'm alone and listening to some favourite songs. I find it accutely embarrassing watching programmes like CRDFA. Pop Idol, X Factor and the like when people, who I can only describe as delusional, have the nerve to stand up and become figures of fun because they think they can sing. Let's face it some people should restrict their singing to the shower!
My Knee
Wednesday 14th March
Getting better every day. I now have two sleeping positions in bed -
flat on back bad knee straight or
turned on right side bad knee straight left leg stretched over right.
This is an improvement, a small one but it means a lot and means MWM does not have to put up with as much snoring!


TJ said...

I feel the same way about those that torment us on the reality "talent" shows...I truly think it's the people behind the scenes though that propagate this nonsence, thinking we want to see it...sad, but true!

Akelamalu said...

Tammy - it's excruciating sometimes!

Unknown said...

I agree with you. I sing to myself and only to myself. To me I sound good but to others......

Glad to hear that your knee is still mending.

Akelamalu said...

We do sound good don't we Dave, thank goodness no-one else can hear us! :)

Yes I'm getting there with the knee thanks, albeit slowly.