Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Arrgh No Internet.............

David's (Authorblog) question this week is

How would you cope if you had no way to use the Internet for a week?

If you want to join in here's what David would like you to do:
Please answer today's question on your own blog, any time until next weekend. Just link to this blog (or to this post) so I can follow the progress of the discussion.

Now if this was at work it would be a problem because a lot of my work is done via the internet. However, the problem would soon be fixed as we have a large, efficient IT department who would probably have the internet connection working fairly soon.

If I was without internet connection at home for a week I would probably cry!

Having thought about it -

  • I could probably fill my time quite productively by taking up exercise. I have a Pilates machine gathering dust, I could go swimming and there are some lovely walks round where I live, though I don’t like walking in the rain or snow.

  • We have an office full of books at home and MWM brings 3 or 4 books home from the library every week, so I could catch up on my reading – I love a good book
  • All my cupboards and wardrobes are in need of clearing out, then there’s the loft – we have enough stuff to start a shop, perhaps I could sell it on Ebay once the Internet was up and running again.
  • Our dining room needs decorating but we haven’t got round to it, so that would be a good project, I could rope MWM into that too.
  • I could help MWM tidy the garden. It looks quite forlorn at this time of year and there are a ton of leaves to be collected.

  • I could do some baking. I used to bake every Friday evening when the boys were at home, but it doesn’t seem worth it now because I don’t eat cake and biscuits as I seem to be on a permanent diet and MWM doesn’t eat them either, because if I’m on a diet then so is he!

  • I could spring clean the house but MWM does such a good job of the cleaning since he retired that there’s nothing left for me to do.
  • I could write letters to friends but they’d much rather get an email.

  • I could go shopping – I’m really good at shopping!

However, whilst all these things are very productive, I would rather stick pins in my eyeballs than do any of them, with the exception of shopping, so I would probably spend my time composing posts ready to copy onto my blog once the internet was connected again.

I think I'm addicted!!!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

NO internet at all??? yikes! i'd have a straight jacket on and i'd be on the floor rolling around! ha ha

smiles, bee

Elaine Denning said...

When my blogging addiction was at it's peak last year, my internet went down for almost three weeks. It was absolutely horrendous. I kicked, screamed and cried, shouted at so many people on the phone, and although I thought I'd just get on and do some other stuff, I spent all my spare time on my laptop...writing posts and playing with my photos in photoshop!

I think this laptop is my best friend. How sad is that? LoL.

Akelamalu said...

You addicted to Miss Bee??? :)

Three weeks???? I'd be hospitalised Miss U!

Mother of Invention said...

I'd probably read a lot more..the newspapers and books, both of which I do little. I'd concentrate more on phoning friends and making lunch dates. I might even watch more tv and videos because I do so little of that. I love shopping too!

Akelamalu said...

Ah, a fellow shopper MOI! :)

Queenie said...

I just didn't know what I was getting you in to when I told you to start a blog did I?

Queenie said...

I just didn't know what I was getting you in to when I told you to start a blog did I?

Queenie said...

Why did that print out twice?

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I find lack of internet at work much more frustrating. When your job is linked to the net as one of mine was, you really have to dig to find something to do. At home there is just way too much stuff on my imaginary to-do list (I never write these things down, it only exists perpetually in my head.)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Wait, I forgot about this!
'We have enough stuff to start a shop, perhaps I could sell it on Ebay once the Internet was up and running again.'

buffalodick said...

The computer age thrust itself on me, not the other way around! I had never screwed around with a computer much until in 2000 when I went to work for a company that was very computerized. My one son is a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan (M go Blue!). My other son works a help desk at an Internet provider. They have been pleased to watch their father play a little "catch up" with current technology! No Internet? I'd go back to my many hobbies, and be fine!

TopChamp said...

Now I know EXACTLY what I would do without internet for a week as I have experienced this very thing not so long ago.... Very frustrating.

See if you do bake you can always send the cake here - I'll help you finish it!

CG said...

The internet going down at work is a disaster; we now do so much of our work via the net and email. At home; I find it both difficult but then very liberating. I often find I "waste" hours just pottering about online. However, I'm so used to using the net as an info resource I feel lost without it.

Pam said...

i actually prefer a handwritten letter over an email..*sigh* gone are the days, eh? it's just so much more personal. but all the others on your list aren't something i'd want to do if there was no internet lol

Linda said...

It would probably be good for me to not have any internet access for a week or so but I guess that would mean I wouldn't be doing any bill-paying or anything else either as I do all of my banking on-line for the most part. I would imagine that at the end of the week my house would be really, really clean though and that would be a good thing, right??

CS said...

