Thursday 29 March 2007

Playing today........

Photograph copyright 2007

We will be spending today playing with Kai! We are looking after him for the day because Mum is going to a funeral. He has just gone off with Granddad to the supermarket to do the weekly shopping, so I'm taking the opportunity to do a quick post.

Kai's daddy has built him a shop, so Nanna (me) and Granny (MIL) have a cupboard full of loose items because Kai needs the packets and boxes for his shop!

Granny brought a big bag of packets last night so we will be sorting through those and putting prices on them ready to go into the shop.

No doubt the LEGO will come out at some point today and Granddad will become chief builder. Granddad is Kai's favourite person in the whole wide world - because Kai has him tightly wrapped around his little finger!

I get to play with the plasticine because I'm good at making things and Granddad isn't, otherwise Granddad would be doing that as well!

My knee

Thursday 29th March

Improving all the time.


Cream said...

What a cool dude!

la bellina mammina said...

how cute is he!!

Queenie said...

Gosh, how he's grown. Not long now then till your jiving???

Akelamalu said...

cream - he is!

la bellina mammina - he definitely is!

queenie - he has! Jiving - maybe!?!

TJ said...

What a cutie-patootie!!
Love the shades...hehe!!
Makes me homesick for my grandkids!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Thanks for stopping by for the first time!! I simply LOVE new come back. You saw my critique over at Billy Mac's. I had a good one I thought but does he give BAD ONES? I love blogging and have been doing it for about 18 months now. A good friend of mine started me. She has a great blog too. come back..Sandy

crpitt said...

He is gorgeous, i love playing with plasticine, but not after college lesson on freud :(

Lo Kelween said...

can i join in the game of plasticine...:)

Akelamalu said...

Tammy - I can understand you missing your grandkids they're just so precious.

it's a flip-flop world
Thanks for visiting, I will certainly be visiting you again. Billy Mac gave me a good review too see

> "

A friend started me on it too, but I only started in February.

Plasticine is better than play dough don't you think? (I'm just a big kid at heart!)

Claire said...

Plasticine is way better!! unfortunately i turn into plasticine nazi and kids end up watching me instead of playing with it!lol.