Wednesday 5 November 2008


There's a family, Father, Mother and daughter, who live at the bottom of our cul-de-sac who cause lots of problems for their neighbours - in particular two elderly people living in separate bungalows right next door to them. The Father is an alcoholic, the Mother is a sandwich short of a picnic and the Daughter is 21 but probably has a mental age of about 8 and she persistently taunts these neighbours. Over the past few months the police have been called numerous times and after one particular incident it took two policewomen to manhandle the daughter to the floor and cuff her before they could get her in the police van. She was housed in a secure unit for a few weeks after this incident.

A couple of weeks ago I watched the said daughter hide behind a tree in front of the bungalows whilst throwing stones at the windows. Father and mother told her to come away but she took no notice and continued to harrass the poor woman in the bungalow. Eventually the woman lost patience and came out to chase the daughter away. The daughter ran round the side of the bungalow and the woman turned to go back into her home when the daughter jumped on her back. The woman shook her off then hit her in the stomach, which I think winded her but she wasn’t really hurt, however the Mother and Father were shrieking hysterically and phoning the police and an ambulance. The ambulance came but left without the daughter, then the social worker arrived and took the daughter away (presumably to the secure unit again) and then the police arrived.

Now I saw all this from my lounge window, I witnessed the extreme provocation the woman had been subjected to and when I saw the police go to her bungalow I just had to go and tell them what I’d seen. The woman was very grateful that I was willing to be a witness, as she really thought she was going to be in a lot of trouble for hitting the daughter.

Last Saturday I received a letter in the post which was not even addressed to my correct name, it was on a piece of paper torn out of a notebook in scrawly print and poorly written it said:

Mrs Gobby

Keep your mouth shut when you see something that does not concern you OK

Then on Sunday evening, just as we arrived home from a concert, having been out of the house since 6 p.m, there was a taxi driver just going up our path to inform us that our taxi had arrived!

Who do you think wrote the letter and sent the taxi and would you have stepped up to the plate in the same situation?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret doing what I did but I can understand why some people don’t want to get involved. I’m just waiting to see if we have any unordered pizzas delivered or a ton of topsoil then I will inform the police and give them the note.


sallywrites said...

Oh my goodness...... I'm glad you stepped in, but I do hope that it doesn't escalate for you. Well done you though for taking a stand....

sallywrites said...

Oh my goodness...... I'm glad you stepped in, but I do hope that it doesn't escalate for you. Well done you though for taking a stand....

Ron said...

I definitely think you did the right thing by informing the police of what you saw...definitely!

But I TOO can see why people choose NOT to get involved. I live in a city, and most people do not.

I once had domestic violence going on in the apartment next to mine. It was horrible to hear. But I finally went to management and told them. They informed me that if I wanted anything done about it, I was going to have to call the police myself. Thank god the couple ended up moving before I had to do so....but I WOULD have.

Sorry to hear that these people are acting like idiots, doing such childish things like ordering pizza's!!!

Hey...try sending some Reiki to the situation.

I bet it will help!

MarmiteToasty said...

If your little close of neighbours stick together and dont get intimidated by the twats then maybe you could rid your community of them...

I hope it dont escalate..... do you want me to send 'the boys' up before it starts? lol

*furiously cutting out all adds from newspapers and magazines and putting your neighbours address on*... :)

Proud of you for taking a stand, as hard as it is sometimes, it HAS to be done.....


Marshall Family said...

good on you for making a stand. I would have done the same, there's far too many people who don't like to get involved in the world, we do need to make a stand and sort these things out. They sound incredibly immature to say the least.

Tim Atkinson said...

Sounds like an open-and-shut case for an ASBO.

Dumdad said...

How very unpleasant for you and your neighbours. The problem with "people" like this is that they can't be reasoned with. I think you did the right thing and I hope this situation is resolved soon. Hang on to every piece of evidence!

CG said...

Oh God, I felt sick reading this. And very VERY proud of you. I like to think I'm strong enough to stand up for what's right, as you did. Make sure you tell the police about these incidents and keep a record of them.

Elaine Denning said...

You definitely did the right thing, although I'd probably call the police right now, just so they can log what has happened so far.

I'm proud of you, too. x

buffalodick said...

