Monday 10 November 2008

Krakow Part 1....

As you know we visited Krakow a couple of weeks ago with two of our friends. We spent three nights and four days there. The flight took about two and a quarter hours and it was already dark when we landed. We took a taxi to our hotel which was about 15 minutes outside of the centre of Krakow. We had booked the Galicyia hotel online and weren’t disappointed, it was really clean and comfortable.

As we hadn’t taken much luggage it didn’t take long to hang up our clothes and jump in a taxi to take us into the centre to have a look around and get something to eat. First we found a bar and ordered a beer each. The bar staff didn’t speak much English and when the waitress brought the beers she pointed to a flyer on the table but we weren’t sure what she was talking about. Eventually we figured out that if you bought four of this particular beer you got a free glass tankard! We ordered another four beers and got two. Of course we had to go back the following day and do the same so we could have a tankard each – well you would wouldn’t you?

We had a walk round and decided on a traditional Polish restaurant for our evening meal. We had a look at the menu but were unsure what to order so the waitress recommended the Country Trough – we agreed as we were starving and a trough sounded good! First they brought the drinks (most important) and some chunky, homemade slices of bread with two dishes – one containing pork dripping full of bits of pork and the other contained cream cheese with onions. You might be thinking YUK but let me tell you we devoured all of it and it was delicious!

The trough was literally a huge trough carved from wood filled with huge chunks of pork, beef, lamb, chicken wings, ribs, roast potatoes, dumplings and rice. We devoured that too, but could hardly walk by the time we’d finished.

The bill came to 126 zlottys (about £42) for four of us. We put 2 x 100 zlotty notes on the bill but were careful not to say thankyou as the waitress picked it up. You may think this strange but we had read that if you say thankyou it means keep the change and that would have been one hell of a tip! Of course once she brought the change we did leave an appropriate tip and the food and service were so good we ate there the next two nights!  The following night we did actually say thankyou as the waitress collected the money and the bill and guess what?   She didn't bring any change!

Stuffed and content we managed to stand and button our coats then set off for a walk round the city, calling in a couple of bars for a drink before we got a taxi back to the hotel.

Krakow Part 2 coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Cool visit. Good that you'd heard in advance not to say thank you - that's pretty much the automatic response!

Cath said...

Wow aren't local customs so different? It could be so easy to offend - or be offended! Glad you knew about the custom with waitresses and waiters.

I always thought Poland would be an interesting place to visit.

cheshire wife said...

That meal looks better than it sounds. Did you eat the same thing every night?

Looks like you had good weather, at least when the photo was taken.

RiverPoet said...

Oh how cool is that? Sounds like the food was fabulous and fattening. Just what you want on vacation, yes?

Peace - D

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

how fun! i am glad you reported on the most important part too, the food, and the photo looked really good to me!

smiles, bee

Queenie said...

Math enjoyed his time in Poland, knew you would.

CG said...

Looks like a great place for a holiday!!

Linda said...

I love how on your side of the ocean, you can just hop on a plane and take a short trip over to visit another country like Poland without even batting an eye!

There are so many places over there that I would love to see but for now I shall just have to settle for visiting them via my blogging friends who get to actually go!

This Guy said...

WOW! That is pretty cool! You must be having an amazing trip! The food looks great too, I'm suprised you guys WERE able to walk outta there! hehehe

Akelamalu said...

Yes one automatically says thankyou here when paying a bill so it was good to know before we went Citizen

Can you imagine trying to get your change back after you'd said thankyou Cath, wouldn't it be embarrasing?

The meal was delicious Cheshire Wife and we tried lots of different dishes on the three nights we were there. The weather was fabulous 21 degrees every day - it was snowing in England whilst we were away!

Oh yes, the food was very fattening Riverpoet - I'm on a strict diet now! ;)

I love trying different foods Bee so that's a very important part of any trip for me. :)

Math was working went he went wasn't he Queenie? No work for us just enjoyement.

I can certainly recommend it as a really interesting place CG.

Ah but I would so love to see your part of the world Linda - not such a short hop from here unfortunately. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our trips. :)

I was surprised we were able to stand up let alone walk out after eating that lot This Guy!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think the trough sounds heavenly! Tell us more! Glad you had a good time.

And the glasses...that's a no brainer!

Catch said...

the food looks so good Akela. Im looking forward to part 2!

david mcmahon said...

A city I'd love to visit.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'd love to visit there. Wow. And I bet you were so full after that. :D

Suburbia said...

That food looks delicious!

I see you're a scorpio like my Tall Girl. Have I missed your birthday?

Cloudia said...

Oh thank you for this fun vicarious trip!
(I'm dancing to your Motown feed right now!)
Alohs from Waikiki

Dr.John said...

Who wouldn't do what was needed for the extra glass. The pictures were great. The descriptions let me feel like I was there. Thank you.

Ron said...

I just LOVE hearing about your trips, Akelamalu!

You have such a wonderful way of sharing them with us.

Hey...that food looks absolutely beyond DELICIOUS!!!

I'm feel FULL just from the PHOTO!


