Monday 12 March 2007


I knew, sooner or later, I would have to do a post about Reiki, because it is such a big part of my life.

The photograph is of an original print of the Reiki Precepts by which I try to live my life. My translation of the Precepts is:

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not get angry
Just for today be thankful for your many blessings
Just for today, be honest in your dealings with people
Just for today, be kind to all living things

By thinking of these precepts daily my life has become calmer and happier. My aim is to pass on this wonderful healing to as many people as possible. I am a Reiki practitioner who believes wholeheartedly in the power of Reiki to help heal the mind, body and spirit.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is the name given to an ancient system of natural healing which was re-discovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (d.1926). Dr. Usui was inspired to develop this healing system from ancient teachings after many years of study, research and meditation. He spent the rest of his life practising and teaching Reiki. Today, Reiki continues to be taught by Reiki Masters who have trained in the tradition passed down from Master to student.

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive or learn to give a Reiki treatment, the only prerequisite is the desire to be healed.

A Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is a very relaxed affair. You may either lie on a couch or, if this is not possible, you can receive Reiki sitting in a chair. No clothing needs to be removed to have a Reiki treatment, the healing energy is able to pass through anything, even plaster casts! The practitioner places their hands either non-intrusively on the recipient in a sequence of positions covering the whole body, or may even give Reiki without actually touching the body at all. A full treatment will take between 1 - 1½ hours. A Reiki treatment is concerned with treating the whole person rather than specific symptoms. Reiki can be used to help heal at any level of being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Reiki healing can be given anywhere, at any time, as no special equipment is needed. The practitioner is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need or imbalance in the recipient. Neither person has to use any effort of will or concentration during this process.

Reiki can be used alongside any conventional medicine. Here are just some of the benefits that can be obtained from receiving Reiki:

· Promotes natural self-healing
· Balances the energies in the body
· Heals holistically
· Strengthens the immune system
· Relieves pain
· Relaxes and reduces stress
· Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver

The aim of Reiki is to restore the balance. To be ‘unbalanced’ is to be unwell. The Reiki energy tries to remove any blocks to achieving balance. It always works for what is good or best for the receiver. Reiki cannot be misused and can only do good. Reiki always comes in the quantity needed at that time and for the greatest good of the receiver. A Reiki receiver can ask for Reiki for something they specifically want it to work on, but it may be that the Reiki comes in response to the ‘need’ of the recipient rather than the ‘want’. Words used in an attempt to describe Reiki energy are love, compassion, nurture, support and peace.

At the very least a full Reiki treatment should give you an hour’s relaxation. Most people report feeling calm and totally relaxed in mind and body after a Reiki treatment. Reiki is an individual experience, no two people will experience the same feelings.

I found out about Reiki purely by accident whilst searching the web or information on something totally unrelated. What I read fuelled my imagination so much that I proceeded to find out as much as I could about it. I spent many hours reading information about what Reiki is and what it can do, before I decided to study Reiki and become attuned. I have completed both the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses, which now qualifies me to practise Reiki professionally.

From the day I was attuned to Reiki 1 my whole outlook on life began to change. When you are attuned to Reiki you are given the five Reiki Precepts, which govern the way you think from thereon in. From day one I have found myself trying to live my life by the precepts as given by Dr. Usui.

My Knee

Monday 12th March

It feels much better since the clips have been removed, not as tight. The muscles are definitely getting stronger - I can lift my leg a bit higher now!

Needless to say I have been giving my knee plenty of Reiki.


Unknown said...

Reiki is a wonderful way to live and help others live. There is peace and harmony in Reiki. Just for Today.
I have been involved in Reiki and Energy therapy for some time. I have been attuned to the master teacher level. I have seen so many episodes of healing through Reiki that my beliefs have become a knowing. I welcome the opportunity to discuss Reiki and energy with you ( a fellow practitioner). May spirit send you the comfort of the universe and a smile for your heart

Queenie said...

I still do the little bits you showed me.
Is Mwm doing Raiki? So glad your knee is feeling better...

Akelamalu said...

dave - it is always good to meet a fellow Reiki - we are at one. Yes, it would be hard not to 'know' after seeing what Reiki can do I agree. Thank you for your blessings may spirit be with you also. I'm sure there are many conversations for us in the future.

queenie - glad to hear Reiki is still helping you. Maybe sometime in the future you will feel the urge to become attuned, then you can share it with others. MWM has been giving me Reiki, which has helped my knee, as have the loving thoughts you keep sending me darling. xxxx

TJ said...

I want to thank you for sending me some of this reiki...I've often wondered about it and after discussing it with my Hubby we then remembered that his Aunt Pat and her daughter Tammy both practice it, although at the time noone in our Ky family knew what it was...I like the precepts and think we should all live by them!!
I gave the reiki just a little help today with a wrist support as I'm now thinking it is carpal tunnel syndrom from all of this typing I do...
I tried to email you but the mail bounced back for some reason...I hope I have your email correct...I thought we wrote back and forth yesterday and it worked...oh well the system is strange sometimes...

Akelamalu said...

Tammy - I got your email hon, I've just replied so hope you get it. Yesterday's were lost though - doh!

I suggested in my email you may want to try to find a Reiki practitioner and try a treatment but it would seem you have two people 'on tap' who could oblige! Let me know how you get on.

The Reiki Precepts are a good way to live - not always easy but as they say 'Just for Today'!

Avus said...

I have studied Shiatsu, but, as I have got older I have found the physical effort involved has come between me and my subject (they say that to practice Shiatsu one must be in better health and shape than the subject).
Having now experienced Reiki (both giving and receiving) I find it beneficial and can allow myself to relax and let it flow through me to my subject.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you get so much benefit from Reiki. I have tried it, too.

Akelamalu said...

Avus thanks for dropping by.:)

I have never experienced Shiatsu. You are right about Reiki it is relaxing whether you are giving or receiving. It is said that when you give a Reiki treatment to someone you automatically receive a treatment yourself.

Akelamalu said...

Rhea thank you so much for visiting me. I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't enjoyed Reiki when they've tried it. :)

Cloudia said...

Reiki IS wonderful!
Aloha from the "past post" ;->