Sorry you're having this kind of trouble... I haven't had much of that over the years I've lived in my neighborhood. I have had to remind a couple people that I'm a pretty decent neighbor, but a really bad enemy to have...

Anonymous said...

You absolutely did the right thing. It is your concern if you see your neighbor being assaulted and harrassed by someone.

Unknown said...

I am with you on this one. I would have stood up to be counted too. All too often people trying to defend themselves are treated as the criminal, some even getting arrested. You know in your heart who sent that letter and taxi. Please be a Mrs Gobby again and mention it to the police, a quiet word wouldn't go amiss They obviously think that like them you are too thick to know who it was.

Thanks for the reiki by the way. I really do appreciate it, even if I don't comment all that much.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

if the pizza shows up just eat it and tell the driver that other house said they were paying for it today...

smiles, bee

Akelamalu said...

I hope it doesn't escalate too Sally! Thanks for your support. x

That must have been awful to listen to Ron, I would have had to have done something - they didn't call me Mrs Gobby for nothing! :) I am sending Reiki to the situation so hopefully there won't be any more trouble. :)

Thanks for the offer of sending the 'boys' up Marmie. I had to stop my own two marching over there to sort them out when they read the letter! I'm not afraid of them I can handle myself, but I will do it legally. ;)

They're not immature Emmie they're nutcases! :(

If they mess with me anymore I will make it my business to get them ASBO'ed Dotterel!

I am keeping evidence and making notes Dumdad, they've chosen the wrong person to mess with I'm afraid.

Thanks CG it's not easy making yourself a target but I couldn't sit back and do nothing like the rest of the neighbours. :(

Just one more incident Laney and the police will know all about it, as will the council and my MP!

Ah that's me too Buff I make a wonderful friend but you wouldn't want to p**s me off.

That's exactly how I look at it Citizen and I hope someone would do the same for me if I needed help.

I laughed when I opened the letter Carol because it was so obvious who had sent it, they are stupid the police could easily identify the writing. Hopefully I won't need to go to the police but I won't be intimidated by anyone. Hope you're coping with your loss m'dear. xx

That's a great idea Bee! What shall I do with the topsoil if it arrives? ((wink))

Shrinky said...

Oh sweetie, you DEFINITELY did the right thing, no matter how horrible the consequences - you are who you are, it would be a cancer in your soul to turn a blind eye. BUT, this needs careful monitoring, any incidents like these MUST be reported. This family already has a reputation, you need to protect yourself and be very cautious. I am sorry for all the grief this has and may cause, but if we want to live in a safe society, we HAVE to step up and be counted, we can't allow the bullies to rule. I sure hope this settles back down, but know you were right, never doubt that. x

Flower Design Events said...

I just wanted to say that sometimes you can't help but think the world has gone completely mad, we are struggling to keep our small business going keeping staff employed, paying bills and so on, we were broken into for the third time this year, the culprets were caught for the second time red handed still inside the building, thankfully neighbours were prepared to give evidence without their witness statements there is absolutely no chance of a conviction, ridiculous!

Daryl said...

Horrible people .. you did the right thing ... and these parents seem to be as much in need of help as their daughter.

Save the note for sure ..


Akelamalu said...

Thanks so much for your support Shrinky have no fear I am carefully monitoring everthing and will have no hesitation about calling on the full might of the law I am a formidible opponent. :)

Hello Jane and welcome to my home from home. I know exactly what you mean we are having a battle to get the men who attacked my son prosecuted! I'm so pleased your neighbours are bearing witness for you.

The daughter didn't stand a chance from the start with parents like those Daryl. At least she has some excuse for being the way she is.

Cloudia said...

May your home be wrapped in peace and protection.
Oh, and by the way:

Queenie said...

Thats my girl!!!!

Cath said...

You so did the right thing. I would have stepped up to the plate and I would be informing the police about the note and the taxi NOW. Get log nos. Call each time something happens, however small. Keep a log.

I would be so proud to have you as a neighbour. Power to you I say.

Dianne said...

There is a social worker? Yet nothing happens to take care of the daughter? Clearly she is dangerous - to herself and others. And clearly her parents can't help her - for all we know they hurt her and that is why she acts out violently.

This is what makes me crazy. Happens here all the time. There is a clear situation that could have a decent outcome - for the daughter - yet nothing gets done!!

