Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Lest we forget


"Please wear a poppy," the lady said

And held one forth, but I shook my head.

Then I stopped and watched as she offered them there,

And her face was old and lined with care;

But beneath the scars the years had made

There remained a smile that refused to fade.

A boy came whistling down the street,

Bouncing along on care-free feet.

His smile was full of joy and fun,

"Lady," said he, "may I have one?"

When she's pinned in on he turned to say,

"Why do we wear a poppy today?"

The lady smiled in her wistful way

And answered, "This is Remembrance Day,

And the poppy there is the symbol for

The gallant men who died in war.

And because they did, you and I are free -

That's why we wear a poppy, you see.

"I had a boy about your size,

With golden hair and big blue eyes.

He loved to play and jump and shout,

Free as a bird he would race about.

As the years went by he learned and grew

and became a man - as you will, too.

"He was fine and strong, with a boyish smile,

But he'd seemed with us such a little while

When war broke out and he went away.

I still remember his face that day

When he smiled at me and said, Goodbye,

I'll be back soon, Mom, so please don't cry.

"But the war went on and he had to stay,

And all I could do was wait and pray.

His letters told of the awful fight,

(I can see it still in my dreams at night),

With the tanks and guns and cruel barbed wire,

And the mines and bullets, the bombs and fire.

"Till at last, at last, the war was won -

And that's why we wear a poppy son."

The small boy turned as if to go,

Then said, "Thanks, lady, I'm glad to know.

That sure did sound like an awful fight,

But your son - did he come back all right?"

A tear rolled down each faded check;

She shook her head, but didn't speak.

I slunk away in a sort of shame,

And if you were me you'd have done the same;

For our thanks, in giving, if oft delayed,

Thought our freedom was bought - and thousands paid!

And so when we see a poppy worn,

Let us reflect on the burden borne,

By those who gave their very all

When asked to answer their country's call

That we at home in peace might live.

Then wear a poppy! Remember - and give!

~~By Don Crawford.~~


Flowerpot said...

That's wonderful Ak, thanks. I'm crying now.

Dumdad said...

We must never forget.

Nessa said...

All of the time.

Wordless Wednesday

Unknown said...

Thank you, Akelamalu.

"In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below."

G-Man said...

Thanks Ake......

buffalodick said...

Wonderfully written, and so true..

Linda said...

We should never forget lest we have to relive it all again someday.

A big thank you to all of our veterans the world over!

Mike Golch said...

A big thank you to all veterans that served,and to those that gave their all I say Rest in Peace.

Anndi said...

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we forget...

Ron said...

BEAUTIFUL post, m'dear.

Thank you for sharing.


Thank you veterans.


secret agent woman said...

I've not seen that poem before - very moving.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

akelamalu: How wonderfully written. It made me cry...tears welled up and I had a silent moment.
I knew a man...he was in WWII. He never talked about it and I didn't know till mother told me of all his medals and battles he was in. he was just a boy turned 18 when he went to fight.

I remember him and the others.

thaks you sweetie...this post is awesomee.
later sweetie. xx

Daryl said...

Thanks to all those who keep us safe and thank you for posting this

Anonymous said...

We shall never forget. Wonderful piece and so right on point. :) Thank you my friend for sharing this :)

cheshire wife said...

Very appropriate.

Cloudia said...

Bless YOU my Sister!!!!!


Comfort Spiral

Dr.John said...

A Great poem for our Veterans Day.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Remembering with you, Akelamalu.

quilly said...

What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it.

MarmiteToasty said...

Beautiful, this is beautiful Ake..


Smalltown RN said...

I have never heard of this certainly does make you stop and think...thank you for sharing it with me...

Maude Lynn said...

Thank you!

Anndi said...

I came back to read this post again, and it still brings a tear to my eye.

They're all someone's son or daughter, friend, father or mother... *sigh*

Real Live Lesbian said...

What a beautiful story! I never knew about the poppies, but what a wonderful way to remember and show your thoughfulness.

Thanks to all who served all over the world.

Helena said...

My old war hero dad (whom I blogged about) would have been delighted to have read this.

Helena said...

My old war hero dad (whom I blogged about) would have been delighted to have read this.

Saranne said...

Beautiful post - I just found you, and have started reading about your grandmother.....I may have to stay up late tonight to keep reading!

Dianne said...

I never read this before, thank you for sharing it
and the photo is so touching

Travis Cody said...

Wonderful tribute. I thank all veterans for their service.

lettuce said...

never to be forgotten - lets hope

Anonymous said...