Monday, 22 February 2010

Cruise - Dominica # 7....

We arrived at Roseau, Dominica, to bright sunshine and another band to welcome us.

To get ashore at Dominica we had to use a tender (small boat), for which the ship used four of the lifeboats, ferrying people backwards and forwards all day long - a brilliant service, very quick, very well organised, no hanging around.  Not having a trip booked for Dominca we set off exploring on foot.  

Off exploring!

Roseau, the capital of Dominica, is packed with an interesting mix of old Georgian buildings and colourful wooden houses. 

We even saw a restaurant named after me!  

Eventually we came to the Botanical Gardens and decided to explore them too.  They were beautiful and we got some really good photographs from which I've made a little slide show for you.

We walked up the very steep and exhausting 35 steps to Jack's Walk and took a photo from the top, then continued round the gardens.  

We left the Gardens and made our way back through the streets, we were quite thirsty so we stopped at 'The Old Ruins Bar' (which was literally a bar in a ruined buildings), for a soft drink and a rest before completing our walk back to the boat.

By the time we got back to the boat it was gone lunchtime so we had some food.  We then retired to our balcony to do some sunbathing, as it was in full sun we thought we may as well take advantage of it.  Of course we had a little nap - after all we had walked a long way!  We did rouse ourselves to go to Connexions for the quiz at 5 p.m., where we scored a commendable 160/200, bearing in mind there was only two of us and the other teams consisted of four upwards!

The show in the Marquee that evening was a jam packed variety show featuring all the artists that had been showcased that week, which was a great ending to the day.

Next time we are in Barbados, where some people left the cruise and some joined it.  We had another week to do so we were pleased!   Join me next time for a tour of Barbados.


CDR said...

Like it! Just passing by. nice post. Feel free to stop by when you get a chance. Subscribe if you like to as well. That would be great!

tattytiara said...

Steel drums at every stop? I need to take this cruise!

I love those houses.

Dumdad said...

See you in Barbados!

Finding Pam said...

You look so relaxed and happy.

So are you telling us that your real name is Pearl's Cusine? LOL!

The slide show was awesome as well as the photos. I will see you at your next stop. Thanks for the virtual tour.

secret agent woman said...

I love steel drums. And those steps really are quite steep.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so fab... love the drums and for the record I would not walk those stairs ;0)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

that street reminds me of key west for some reason. i don't believe i have been to that port, don't remember it at all. love your trip!!!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. I could not watch much of the slide show, the big bubbles moving around bothered my eyes. Sounds like you had a great trip. I am wanting to go on a cruise now.

buffalodick said...

Sounds like a relaxing day...

Ron said...

The fourth and fifth photos down instantly reminded me of Key West, Florida (which you would LOVE).

Enjoyed the slide show. WOW, I cannot believe the size of that HUGE fern! Even Florida doesn't grow them that big!

Another flawless post, m'dear!

Can't wait to see Barbados!

Enjoy your day!


quilly said...

I loved the dreadlock tree! And that giant fern is even bigger than the one that dazzled me in Hawaii! I'm glad you finally got some sun!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place. It is just spectacular. I'm so enjoying this tour. You know in Kona the cruise ships have to bring the people in on smaller boats as well. :) See you in Barbados. xoxo

Linda said...

Nice to see that the good weather has continued on this part of "our" trip! The bar in the old ruins sounds really neat - and I would have needed a drink after all of those steps myself - not to mention a good sit down for awhile!

quilly said...

It was that two week vacation -- you are too relaxed to think of urgent time constraints.

Dianne said...

I love the sound of steel drums

the architecture is beautiful, reminds me a bit of New Orleans

Cloudia said...

You are such delightful company; and you always take us to the best places. Thanks Momi

Aloha, Sis

Comfort Spiral

Travis Cody said...

Still loving the tour!

Bernadine said...


Now I'm gonna sound like a little child.. but these pictures are great. I've never been overseas and I'd like to go someday (but then someone has to sponsor me first, cause it is way expensive!!!!!) Thanks for sharing the Barbados pics they are nice. :)

And I see you are from the UK. Nice!!!

Enjoy your day!!! :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Phew! I too was exhausted after climbing those steps! lol!

CG said...

Oh, i am enjoying this, can't wait for next installment!

Akelamalu said...

Glad you dropped in and enjoyed the post CDR :)

Steel drums at a lot of stops Tattytiara and I loved the houses too. :)

You will Dumdad :)

My surname isn't Cuisine Pam but the first name's the same. LOL

I was out of breath by the time we got to the top of the steps SAW!

I love the drums too Eternally Distracted and the steps were a challenge to be sure!

Well I hope you get to stop at Dominica some time Bee it's lovely. :)

Sorry about the bubbles Connie. If you click on 'view all images' you can see the pictures without the bubbles.

It was a lovely day Buff :)

Ah both you and Bee think Dominica looks like Key West Ron! I must go there!

I loved the dreadlock tree too Quilly!

It was a beautiful place Thom and I quite enjoy going into ports by tender. :)

Oh yes the good weather was so welcome Linda, as was the stop at the bar!

I thought the architecture was reminiscent of New Orleans too, well what I've seen in picture Dianne :)

I'm happy you enjoy my trips Cloudia x

I'm so glad you are Trav, cos there's plenty more to come!

Welcome Bernadine, I'm pleased you enjoyed the pictures and the post.

It was hard work Mrs.N! LOL

So glad you're enjoying it CG x

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh I loved the pics honey. I giggles when you mentions how many stairs there was to climb. :)

I read a book once where a Spanish Conquistador Bernal Diaz wrote in his journal the amount of stairs it took to climb a certain pyramid.

I do that too. hehehe. thanks for sharing honey...It's not as great as going with you...but it sure inspires me to ride the Atlantic in a big big boat.

later honey. xx

cheshire wife said...

I could get used to this life of eating, drinking, sunbathing and sight seeing!

Jo said...

Great pictures of Dominica.. hope you had a great time touring around Roseau. The real beauty of Dominica lies inland and to the north too.

I like your blog... am going to come back and have more of a read too. Enjoy your cruise in the meantime!

Akelamalu said...

There was a sign telling us how many stairs there were before we took on the challenge Spiky, so we knew what we were letting ourselves in for. We should have known better in that heat! LOL

If only we could win the lottery eh Cheshire Wife?

Thankyou Jo, I'm pleased you're enjoying the read. I can't find a blog for you to return the visit just a site selling property. :(

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