It's funny how "tipping" is different in various places, isn't it?

In Japan, there's NO tipping, but a few times I did anyway. The service in that country is outstanding, so it made me want to tip!

Can't wait to read about part two!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ake, i am so happy for you!!! :D i'm so glad you had a good time (you and your hubby look so nice together!). and the food!!! i am weak in the knees... :D

Dianne said...

sounds like a great trip so far! :)

Lo Kelween said...

ehm...yummy polish delicacies! I just learnt how to make Pierogi yesterday! haha :)

Elaine Denning said...

That food loooks SCRUMMY!

By the way, you had me bopping away at 6.20 this morning to "This old heart of mine." What a lovely way to wake up!

Flowerpot said...

Just shows that it pays to do uyour research before you go abroad!

CrystalChick said...

Isn't it interesting about little things in different countries that mean something completely different. I'd go off offending just about everyone and come home broke. LOL
What a nice time you had on your trip. Wonderful! I'm starting to get excited about our anniversary trip. Now I've got to start getting busy with shopping, packing, etc.

Wishing you a nice day!

Akelamalu said...

We're saving the glasses for when we have a party RLL want to come? :)

I think you will enjoy Part 2 Catch and the food was delicious. x

I hope you get the chance to visit Krakow David there's plenty of photo opportunities!

Too full really Jo, we could barely walk!

You haven't missed my birthday Suburbia it's next week and I'm 21 - AGAIN!

So glad you enjoyed the first part of my trip Cloudia x

Well if they're free you just have to get them don't you Dr.John? ((wink))

No tipping in Japan Ron? That's unusual. So glad you enjoyed the trip. x

Thanks for the compliment about MWM and I Acey, and the food WAS good!

Yep so far so good Dianne :)

Ah the Pierogi were delicious Eelwind, how clever of you to be able to make them.

'This Old Heart Of Mine' is my very favourite Motown track of all time Laney!

We always read up on where we're going so we know what to look out for and the customs etc. Flowerpot.

Oh one has to be very careful about customs of other countries Crystalchick. I'm looking forward to reading about your anniversary trip. :)

Anonymous said...

gosh, I've just had to undo my jeans reading this post

can't wait to read Episode II

oh and you guys look terrific

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Smalltown RN said...

That sounds like such a wonderful in England you are so close to Europe and seems to be a little more reasonable to travel least that is what my brother and his wife found when they lived in Wales this past year....they travelled everywhere....

Now as for that food....oh my goodness...and you and hubby look so fit...but I guess the walking after the meal helps....
looking forward to reading about your next adventure

Raven said...

Sounds like a good trip. That thank you think is fascinating. I'm a compulsive thanker. Good think I don't live in Poland, I guess.

Anndi said...

I'm with Raven... maybe it's because I'm Canadian but I say Thank You a LOT!! LOL

Like today :)

Anonymous said...

I will travel vicariously with you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful get a way.

aims said...

Wow! Sounds fantastic! I always envy people who can eat anything when they go out. I have to be so careful and I miss out on some of the best stuff because it has gluten in it.

Your post did bring back a lovely memory of eating at a traditional Hungarian restaurant with my mom and dad. We could hardly waddle back to our vehicle!

Akelamalu said...

I put that much weight on that weekend I almost had to sew a gusset in my jeans Ann! ;)

Fit RN? I must be 2 stone overweight! We are lucky being only a couple of hours (at the most) from most European cities but we would love to visit the States.

Raven and Anndi it was really difficult to not say thankyou but we'd have been broke within a couple of days if we had!

I hope you enjoy OUR travels Pam :)

I really should watch what I eat Aims but I just couldn't resist all that lovely food. :)

Daryl said...

I am thinking there are not many NON meat eaters in Poland ...

Sounds like it was fun .. cant wait to hear about the rest


Pam said...

the pic of the food looks delicious...everything looked like a lot of fun. can't wait to see more :)

Lulda Casadaga said...

enjoyed your story and pics...waiting and salivating for pt deux! :D

I want to go to Poland to see the towns my paternal grandparents are from...near Warsaw. One of these days!! thanks I'm hungry!

Barb said...

Ahhh.. another wonderful vacation! I'm so glad you get to travel! :)

Travis Cody said...

Those are great looking tankards.

MarmiteToasty said...

I love reading about your travels, you make it seem so real as if Im actually there :)


TBM said...

Hello, I've just come over via a link from David's "authorblog". I was just in Krakow at the end of October... we loved it! Looks like you enjoyed yourselves as well.

Cheers from England!

Akelamalu said...

Well meat and potatoes seems to be the staple diet apparently so I guess not many vegetarians Daryl!

My next post about the trip is not so much fun but a necessary part of the trip Ciara, you'll understand when you read it.

Hi Lulda I do hope you get to see where your grandparents came from. We really enjoyed our visit to their country.

We would love to travel more Catch, maybe when I retire. ;)

Aw thanks Marmie, I'm so pleased you enjoy them. x

Hi Just a plane ride away I bet we were there at the same time! We went on the 28th Oct and came back on the 31st!