Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cruise - Barbados #8

Arriving in Bridgetown, Barbados, we found The Arcadia already docked and once again the sun was shining so all was well with my world!

After breakfast we decided a trip round the island was a great idea and proceeded to the quayside where we picked a tour bus up with no problem at at.

One of the first places of interest we saw was Kensington Oval, Barbados' Cricket Ground which recently underwent massive expansion and renovations for the World Cup. The venue was officially reopened on February 17th 2007.


Kensington Oval

As you enter Kensington Oval, you will see a statue of Sir Garfield Sobers, one of the finest cricketers of all time. Sir Gary, as he is called locally, is recognized as one of the National Heroes of Barbados.

Our tour bus took us to Sandy Lane where all the really posh residences are in Barbados.  The houses are amazing and I got a quick shot of one to show you.

Our next stop was St. James Parish Church, the oldest Anglican church on the island.  The original wooden structure was built in 1628 near the landing site of the first English settlers to Barbados, who arrived on February 17, 1627. After a hurricane on August 31, 1675 which devastated most of the island, a stone structure replaced the former wooden building in the early 1690's.  I've put a link in the Church name so you can read more about it.

Our next stop was Sugar Hill, a gated community with a security controlled entrance and 24 hour security, this where the rich and famous stay when they visit Barbados, Sir Cliff Richard has a house there. 

The Royal Westmorland Beach Club, Sugar Hill, Barbados.

When you compare these properties with the Chattel Houses that people still live in you see the prosperity and poverty that exists in Barbados.

Chattel Houses were originally the design of the plantation workers home. They were modest wooden buildings set on blocks so that they could be easily moved from one leaseholding to another. In early settlement days, home owners were not necessarily landowners, but part of a tenantry system of the plantations.

The oldest inhabited Chattel House in Barbados.

We continued on our journey round the island passing through Apes Hill, which is where most of the island's repatriated people live, to Mount Hillaby situated in St.Andrew, this is the highest point of the island - at 1,115 ft. or 343 metres above sea level.    As you can imagine the views from here are amazing!

Our last stop on the trip was the Mount Gay Rum Distillery where Rum has been produced since 1703.   We had a tour of the distillery before sampling the oldest Rum on the island.   Mount Gay have their own website, do take a look here it's very impressive and informative and very colourful!   We walked back to the ship where we had a late lunch and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

After dinner that evening we were entertained in the Marquee by 'The Barbados Caribbean Orchestra' before retiring to bed.     The next morning we had a treat booked and Michelle, who looked after our cabin delivered it at 8.30 prompt.

A luxury Continental breakfast with champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries, which we ate at leisure as today was sea day and there was nothing to do but to relax and that's exactly what we did.    We spent the day sunbathing on deck, reading and eating delicious ice-cream before retiring to our cabin for a nap before we showered and changed for dinner at The Bistro again that evening.

Here's what we enjoyed from the Bistro menu that evening.

Me:Tempura of vegetables with homemade aioli and romesco dipping sauces/Roast Breast of Corn-fed chicken with creamed leeks and pancetta/Iced Caramel Parfai with peppermint crisp.

MWM: Sliced Parma ham, pecorino cheese and Savpu cabbage salad with truffle oil/Pan-fried Barramundi in a coriander and mint crust with tomato and coconut salad/Vanilla cheesecake with warm balsamic strawberries.


After a day and night at sea our next stop was Tobago, I hope you'll join me.


Anonymous said...

Barbados is beautiful I love that Kensington Oval. What a piece of architecture that is. I love it. And your slides. I loved that monkey and the weather station was a riot. I loved it. :) The food sounds just delicious. mmm Mahalo for sharing and see you in Tobago :)

Anonymous said...

If you don't squeeze me in your case next time me and you are going to fall out... just saying!

Dumdad said...

Champagne for brekkers! How the other half live.

I love your attention to detail over what you ate; plus the photos and commentary and it all adds up to a terrific guided tour.

Onwards to Tobago now...

Monalisa said...

I loved reading about your day in Barbados, it brought back memories of our stay there ago on the south coast. I want to go back, it's so cold here...

Flowerpot said...

I can feel the warmth coming from those pics - please send it down here!

Valerie said...

I started the day feeling low - because of the weather - but you should see me now. I'm up and running with a new zest for life. Thank goodness you took your camera. Very much looking forward to Tobago!

Akelamalu said...

The weather station made me laugh too Thom :)

Do you fancy Goa in November then Eternally Distracted?

I'll let you into a secret Dumdad - we didn't drink the champagne at breakfast, we saved it for dinner! :)

I just read you post about your stay in Barbados Monalisa - it's beautiful isn't it? :)

I wish we had it here in Lancashire right now Flowerpot!

