Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Childhood Friend.....

This week's question from David (Authorblog) is

Who was your best childhood friend?
Here what David would like you to do if you want to join in:

Please answer today's question on your own blog, any time until next weekend. Please link to this blog (or to this post) just so I can follow the progress of the discussion.

My best childhood friend was called Susan. We were inseperable from the age of four when we went through nursery, primary and junior school together. We frequently went to each other's house for tea and spent all the school holidays together. We lost touch when we went to different Senior schools at the age of eleven. I wish I could meet up with her again to find out how her life has turned out and whether she has any children and grandchildren. I loved Susan so much I called my dolly after her.

This picture is of us in class at around 6 years old.

Now the memory has been stirred I think I may try to find her on Friend's Reunited.


Now just when you thought the awards had all been given out Bella (The (mad) Household of La Bellina Mammina) has graciously awarded me another one! Thank you Bella you make me smile too. x

The You Make Me Smile Award

In the words of the creator:

"The thing that I love most about blogging is that I learn so much about a person just by reading their blog. I have met MANY wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell, and I am grateful every day for each person that I have the pleasure of crossing paths in life with. I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement".

Apparently one has to pass it on to ten people in alphabetical order so here goes.....

Jenny (Blog This!)
Flowerpot (Flowerpot Days)
Empress Bee (Muffin53)

Go visit them and let them make you smile too.


Catch said...

Thank You so much Sweety, I am happy I can make you smile!!! If us bloggers could ever meet we would have such a good time getting to know each other and so many laughs! Thank you so much for thinking me for the award! huggs!

CG said...

What a lovely story about Susan and congrats on your award. you always make ME smile too!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

why thank you honey! what a perfectly lovely thing to do!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I saw this over at David's and thought about doing it but the problem is that I was a military brat and we moved all over the place when I was a kid. My best friends were spread out between Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Connecticut, etc. It would make for quite the long post if I could even remember all of those friends!

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you just a sweetie?!
Thanks a bunch, doll!

Have a great week.

Catch said...

I have my award up!

Lo Kelween said...

i am awarded by Akelamalu! "Ah!!!"...what a great honour. thank you so much and i will definitely post it in my blog! thank you so so much! :)

la bellina mammina said...

You were so cute! ;-)
Congrats sweetie!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Akelamalu,

What a poignant post. It's a much smaller world now and I'm sure you'll be able to track her down.

Wow, what a great post that would be!

Will visit much more regularly when I've completed this novel.....

Flowerpot said...

thank you so much Ak - you've made my day!

Elaine Denning said...

Another award? Wow! LoL.

Great story about Susan. You really should look her up :)

the rotten correspondent said...

Great picture and it sounds like it brought back great memories.

Congrats on your award!

Gledwood said...

.... thinking about childhood friends I am lost for words!....

Lo Kelween said...

oh how i wish the photo is a little bigger. it's unclear. :(

buffalodick said...

Thanks again for an award! Once again, I must tell you I don't know how to post them!Any directions you could share?

Akelamalu said...

Oh we certainly would have a lot to smile about if we all met up Catch :)

Aw thanks CG.

You're so welcome Bee.x

You must have made so many friends Linda travelling about, I bet they all remember you. x

No probs crazy working mom you're welcome. :)

Elween you deserve the award my friend. :)

Aw thanks Bella, what a lovely thing to say.

Thanks David, if I find Susan I'll be sure to post about it.

I'm happy to have made your day Flowerpot xx

I'm seriously considering looking Susan up Miss U , when I get a minute!

Yes it did bring back great memories Correspondent. :)

I hope they are good memories Gledwood?

I'm afraid I can't make the photo any bigger Elween unfortunately. :(

You're welcome Buffalodickdy. If you email me (through my profile) I'll try to help you upload the awards.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Another congratulations, Akelamalu! You make a lot of people smile.

Cute school picture of you and your friend Susan. I hope you can find her again.

Akelamalu said...

Thank you Julia. I will probably start searching when I get a minute :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay. Congrats on the blog bling. :D

Akelamalu said...

Cheers Jo x

Anonymous said...