Lately, my problem hasn;t been lack of interent access, just lack of time. But I'd just hate to not have it avaiable.

Mimi Lenox said...

I know you're addicted.
And so am I.


Flowerpot said...

I think we're all addicted to a certaih extent!

Cindy said...

It happened to me last week. I thought I was dying! No internet all day and way into the evening! PMS is a piece of cake compared to no internet!

the rotten correspondent said...

I would have to curl up in a ball and weep.

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful - you have spoken on our behalf. I think all of us can identify with this post.

I've also enjoyed the comments, too!

Please tell MWM to remove all the pins in your suburb - I don't want you sticking them in your eyes!

PS: I'm with topchamp. Keep baking - we'll do the eating!

Thanks so much for taking part.....

Keep smiling


Unknown said...

I had no Internet for about six weeks and survived;I also read more books than I have since 1994!

Travis Cody said...

No internet?

I would read, catch up on DVD's, listen to music, go out to dinner with the gang.

Let's see, what else? Well, there's always great sex too!


I'd hate not having internet, but I think I would manage.

Mike Minzes said...

That actually happened to me two times this year. Needless to say, I went nuts. If I don't have my internet fix at least every 3 or 4 hours, weird things start to happen to to me. One day without it and I go into withdraws. At the 3 day mark I fall into a deep depression and by the 5th day I am but a memory of my formal self.

Gledwood said...

I have to write my memoirs and I've got so sappy and internet-immature-driven I cannot handle writing anything without instant "applause" or comment feedback and so I will fill in my blog everytime before I write my multimillionpounds memoirs... know what I mean? BC I'm never getting paid for my blog but i MIGHT get pd for my memoirs ... one day...

Heather said...

No internet at work might be good! I'd get more work done! No internet at home - I already deal with that (by choice) and it isn't so hard (insert head tick) once you get used to it!

Pam said...

i thought i put a comment on here yesterday about going MONTHS w/o internet/cable tv. poor kids had to watch our dvd collection over and over. i was making just enough money for the apartment we (the kids and i) were living in and food (most of the time anyways).

Akelamalu said...

I blame it all on you Queenie!! :)

I have way to much to do but
Since I started blogging I don't want to do the mundane stuff like cleaning and cooking Julia:(

Our youngest takes great delight in watching us mess about on the internet and then coming over to put it right Buffalo!

Ah but your survived Topchamp - you deserve some cake! :)

I'm the same at work cg and then I come home and do it all again!

I used to write letters all the time Ciara, you ask Queenie. Email is so much easier and I don't get writer's cramp!

A clean house would be a really good thing Linda but not half as much fun! :)

Time is certainly a restraint cs, I get frustrated when there isn't enough!

Snap Mimi!

I think you're right Flowerpot :)

I don't have PMS any more Cindy but I'd rather have it than no internet!

I'd join you Correspondent:(

The pins are gone David just in case! I'll save you some cake. :)

I would probably read more books too Saintly Nick. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Is sex anything like blogging Travis ((wink))

You lived to tell the tale Mike - well done! x

You need to get the memoirs done Gleds but I know what you mean about preferring blogging!

I think I would develop more than a head tick Heather!

Months without internet Ciara? And you're still sane?

x said...

the internet IS addicting sometimes, noh? :) blogging, too!

Akelamalu said...

It certainly isAcey!

Cindy said...

I played this time, too. You are part of my blog post today, come see how!

Akelamalu said...

On my way Cindy :)

Cuckoo said...

Came here from Mona's blog and look what I see here is that you too are a fan of David's blog !!

And I have also answered his question this time.

Akelamalu said...

Hello Cuckoo and welcome! Am on my way over to have a look at your answer. :)

~ej said...

oh it's not the end of the weekend yet where i am so i will answer this in today's blog post.... :-)

Ron said...

Oh my God, Akelamalu~

What a horrible thought!!!!

I'm with you...I'd probably CRY.

I actually have two different Internet connections set up in my computer...because this ACTUALLY happened to me this year (just 3 days) but it was horrible enough, that I've got a "back-up" now!!!

Yes....I would have to say, that I'm addicted too!

Oh well....their are worse things!

GREAT post!


Mauigirl said...

I had a moment of panic in a hotel room tonight when I thought the internet connection wasn't going to work! I couldn't go even one night without it!

Mauigirl said...

I had a moment of panic in a hotel room tonight when I thought the internet connection wasn't going to work! I couldn't go even one night without it!

Akelamalu said...

I just popped over to your blog - great answer Elena Jane :)

LOL you're not taking any chances then Ron?

You're definitely hooked Mauigirl!

Anonymous said...