I'm so pleased I cheered up your day Valerie :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i love coming with you on the cruise!!! the photos are wonderful.

smiles, bee

Deb said...

It is a snowy morning here in NH but I have spent it traveling to St. Kitts, Barbados and Dominica with you as my tour guide. I am a tad hungry now after reading, and drooling over your food choices ~ yummy ! I have never been to any of these destinations so thanks for sharing with us. I am ready to venture off to Tobago !

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Just catching up on the Dominica and Barbados legs of 'our' journey - I just adore the botanical gardens shots, and the various Barbadian inhabitants. What a magnificent tour of the Caribbean. I would definitely need a few sea days to rest after all of that sight-seeing.

Ron said...

OMG...that Continental breakfast looks soooooo good! That's the way I like to eat in the morning. Those rolls look yummy!

Beautiful photos! It was incredible to see the contrast between the prosperity and poverty.

Oh, boy...looking at all that sunshine and palms trees, I bet you LOVED it!

Thanks for sharing, m'dear! Looking forward to Tobago!

Have a great day!

buffalodick said...

Mount Gay rum is the best, reasonably priced rum you can get here..A buddy of mine took the same tour you did 20 years ago- and that's when I first tried it!

happily retired gal said...

Wonderful travel photos and narrative ... thanks for sharing with those of us who didn't get to take such a wonderful vacation.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Dear Akelamalu,
I really enjoyed the pictures and narrative. beautiful!
Goa, is a very beautiful place with a lot of Anglo Indian's.. you'll love it.
♥ & ((hugs))

Maude Lynn said...

This sounds like so much fun!

Linda said...

Wow! What a difference between the houses of the rich and famous and the chattels. Sadly, I guess that is with most of the world - there are a lot more of us on the outside looking in then there are behind those beautiful gates.

I would love to see that old church and even though I'm not much of a drinker, even that old distillery would be very cool to see!

Mike Golch said...

Nice photos,I like the new look.

secret agent woman said...

The breakfast looks like a perfect way to start a sea day. And when the sun is shining, all is well in my world, too.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

oNow that is aa continebtal breakfast. Not like coffee, toast and a bannana I got once. hehehe.

I have to go there at least girl would love barbados...for realz.

later sweets...more please. And also thanks for the pics...they're awesome. ;) xxx

Connie T. said...

The water is such a pretty blue color. It looks a lot like Florida. I would love to see it.

Cloudia said...

Plantation shacks are much the sa,me in old Hawaii. Lovely post.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Travis Cody said...


Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying it Bee x

It make me happy that you are enjoying these places through my eyes Deb, I hope you enjoy the rest of the destinations. :)

The botanical gardens were just lovely Jula and so peaceful. :)

We could hardly move after eating that breakfast Ron, it was HUGE!

We only sampled a small amount of the Mount Gay Rum Buff, but we enjoyed it! :)

My pleasure Happily Retired Gal, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

Thanks Bindi, of course I'll let you know when we get back. :)

It was Mama Zen. :)

You would love the churches Linda and you're so right about more of us looking in.

Cheers Mike :)

It was SAW! We like the sun don't we hon? :)

Definitely a super breakfast Spiky but I couldn't eat all that every day!

I hope you do get to see it for yourself someday ConnieT x

I guess they are Cloudia x

Cheers Trav :)

PrincessDipti said...

hello dear.. wud u mind if i'll say that plz leave some comments on any of my blog posts? not in the chatterbox.. but in the blog posts itself.. if u dont mind.. i need it for my grade. :) thanks a lot.. i am looking forward for your comment :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Wow...that breakfast and flowers is amazing!!!!! Have some fun for me!

Akelamalu said...

If you had bothered to read my post and comment on it PrincessDipti I would have returned the favour.

We did have fun RLL but it seems a long time ago as we've been back 3 weeks :)

Maggie May said...

Sounded like marvellous holiday.

Nuts in May

tattytiara said...

Wow what fascinating history, and what a beautifully preserved church!

Akelamalu said...

Oh it was Maggie :)

The church was beautiful Tattytiara!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow that is such a stunning place. I hope you're really enjoying your break and having a wonderful time. It certainly looks like you are lovely. x

Akelamalu said...

We had a great time Jo, we've been back a month. :)

maryt/theteach said...

Loved Barbados when I was there! :)

TBM said...

What an amazing holiday you had! I am so envious.

Akelamalu said...

It's certainly a beautiful place Mary :)

It was totally amazing JAPRA, I feel very lucky. :)

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