Thursday, 29 November 2007

Just when you thought it was all over......

I got another two awards from Ron!

He's a lovely bloke with two very different blogs - I first visited him at Foot Notes - a lovely blog about alternative therapies, packed full of useful information on Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki etc., then recently he started Vent on which he does just that! They are worlds apart and I love them both.

Here's my two new beauties

Be The Blog Award


Another one of these cuties - Best Blogging Buddies Award

And here's what he said about me

'Akelamalu at "Everything and Nothing" just totally blows my mind. She has the most readers of any blogger I've ever know. And what's amazing about this lady, is the fact that she consistently answers each and every comment (individually). She posts every day, and always finds the time to visit everyone else's blog....AND she works a job! Thank you Akelamalu...for being one of my Best Blogging Buddies. You are loved!'

I'm touched, I really am, not being 12 months old yet and still a novice at all this.

So I thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart, I love you too!

Now I get to pass them on, but I really can't choose just a few out of all my blogging buddies. So if you can tell me how old I am, (God knows I've dropped enough hints), that will show you're a good blogging buddy cos you take the trouble to read what I write, you can take both awards for your very own. Anyone who says 21 is automatically entitled to both awards! Queenie you're excluded because you already know how old I am without reading my blog, just take the awards anyway!


I must apologise if I have neglected any of you recently, what with working every day and hospital visiting every night I just haven’t had as much time as I would like to blog. Once my Dad is out of hospital I will still be strapped for time, having to call to see him most days to see to his needs until he’s fully recovered from his operation. My Dad lives quite near the hospital he’s in, but it is a good 10 miles from where I live so you can understand why I haven’t much time doing a 20 mile round trip every night can’t you?

I do feel bad posting on my blog when I’m not able to visit yours, it seems very selfish expecting you to read what I write but not read yours, so I promise I will catch up as soon as I can.


Raghu Ram Prasad said...

So beautifully written...and nice cat photographs...visit me

Flowerpot said...

congratulations Ak and hope your father continues to improve.

headless chicken said...

I've been awol for a while but Im back for a bit, hopefully. I'm always amazed at the amount of posts you write especially as they are always so interesting. I hope you are not wearing yourself out too much with so much to do!

buffalodick said...

I did plenty of that type of running when my folks were older and still alive. It was like having a second job! Glad we did it, and I know you're doing it for the same reasons- Hang in there!

Elaine Denning said...'re 21. That was easy peasy!

I have to take days off work to catch up with my blogging buddies' lives. I kid you not!

storyteller said...

I think we're all entitled to be 21 as long as we choose :)

I'm happy to have found your delightful Blog ... especially with all the Holiday features. Thanks for the link to "Vent" ... and for everything you seem to manage to do no matter how busy you are. I'm praying for you and your dad.
Hugs and blessings,

Ron said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells...jingle all the way!

Ho, Ho, Ho...and a bottle of rum!

I can't help it...everytime I visit here...I somehow feel instantly Christmassy!

You deserve these 2 Oscars, my friend - enjoy!

With this comment, comes handfuls of Reiki for you, your family...and your Dad!

Be well, my blogging buddy.

Oh...and I guess...22 years I right? Cause you just had a birthday.


Akelamalu said...

Thanks for dropping by Raghu and taking the time to comment. :)

Cheers Flowerpot x

Great to see you back HC. I'm lucky that MWM is here to do all the things I haven't time to! :)

Yes Buffalo as long as Dad needs me I'll be there - it's not a problem. I'm hanging on in! xx

Correct Miss U take the awards honey! ;)

Hi Storyteller thanks for popping in and thank you for the prayers I appreciate your kindness. x

Glad you like all the bling Ron and thank you for the Reiki my friend - it's always welcome. Yes you're right I'm 22, I guess you don't want the awards as you gave them to me? ;)

CG said...

You are 21 at heart? creep aren't I?

Cream said...

I celebrate my 21st Birthday every year! I just try to recreate the feeling.
Doesn't work, really.

the rotten correspondent said...

You silly! Don't feel bad for a second about posting but not visiting. Life happens. We've all been there and we'll all be there again. Besides which - you're totally worth the wait!

Congrats on the awards and I have all fingers crossed that your dad continues to improve.

I was going to guess 25??

TopChamp said...

you've got your blog all done up for Christmas! It's so pretty - fab.

Hope your Dad's recovery continues to go well.

Akelamalu said...

Correct CG, well guessed ;) take the awards please. x

What do you mean Cream you celebrate your 21st every year? You don't look a day over 21! ;)

Aw thanks Correspondent x I'll accept 25, you're too kind. Dad's doing great thanks! :)

Glad you like it Topchamp and my Dad is doing fabulously thanks. xx

Unknown said...

You deserve to be recognized and awarded. You give a lot to all of us and we thank You.

Akelamalu said...

Oh Dave what a truly lovely thing to say, thank you x

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you are an excellent blogging buddie!!! relax...

smiles, bee

(ps: i thought you were 18! ha ha)

Queenie said...

Errrm! 29 isn't it?

Anonymous said...

We all get a little drowned by real life now and then, you take your time and don't forget to breathe.


Linda said...

Don't worry about visiting blogs, we'll still be here when your Dad has had a chance to heal.

By the way, I stole your Christmas tree for my blog!

~ej said...

lol, i visit blogs in spurts. i do one or two a day and then don't make it back for a week!!
and i love your little holiday images. very cute!!

no clue how old you are, so i won't even guess ;-)
at some point we all become 21, tho i always say i am 29 cos at 21 i knew nothing, at 29, i still didn't know much, but i was wise enough to admit it ;-)

all the best to dad!!

Misty DawnS said...

OK, I'm not going to lie...I know how old you are... So, it wouldn't be fair for me to tell everyone the answer that you are 23.

Akelamalu said...

You can definitely take the awards Bee! :)

I said you couldn't play Queenie, you've given the game away now! ;)

Ah yes Maddy thanks for the reminder - breathe in, breathe out, breathe.....

Thanks Linda, feel free with the tree that's how I got it! :)

I think I'll be 29 like you Elena Jane - I remember it as being quite a nice age. :)

I wish Misty x

Jo Beaufoix said...

You are 21.

And I know just how you feel with the posting but not having time to visit, but like everyone says, we'll all be there when you get chance and we still love you. This week I need to get out there and see everyone again and I can't wait.
Hope your dad is home soon and that you get chance to rest too as I bet you're shattered.


Akelamalu said...

Spot on Jo I'm 21 (AGAIN!) take the awards honey!

Dad should be home today so things should get a little easier now, I hope. :)

Anonymous said...