Friday 6 April 2007

Old Pictures....

My father
photographs copyright 2007

Old Pictures - The Judds

Here's a little girl playin' dress up,
Somewhere under all that lace,
Standin' in her mama's high heeled shoes,
With a lipstick covered face.
And here's a little boy on a pony,
He's a cowboy all the way,
He used to pull my hair and make me mad
At the Saturday matinee.
Who would've thought that I'd lose my heart
To the same little boy someday.
Lookin' through my old pictures
Faded photographs.
Some of them bring me close to tears,
Others make me laugh.
Old memories, seem to come alive
And open up the past again
And let me dream inside.
Here's brother with his first automobile
Thought he'd washed the paint away,
He took a job that took him West
He's doing very well
We don't see much of brother these days.
And this is my favorite of my papa,
He's dressed up in his Sunday suit.
A wide brimmed hat, a watch on a chain,
Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth
It's a picture of a downright handsome man
Caught in the prime of his youth.
Lookin' through my old pictures
Faded photographs.
Some of them bring me close to tears,
Others make me laugh.
Old memories, seem to come alive
And open up the past again
And let me dream inside.
My knee
Friday 6th April
Had a terrible night, had to take meds. Still today's another day and the sun is shining so gonna stock up on Vit D.


Unknown said...

Great Pictures, wonderful words. Together they tell a story. Sorry that your pain was so intense in your knee. Think of sunshine and love and send it to your knee.

Akelamalu said...

Glad you like the photos and words. I'm bombarding my knee with Reiki inbetween typing!

la bellina mammina said...

such a beautiful poem - and I love old photos!!

Linda said...

Great old photos and a nice poem to go with them! You are so lucky to have all those old family pictures!

Best of luck with the knee, hopefully it's just a minor setback.

Akelamalu said...

la bellina mammina
It's actually a song by The Judds - mother and daughter.

Thanks linda, I suppose I should expect some setbacks really.

Patty said...

Sorry your not feeling well, but I love the old photos. I have a lot of my parents old ones that I have been scanning. Maybe I will post some soon.

Akelamalu said...

I'll look forward to seeing your old photos, they have so much character don't they?

talj said...

Really hope you are feeling better soon {{{HUGS}}} I know what it's like to have to rely on medication to help get you through the pain and can sympathise with you!

Lovely photographs and treasured memories you have here.

Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend {{HUGS}} to you and yours :o)

Tammy said...

Loved the pictures, and I can't recall if I've ever heard the song but the lyrics fit perfectly!
I hope you have a fine day today!

Akelamalu said...

I think maybe I had done a little too much on the exercise front. Have taken it easy today so hopefully I will sleep tonight. Thanks for the HUGS!

early bird
The song is on The Judds album "Give a Little Love" and it was hearing the song again that prompted me to post the pictures. I hope your day is a good one.

Anonymous said...

I really like the look of old pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

mist1 said...

I love old pictures. How come they always look cooler than old pictures of myself?

Lo Kelween said...

"Those were the days" huh? looking great and memorable, indeed, indeed...

Annelisa said...

(((hugs))) for the sore knee, sweetheart - hope you got a better night's sleep tonight! As soon as I read you'd had a painful night, I thought 'bet she's so enjoying using it, she's overdoing it!!' Take it slow, hon - remember...those last few ounces? :-)

The photos are great - I love to immerse myself in the family of the past (I have some lines back to 1740s) Isn't it wonderful to see how different it was then from now... and know that these people are a part of you, or rather, you are a part of them?!

Catch said...

What a lovely poem and great pictures! And you are right...your Father was a downright handsome man!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Neoma said...

ahhhhhhh love what I found when I came here tonight, love the poem and the pictures, and just love the music.....If I am remembering right it comes from the WHAM CD made about 1988 or there abouts. I lent mine to a friend and never got the CD back......I had kind of forgotten this song, and it was one of my favorites.

Aren't the pictures wonderful, can you imagine putting those starched white dresses on the babies...even the boys......I have one, I think it is a Christening gown, it is so long and it is made with open lace work, all hand made.

Well it is time for bed, but I got to hear the rest of the song....

Akelamalu said...

glad you enjoyed them.

I've wondered the exact same thing myself!

Memorable and elegant!

You're right of course, I took it easy yesterday though.
MWM had been tracing both sides of the family tree and has uncovered a few skeletons! I may just do a post about it!
Thanks for the hugs honey, I feel better already!

Why thank you, I think he is!