Keep the letter. And be a bit careful.

I did step into a child abuse case. I could hear the woman next door throwing her son against walls. I would call the cops, they would come, kid would go to shelter for a nite or two and then all back to business as usual. The abusive Mom started threatening me and worse - threatening my son.

The ex finally shows up to take custody of the poor boy. The Mom haunted me for months after that.

Good news is - the boy is fine. He and my son ended up in HS together and he remembered me and thanked me. that was an amazing moment :)

Hey - did ya hear? we have a new President LOL

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Good for you for doing the right thing.

I eally hope it all turns out ok... sheesh, sometimes I think the whole world is going nuts.

We need more people like you... and less like crazy Daughter!

-happy thoughts--

Dr.John said...

You did what was right. Good people have to speek up even if there is a risk. The next windows she throws rocks at may be yours and the next back she jumps on could be yours. You would want some neighbor to speek up for you.
You did good.

Anonymous said...

society is so sad today...

I heard of a situation recently where
the police actually told a member of
the public not to get involved... how sad is that

good on you; we have to look out for
each other

Anonymous said...

You did do the right thing! I only hope that the idiots keep to themselves from now on.

Travis Cody said...

I can't imagine you being intimidated into not doing the right thing, not after what happened to your son.

Take care.

CrystalChick said...

That is such a shame. You absolutely did the right thing. Of course you'll have to be care and watch even more now for yourself, but bullies and mean people eventually have to back down, sometimes they even realize what they've done and make changes, altho it doesn't appear this will end so well. But hang in there, you are a good neighbor and when you reach a hand out to help, one will be there when you need it.

Akelamalu said...

Thankyou Cloudia and congratulations your man did it! :)

You would have done the same Queenie m'dear I know it. x

If they do anything else I will be informing the Police Cath, it will be just another nail in the coffin as the police were called to them again on Tuesday just gone. :(

I'm glad you did what you did to save that poor boy Dianne, knowing he was taken to a safer place must have been such a good feeling. Well done you. xx

Welcome Kay and thanks for your support. :)

That's exactly what I was thinking, it could have so easily have been me and I would definitely want a witness to stand up and be counted Dr. John

I agree with you Ann, too many people 'walk on by' so it will only get worse. :(

That's what I'm hoping too Crazyworkingmom :)

I have never let anyone intimidate me Trav and am not about to start now. ;)

Thanks Crystalchick, I really don't think we will have anymore problems but if we do I'm ready. x

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sounds like the whole lot of them is nuts.

I'm glad you stood up and told your story. I wonder if any of the other neighbors saw anything?

Sending you happy thoughts and peaceful wishes!

snowelf said...

I would have said something too. I have some terrible neighbors next to me. The police are constantly over there and their children run wild in the streets. The father is in jail and I've never heard a kind word come out of the mother's mouth towards the children, but I tolerate them because they are very uneducated and they just don't know any better. That being said, if I saw any of their children tormenting anyone, I would certainly say something. (Although I'm sure their record speaks for itself)
You did the right thing, it's just such a shame you have to "suffer" for it.


Catch said...

Wow...very scary. I think you did the correct thing and these people should not be permitted to bully you or the elderly lady. People are just so crazy dont know what they will do. I think you and your neighbors should stick together on this....and when you go outside for a walk...carry a big stick!

Akelamalu said...

Other neighbours definitely saw what happened but they won't get involved RLL. Still that's left to their conscience isn't it?

We have never had any trouble with these neighbours before Snowelf but others certainly have. I'm not too worried and I'm keeping my eye on them now!

They are crazy Catch - literally, and consequently get away with a lot with the authorities. If we have any more trouble I will have no hesitation in reporting them - they messed with the wrong person this time.

cheshire wife said...

You did the right thing. We had an incident between two of the neighbours earlier this year and the police came round asking for witnesses. My husband saw the incident and has had to give a statement. He can have witness protection if he wants/needs it. That should be available to you if necessary. I don't want to give away too much about this as I have a partly written post about it. Your neighbours sound worse than ours!

Akelamalu said...

Well done to your husband Cheshire Wife, I hope he doesn't need witness protection though. I am not afraid of our neighbours at all, but even if I were I would still stand up and be counted. Neighbours from hell have to be dealt with don't they?