Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday Wordzzle # 19

The idea is, every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either, both or a megawordzzle using all the words, or even all three, it's up to you, you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven. If you join in go to Raven's and put your name on the Mr. Linky so other participants can come visit you.

Here are my efforts - complete with my doodles.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: fabulous, aristocrat, tricycle, soft summer breeze, cat litter, silver-tongued devil, curtain rod, lilacs, Abraham Lincoln, garbage can
Abraham Lincoln was a pedigree Persian, an aristocrat amongst cats. Tripping along the curtain rod he slid down the curtains leaving the remnants of the chicken carcass, from his forage in the garbage can, which had stuck to his fur. Marmalade, the ginger she cat from down the street, thought he was fabulous, he was a silver tongued devil who wooed her shamelessly, she was also impressed with how he balanced on the handlebars of the tricycle, whilst the child pedalled furiously. What Marmalade loved most was the fact that Abraham didn’t have ordinary cat litter, no siree, Abraham’s cat litter smelt of lilacs on a soft summer breeze – that was real class!

And for the Mini Challenge: strangle-hold, revelation, dormancy, tripod, space cadet
As the photographer positioned the lights and his tripod the group, ‘Space Cadet’, posed for photos for their new album ‘Revelation’. He was a huge fan and was thrilled to be having a sneak preview of some of the new tracks from the album, like ‘Strangle-hold’ ‘and ‘Dormancy’, which were playing in the background. Also he was hoping if he did a good job on the photos he might get lucky and wangle a couple of tickets to their next gig.
Fabulous, fantastic, look this way guys, great!


Annie loved her job as a nanny for the Forsythe family. Lord Arthur Forsythe was a true aristocrat; he was also a silver-tongued devil who had wormed his way into her affections. Annie knew it was a dangerous game they were playing but she couldn’t help herself, he was so attractive with a definite resemblance to Abraham Lincoln and he had the most fabulous eyes, something all the children had inherited. James, the baby of the family, was having fun on his tricycle oblivious to his surroundings, a proper little space cadet, whilst the other children, Jemima and Cordelia, played with the kitten their father had brought them. “Jemima, Cordelia, please leave the kitten alone whilst it’s using the cat litter” called Annie, watching Lord and Lady Forsythe strolling through the garden admiring the lilacs swaying gently in the soft summer breeze. Annie didn’t realise that there wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of her ever being more than a bit on the side to Arthur, (he’d given her permission to call him Arthur when they were alone), she wanted more than snatched moments on the stairs and half an hour in the summerhouse late at night and she was going to tell him just that! Annie’s delusions of grandeur were in dormancy but now she wanted to be a lady, not someone who was considered to have been born in a garbage can. It had been a revelation to Arthur when Annie told him of her ambitions and that she was pregnant during one of their late night meetings. She mistakenly thought the pregnancy would provide the strangle-hold on him she needed. Arthur laughed so uncontrollably he kicked over the tripod that had been left in the nursery by the photographer, who had been taking photographs of the children that afternoon. Annie was incensed at Arthur’s laughter; she insisted he should set her up in a house of her own where she could bring up their child. Arthur was still laughing when she swung the curtain rod wildly in his direction and although it only caught him a glancing blow on the side of the head, he dropped like a stone. Annie was long gone by the time Arthur had recovered consciousness. She had emptied his pockets and taken some of the family silver but he covered up what had happened, saying he’d tripped and fallen to explain the wound on his head and that Annie had been called home because her mother was ill. After all he didn’t want his wife to know what he’d been up to and Annie could be easily replaced both as a nanny and a lover!


Pam said...

my goodness, ake-that last megawordzzle there is definitely some kind of novel in the making. you always come up with great stories. :)

Jennifer S said...

It always amazes me how you manage to use the words and make such a clever story!

Casdok said...

Amazes me too! Very clever! And love the doodles!

Donnetta said...

Wow! You did it again. Just amazes me. Good work. One of these days tell me how you get the butterfly cursor. So cute.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i love how y'all say "whilst"! it sounds so classy to me...

smiles, bee

Sandi McBride said...

You're too funny my "Hawaiian" friend lol...good job on this...Lee has challenged me, I'm gonna try it...we'll see lol

Akelamalu said...

