Wednesday 22 August 2007

Creative - Me?.......

Lookeehere I've been given another award.

This one is from the very lovely and talented Rotten Correspondent - you notice I've struck out the rotten bit, that's because she's not! This is what she said about me

...because she has the most fabulous multi-media site I've seen. And also because I love pretty much everything she does on her blog.

How kind is that?

Anyway I have to pay the award forward as you do with all awards, so I hope the following folk will accept the award and pay it forward to keep the linky-love going.

Mimi Writes who's whole blog is a creative masterpiece.

Mark (The Green Fingered Photographer) takes some fantastic wildlife photos and will also let you use some of his pictures to use as banners on your blog, see here.

1 Million Love Messages - how much more thoughtful can you get than creating a blog that promotes love? Go and leave your message to a loved one today, it's easy.

Ruth (Me, My Life, My Garden) has created a beautiful, colourful blog, packed full of interesting gardening information and gorgeous pictures of her garden and the surrounding countryside where she lives.

The Experiment which was Mike's idea. It is, however, a story created by many writers who can all take the Creative Blogger Award and display it on their blogs.



Ruth at Me, My Life, My Garden did a post about a post that David at Authorblog did recently, and it sounded fun so I thought I'd join in. Here's what David said......

Dump And Dumper

Here's some weekend fun for us to share. Every weekend, starting today, I'm going to ask you one simple question. Answer the question on your own blog, any time until Friday. Please link to this blog (or to this post) just so I can follow the progress of the notion.

And the question is:

What would you like to say to the girlfriend or boyfriend who first dumped you?

"Told you I'd get you back!" (I'm married to him!)

If you want to join in click here and let David know so that he can follow progress.


Also Mimi found this piece of fun, so I pinched it - give it a try. This is my Peculiar Aristocratic Title:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Baroness Akelamalu the Lush of Lardle Midhoop
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I have to admit the LUSH part is not far short of mark!!


RUTH said...

Oh wow and thanks for the award. I'd never have thought of myself as creative :o) so it's really an honour especially seeing the other esteemed blogs you've also given the awards too..Thanks (hug)If I'm ever in Lardle Midhoop I'll buy you a drink ;o)

la bellina mammina said...

Woo Hoo! The QUEEN of awards ;-) And you deserve every little one of them... will take a look at David's blog and may join in. Thanks! :-)

Flowerpot said...

Love your title, Ak!

buffalodick said...

Congrats on your award and new title!

Akelamalu said...

You're welcome Ruth see you in Lardle Midhoop. :)

Thanks Bella hope you join in it'll be fun. :)

Why thank you flowerpot and buffalodickdy xx

david mcmahon said...

Hi Akelamalu,

That's a great response to Dump and Dumper.

"Told you I'd get you back!" (I'm married to him!) - wonderful. All it took was 10 words in it incorporated suspense, humour and a terrific conclusion.

Wonderful work. Do keep in touch.

Keep smiling


Akelamalu said...

Glad you like David. Looking forward to next week's question. :)

the rotten correspondent said...

That's some title you've got there. I may just do the weekly question too. What fun!

Akelamalu said...

Oh yes do join in, I'll look out for your answer correspondent:)

Mike Minzes said...

Thanks Akelamalu. I will let everyone know in a message tonight. The Experiment has been slow, these past few weeks, but it's going to pick up.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

lush of lardle midhoop? uh oh...

smiles, bee

Jenny! said...

Dang girl...your are the official award queen...congrats!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi akelamalu,

Congrats for all of them which you gave an award,CONGRATULATIONS !!!

I cannot follow everything always because the English language is sometime too difficult for me, to follow the right essence. but I'll try, I hope you all do not mind?

I like your blog very much, can I give awards also to anyone's blog I like? Or that linked to an organisation... I just don't know. How do you get this awards, I can design my own perhaps?

answer when My first boyfriend dumped me I said:
" I did not like you either anymore beacuse you seemde to like my mom more than me".
I was 14 and this boyfriend was so sticky as hell , he brought flowers for my mom UUURRGGHHH.

Bye from JoAnn :)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award, well deserved.

Pam said...

geez, another award! well, just add them to the other blog shelf dust collectors lol congrats again!

the first guy who dumped me was a bit abusive...i don't have one word to say to him.

Pam said...

geez, another award! well, just add them to the other blog shelf dust collectors lol congrats again!

the first guy who dumped me was a bit abusive...i don't have one word to say to him.

Smalltown RN said...

well I checked out Mimi's place...very nice...and well of course you deserve the award...I love coming over here...I liked that last meme you did...that seems like fun....I trying to catch on my responses I have been working since my birthday so it has been kinda of hard to get back to people....but I really do appreciate your visits to my blog....thanks...and cheers...

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Akelemalu! How sweet. How wonderful. And what great company I'm in. I'm going to check out those blogs. I will display this award proudly and not "trim" it from my sidebar. You know I'm trying to figure out how to make my blog load faster. Dilemma...dilemma....

Akelamalu the Lush??!!
Oh my.

Dan said...

Congratulations on that award! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Well deserved, indeed. :)

I'll put up a link about The Experiment.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm never surprised when an award comes your way, Akelamalu! Congratulations once again! You're more creative than you give yourself credit for.

Catch said...

my first boyfriend didnt dump me....he married me! I wish he would have dumped me,,,now hes my EX! LMAO

david mcmahon said...

Greetings, O Noble Baroness Akelamalu the Lush of Lardle Midhoop,

Seems like there's been a fun reaction all round to the first of the Weekly Wondering questions (`Dump and Dumper').

I've got another fun one for this weekend!

Keep smiling


Ali said...

Big congrats on your award, display it with pride.

Right, off to see if I have any blue blood flowing through these veins!!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Mike, I'm looking forward to the next instalment of the Experiment.

I'm a bit worried that word's getting out about my drinking Bee! ;)

Aw thanks Jenny - there's nobody more surprised than me hon!

Thank you JoAnn. You can only pass on awards which have been given to you, but if you want to design an award yourself you can pass them on to anyone you like honey. Join in the question/answer fun by clicking on David's name to get to his blog and read up there.

Aw thankyou Pauline. x

Yep something else to dust Ciara but I love it! Sorry to hear about the guy who dumped you, good riddance eh?

You are welcome Mimi and whatever you trim from your blog don't let it be any of your awards you earned them all!

Dan you're so sweet! x

Great crazy working mom the more we need more readers, and thanks for the congrats.

How very kind of you to say that Julia. :)

There's something to be said for being dumped sometimes eh Catch?

I'll look forward to it David :)

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Ali I'll drop by later to check out your title. :)

CG said...

LOL, I love your title, your ladyship!

Dumdad said...

Congrats again!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

So do I cg :)

Thanks dumdad

Odat said...

Congrats and thanks for the award to the Experiment writers...Very cool!!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks and you're welcome Odat :)