Monday 16 April 2007

The Verdict...........

I'm back to see the surgeon this afternoon to get the verdict on whether the operation on my knee has been a success.

Although progress has been very slow, there has definitely been progress! I am hoping to get off the crutches today and perhaps onto walking sticks. I know my knee is not really strong enough yet to do without some sort of support so sticks would seem to be a good idea.

I do not actually have any pain in my knee joint - well I wouldn't would I as it's metal! It is still fairly stiff at times so I need to get plenty of exercise I think.
For those of you who have a delicate disposition look away now cos I'm putting some photographs up!
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photographs copyright 2007

This is what my knee looked like before the operation.

By the way, it's the right knee in case you were wondering!

This is the day after the operation. Look at the lovely pressure stocking they gave me, which I've been wearing for seven weeks.

You remember I told you about the spectacular bruising on my ankle? Well lookee here..........................

This is what it looked like the day they took out the clips.
The surgeon used the same scar line as before, it's just a bit longer!

And here it is about two weeks later. Neat eh?

Here I am today. It's still swollen but apparently the swelling can take many months to go down completely. Also my thigh muscle is wasted because I haven't used it properly for years, so I have to build it up now.

Well there you are that's where I'm up to now. I'll let you know tomorrow what the surgeon says and where I go from here.


la bellina mammina said...

ouch - that looks painful! Good luck with the surgeon - looking forward to hear what he has to say!

crpitt said...

How did you do the butterfly thing to my pointy thing?

Thats a mighty fine looking scar!

Good luck with the surgeon tomo.

Cream said...

Ouch! I didn't want to point to your knee just in case that lovely butterfly landed on it!

letha said...

Looks painful, there's a cool interactive educational game that shows everything they did to your knee, I have the link if you want it ... Just give me a shout, won't post it here though just in case you'd rather not experience the whole thing from the surgeons view.

CG said...

This was an interesting series of photos and I REALLY REALLY hope your op was a big success. i'm sort of wincing in sympathy as my right knee is very dodgy and right now I'm in a lot of pain - it comes and goes. fingers crossed for you tomorrow!

Akelamalu said...

La bellina mammina
It was but it's not now!

Thanks honey, I've been to see the surgeon this afternoon will post tomorrow about what he said.

There's a link at the top of my sidebar "Totally free Cursors" which I got from Early-bird's blog. Click on there and choose one.

You are a gentleman not pointing! :)

Is the link
I've had a go at it, I posted the link on here in February whilst I was waiting for my op. Thanks anyway.

You look after that knee honey you don't want to be going through the same thing as me now do you?

Unknown said...

I wish you well as you talk to the doctor. You knee looks as if will need some TLC. Keep yourself strong and keep your intentions on healing.
Bless You

Stine said...

Looks painful... but getting better? Thanks for visiting!

Akelamalu said...

I'm giving myself plenty of Reiki you can be sure. Thanks for dropping by.

Yes it's getting better thanks. :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh looks painful.
I hope you have some wine ready????
Infact i will have a glass as well, and toast your leg!

Akelamalu said...

Cheers!!! :)

Natalya said...

I hope everything went well with the surgeon and that you get off the crutches!! I know I cant wait for the day I get back on to sticks!!

Akelamalu said...

Thankyou, hope that day comes soon for you. :)

Tammy said...

Bless your heart!
How painful that looks...but I just heard the other day that people think it is worth it, so maybe you will too!
Wishing you good health and strength!!

Anonymous said...

Well your knee does LOOK better.

I hope the doc gives your good news.

Queenie said...

It looks fantastic, can't belive how straight it looks. Well done you.

Neoma said...

Surgery on any part of the body that we use as much as a knee, has got to be a major thing, and painful. Mom had surgery on her hip, and it took almost two years for her to get off her cane, but then Mom is 90. So I think you are doing exceptionally well and making great progress. As for scars......not an issue. I am a patchwork of scars. I think once it is healed completely and time has faded the redness, it won't be that noticeable except to you. We always find our own scars to be so prominent, when actually others often don't notice them till we point them out. Or maybe they are just being kind......but as for me, scars or no scars, no matter. Can't get through life without them.......

Diana Joy said...

Oh my goodness!
I'm so sorry you have had to undergo such pain :(
You are a very strong woman! I don't think I could have gone through knee surgery!
Hang in there my friend =)
I will be back tomorrow.....
Diana Joy

Lo Kelween said...

we are going to wait for your good news when you come back.:) ALL THE BEST YA!

Akelamalu said...

Early bird
I have had so many people say they know folks who have had the same surgery and it's changed their life. I'm hoping it will do the same for me! :)

Thanks honey.

It's certainly straighter than it was!

I'm not bothered about the scar I've had a 6" scar there for the past 17 years! I tell people I got bitten by a shark!

Diana Joy
I really didn't have any choice but have the surgery I could hardly walk. The surgery was OK I didn't feel a thing - the recovery has been painful though!

Thanks my dear. :)

Unknown said...

Yikes! I understand more now what you are going through after seeing these pictures. Good luck today!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Nik. :)

CS said...

Wow, that is one impressive scar. Now you can be a pirate!

Akelamalu said...

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!