Aw thanks Ciara x

You're very kind Jennifer thankyou. :)

Glad you liked it Casdok :)

Thanks Donnetta I'm happy you like them. x

One of my favourite words Bee :)

Oh yes take up the challenge Sandi, I look forard to reading yours.

Raven said...

These were all wonderful as usual. The third one was a teeny tiny novel in one paragraph. Very cool. I think the first was my favorite, though. Would that there WERE lilac scented cat litter - or better yet lilac scented cat POOP.

I love that we both had aristocratic cats name Abraham Lincoln. Always amazes me how differently we all use the words - but then the similarities are cool too.

lettuce said...

like mills and boon but much funnier!

Dianne said...

I love the dual romances. Abe and Marmalade so sweet and lovely. Annie and the Aristocrat - so dysfunctional and creepy.

and all the names!! brilliant!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, great job! :)

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well. I am feeling much better today.

CrAzY Working Mom

Travis Cody said...

These were wonderful.

Jay said...

"Space Cadet" is a cool name for a band and "Revelation" is a logical name for an album by a ground named Space Cadet. I wish I had thought of that. LOL

And the mega really is like a novel. Great job!

Melodie Norman Haas said...

Love the meguzzle or however that is said. Runs along the same genre I love reading and writing about :) Thanks for visiting my site and if I ever need wisdom I know who to see :)

Clarence said...

See, now I need to know what happens next to Annie.

And I wish they really did make cat-litter that smelled like lilacs and soft summer breeze...

Have a good week. :)

Lo Kelween said...

abraham lincoln - pedigree Persian?? that sounds a little over the top..haha..

is it possible to split the megawordpuzzle into paragraphs?? coz i am having a hard to read the story....:)

cathy said...

wow lucky mr lincoln,LOL.

Jo Beaufoix said...

You are so good at these Akela. I love the cat one best. I could just see hime erched on the handle bars, hee hee.

And the boating park shipwreck was fabulous.

As for the scared one, I am quite scared of spiders. I didn't dare say it on my blog in case some mean person sent me one. It's the legs, so although I like mice etc I get the tails thing. Shiver. And I think you can inherit fears, I mean, if you see your parent is scared of something it's bound to affect you right?

Akelamalu said...

If someone invented lilac scented cat litter they'd make a fortune wouldn't they Raven? :)

LOL Mills & Boon? I'll take that as a compliment Lettuce x

So glad you liked them Dianne :)

Cheers Tisha and I'm so happy you're feeling better. x

You're very kind Trav, thankyou. x

Thanks Jay I'm pleased you liked them. :)

Welcome Ameratis and thankyou. :)

I think Annie did OK Clarence ;)

Eel Wind you changed your name? I'll see what I can do about the megawordzzle.

Lucky indeed Cathy!

Thanks Jo and I can see where you're coming from with the spiders legs!

San said...

Pearl, I admire all three of these. And the saga of Arthur and Annie has me wanting MORE. A twisting plot of romance and intrigue--great!

maryt/theteach said...

Akelamalu, I might have mine up later... OMG! "Me and Mrs. Jones" sung by Johnny Mathis used to make my knees weak! I know all the words! Marvin Gaye is good too!

david mcmahon said...

You have The Gift.

Great piece of fiction.

bindhiya said...

Wow! all of them are great!
have a beautiful day.

Odat said...

I loved all three of them....What a great writer you are.....I too loved the lilac cat litter! hehe.

Akelamalu said...

Oh thankyou San, I'm so pleased you enjoyed them. :)

Ah you're a motown fan eh Teach?

Crikey David I take that as a real compliment coming from a proper journalist! Thankyou my friend. :)

Thanks Bindi xx

Gee thanks Odat, how kind of you. x

storyteller said...

Your doodles and Wordzlles are amazing (and funny) as usual … as is your Friday 55 Flash Fiction! I marvel at your mind and the way you consistently come up with ‘twists’ and unexpected endings … taking me by surprise even when I’m looking for a surprise. As for your question about whether I’ll read the 700+ unread messages in Google Reader … I’ll LOOK at them all briefly … skim some and read others … and leave ‘combined comments’ (to the best of my ability). Of course, every day new messages show up so whittling the number down may take a little while.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...