Monday 8 December 2008

Christmas Carols Quiz part 3........

Here's what you have to do.

I give you some initials which

 represent the first line of Christmas Carols and Songs.

Here's an example:

O.I.R.D.C. - Once In Royal David's City - get the idea?

Email (through my profile) your answers to me by Saturday then next Monday I'll post the answers and the winner(s).

All those who get any right can claim this badge for their blog.

OK off you go.......

1. T.L.B.H.T.L.T.

2. T.F.N.T.A.D.S.

3. I.S.T.S.C.S.B.

4. O.C.A.Y.F.

5. C.R.B.A.O.F.

6. S.B.R.A.Y.L.

7. O.H.N.T.S.A.B.A.S.



10. C.T.M.A.W.


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TopChamp said...

mmm... stumped by the first one. I'll give it a go.

CG said...

Will have to think about these!!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

do you have a dunce cap badge???

smiles, bee

Dumdad said...

I love the sparkly reindeer!

Dr.John said...

I failed. I should know them.

Ron said...

I always love to see your Christmas blog decorations Akelamalu, because I know how much you enjoy this holiday!!!

Like me!

The snowman garland ROCKS!

The reindeer is adorable!

Happy Monday, dear lady!

Akelamalu said...

Oh good luck Topchamp it's great that you're having a go! :)

You until Saturday CG, get the family working on them!

I bet you can get at least one Bee ;)

Thanks Dumdad I do too! :)

Have a think Dr. John you will know them!

Happy Monday to you too Ron, I'm feeling very Christmassy now! :)

Daryl said...

We used to subscribe to GAMES Magazine and every so often they had puzzles like this ... we'd spend hours working them out ... thanks for the memory .. now if I were well versed in Christmas/Holiday songs I would play but the only one I know is: DDD OR its also known as TDS


storyteller said...

It certainly looks a lot like Christmas here ... and now I remember how we met about this time last year ;--)

I wonder if I can find the awards for quiz 1 & 2 from last year. Maybe I'll look for them and add them to my sidebar ... just because. And, of course, I'll play this time around too.
Hugs and blessings,

Flowerpot said...

I'm hopeless at these I'm afraid!

Lu' said...

Look at you all decked out for the holidays :) I just knew you'd do something. I like it. I stopped by my po box this morning and there alone in the box was a Christmas card from none other than the very sweet Akelamalu. Thank you for making my morning, yep it is that simple to make me smile, but to me it's grand. I was just telling my husband I wonder if she is now playing Christmas music. Have a GREAT Day :)

buffalodick said...

I tried this last year, and learned my lesson!

Anndi said...

I love all the Christmas decorations!

I'm just going to wait for the results because I'm just stumped.

Akelamalu said...

Glad it brought back nice memories for you Daryl.

If I remember rightly we did meet over Quiz 1 and 2 last year Storyteller and if I'm not mistaken you did very well! I'm sure you'll get them all this year too.

Aw never mind Flowerpot. If you only get one you can still take the award you know. :)

I'm so pleased my card arrived Lu. I love Christmas and all the bling! :)

You may have better luck this year Buff, give it a go! ;)

Glad you like the decs Anndi Get Chicklet on the songs she'll know them!

Linda said...

Well, I'm trying this but so far I've only managed to get one of them! Could you have made this a little tougher this time???

Ho ho ho!

Gledwood said...

hey talking of xmas I found a flashing ice cube yesterday!

100% true

it is a plastic cube. looks just like an ice cube. has a little pressy-thing on the bottom. press once for intermittent flashes; again for more insistent; again for a constantly lit-up ice-cube; then it turns off. Where on earth somebody bought THAT I'm perplexed to know...

Catch said...

humm..those carols are no easy task! I absolutely love your Christmas decorations!!! They are so festive and sparkly!!! Im all about the sparkly, lol

Laura Jane Williams said...

Loving the Christmas music that loaded with my visit... I've come over all festive now!


Travis Cody said...

On my honor I did not look at comments so I didn't copy if anyone else answered the clues.

4. O Come All Ye Faithful

So...I suck.

Lu' said...

response for Gledwood, I think they bought it and the Now I Have Everything Store

Jeff B said...


I'll have to give the brain a workout on these.

Akelamalu said...

LOL I'm sure you and Amanda will work them out Linda! :)

Ha ha, I think Lu has the answer Gleds! :)

So glad you like the decorations Catch. I'm doing the house this weekend! :0

Hi Laura long time no see! Happy to have brought a smile to your face with the music honey.

LOL that's a good start Trav keep going!

Good thinking Lu!

Yes go on Jeff get cracking!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Noooooooooooo. I forgot. Sighhh. I'm going to have a go anyway then check my answers. Boo.