Wednesday 11 April 2007

Sea Air ..........

I must apologise for not posting yesterday fellow bloggers and friends but I had the chance to get some sea air, so you will understand why I went.

Our friends invited us to take a ride with them to Freeport Leisure, which is a retail outlet village at Fleetwood, near Blackpool. Now I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. It wasn't just the thought of all those shops that attracted me honestly, I thought as it's right on the coast the sea air is just what I need whilst recouperating from my operation. I have the pictures to prove it was on the coast just in case you think I'm just making up an excuse to get to the shops with my plastic. Also there are plenty of benches scattered around the place so I could have a sit down and rest my knee any time I wanted, which I did, frequently. The fact that I'd had a sleepless night didn't deter me - I needed that retail therapy sea air so much!

Here's a selection of the shops, there's also a Marks & Spencer right next door to Next, and lots of others big name stores, which I didn't have time to take a photograph of because I was shopping sitting looking at the boats which are right there in a little harbour next to the shops, so you can see I was there for the air.

Photographs copyright 2007 Click on photo to enlarge

The Harbour

I did really well because I managed to walk round, inbetween resting, for 2 hours! We then returned to the car and drove to the sea front in Fleetwood and took in more of the lovely sea air. We watched the sea for a short while, but the tide was out so it wasn't very interesting, here's a picture though and one of the Fleetwood lighthouse, which looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa but that's MWM's fault 'cos he took the picture.

The Sea & Leaning Lighthouse

Once we were heady with Ozone we headed across the road to the North Euston Hotel for lunch. You can see my friend and I standing outside. My friend is the one with the sunglasses, I'd forgotton mine in the rush to get to shops sea. You will notice I have cleverly hidden behind the car to conceal my crutches.

We had a lovely lunch of fresh Fleetwood Haddock in beer batter, chips and mushy peas, all washed down with a nice cool beer, of course our friend the driver didn't have beer he just had orange juice.

Just the ticket after all that walking and fresh air!

It was time to set off home, I have to tell you that the weather had picked up and it was really hot and sunny by this time, consequently MWM, my friend and I fell asleep in the car on the way back it was nothing to do with the beer!

Now I know the burning question you are asking yourselves - "Did she buy anything?"

Of course I did!

A new handbag! Well it was the only thing I could get that I didn't have to try on for size!

My knee
Wednesday 11th April
Well I slept like a log last night after all that sea air! Now you would think I'd be in agony today after all the walking around wouldn't you? Not so, my knee feels better but then the physiotherapist did say that shopping walking was the best exercise.

Now where's the shops?!


Queenie said...

Thats my girl!!!!

mist1 said...

I bought a handbag too yesterday. I think I must have been channeling you or something. I was shopping for a gift for someone else when the purse jumped off of the rack and into my arms. It was meant to be.

la bellina mammina said...

I bought a handbag today too! How funny! Judging from the gorgeous photos, you did well - your knee thinks so too!

Akelamalu said...

I knew you'd be proud of me!

Akelamalu said...

mist1 & la belliha mammina
It must have been national handbag day or something!!!!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh love the handbag... The pictures are awesome again of course...LOL I think I saw your castle pictures on my travels yesterday. I am adding you to my blogroll if that is ok.

Hugs and Blessings my new friend,

Angel ():)

Akelamalu said...

So do I, couldn't resist it! Glad you like the pictures, of course I would be delighted to be on your blogroll!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I looked at each picture and either I am blind or something but I cannot seem to find a picture that shows a woman on crutches and another woman with sunglasses...I must be missing something? Which picture is it? I just keep looking...Hmm
Thanks for stopping by my WW today!! So glad that you were able to get out. I guess I missed out on your knee operation. Hope you are doing well. My hubby needs both of his done...OUCH!! Sandy

CG said...

i'm glad all that sea air, exercise and SHOPPING did you good. I've always meant to go there but never managed it. Lovely bag :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Great! I love the sea air!
Thanks for your comments on Whitby busride over on my blog, I have now updated with our bike ride to Lincoln!


Akelamalu said...

it's a flip-flop world
It's the picture of the Hotel, click on it to enlarge and there we are! Good luck to your husband with the knees - ask me in another couple of months whether I recommend the op or not!

Akelamalu said...

It's worth a visit especially if you're NOT on crutches!

Akelamalu said...

mrs nesbitt
Not sure I'm up to a bike ride! I'll be over anyway, love your blog.

Tammy said...

I just love the purse you got while enjoying the sea air ;)

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

You know of course I see you now but when I was here before that was just a white blank space. Now there is a picture there!!! No wonder I could not find you...The picture did not load before. There you are. Sandy

The Feathered Nest said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a wonderful day out, and on top of everything, exercised your knee really well. Nothing beats a great night of sleep! ~ Dawn

Akelamalu said...

early bird
Ah yes, the sea air went to my head!

Glad you found me!

Oh the day and the sleep were wonderful. :)

Neoma said...

Maybe you have come to the point with you knee where the exercise will help instead of make it hurt. And maybe the sea air is good for it,....anyway, I know that the sea air sure does us some good. One of the things that I miss about not living in LA, is I am no longer near the ocean. We lived within 8 miles of the beach, now it is about a six hour drive, way to far for a day visit. I have been thinking lately about finding a place to buy along the beach so we can go down and stay for a few days when the kids are grown. We both love the ocean. But we didn't have much trouble from the ocean in Calif. not like here where the hurricanes come up the coast.

Your trip sounds lovely, what a great outting.....

Mimi Lenox said...

I hope your knee is feeling better today. That sea air was just the thing to cure it. (and the shopping didn't hurt)

LOVE the handbag.

Cream said...

I've been to Freeport. Great bargains to be had.

Amazing Gracie said...

A combination of retail therapy and salt air! Works miracles every time!!! Good for you.

Anonymous said...

The blog nazi says, "No Happy Blog Post for YOU!"

Haha... glad you had a good time.

Catch said...

I love the new purse! And the pics are great! Sounds like a very relaxing day and Im sure it was good for you!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures and that looks like a great bag!

Akelamalu said...

Yes I agree, it's more exercise I need. I 'm sure you miss the sea, it is my dream to live near the sea but I doubt it will happen! :(

My knee is feeling looser today so I guess the exercise did it good, or could it have been the shopping??

You've been to Freeport? Well you can vouch for me that the main attraction is the sea air then?!

Amazing Gracie
It certainly is a good combination!

Thanks hon.

Glad you like the pics and the bag - I have to give it an outing now!

Thanks. :)