Friday, 20 October 2017

Twelve Months

I can't believe it's almost 12 months since I posted anything on my blog!

I confess I've been spending a lot of time on Facebook - I know you think I'm a traitor yes?

Trying to remember what's happened since I last posted -

Late November 2016 we had two weeks holiday in Gran Canaria
May 2017 we spent two days in Nottingham with good friends
Beginning of June 2017 we had 8 days in Lake Como, Italy, including a trip on the Bernina Express Train to St Moritz and a visit to Milan.
Beginning of July 2017 we had 4 days in London sightseeing and a show.
August 2017 we had 3 days in Edinburgh to see the Tattoo. Then friends came to visit us for a couple of days.

September 2017 MIL moved into sheltered accommodation and we decided we will move into our bungalow, which she lived in, and sell our house.  Since then we have been overseeing work being carried out on the bungalow ready for our occupation,  and the sale of our house is going through.  We should be moving week beginning 13th November 2017 all being well.

So that's 2017 up to now in a nutshell.


Valerie said...

Well, what a surprise. Lovely to see you, though, and to hear your news. Hope the transfer from one home to another goes well for you. One thing is certain, you have been busy during your absence from blogging. I guess we have to forgive you.

Akelamalu said...

Hi Val lovely of you to comment after my prolonged absence. I've missed blogging but I'm not promising regular posts lol xx

Winifred said...

Just show us some photos that would be nice.
You must have loads.

Ron said...

*clapping*'s sooooooooooo great to see you, Pearl! I've thought of you so often over your absence, missing you and hoping all is well. And I can see from you post that you've been well and very busy. I totally understand. I too have backed off blogging as much as I use to. I only post about 1-2 times a month now.

"Beginning of June 2017 we had 8 days in Lake Como, Italy, including a trip on the Bernina Express Train to St Moritz and a visit to Milan.:

Oooooo... that sounded faaaaaaaaaabulous!

The best to you and MWM with your move in November.


mrsnesbitt said...

I say - busy busy - looking forward to photos of bungalow. Good luck with the whole process - buying and selling property is so stressful! Dxx

Akelamalu said...

As soon as we move and are settled I will post some photos Winnifred, you are right we do have LOADS!

Good to see you too Ron, I may not blog now but I made so many friends here that I think of you all often. Lots of blog friends are on Facebook, maybe you could join?xx

Thanks Denise you're right it is stressful but will be worth if I think. Xx

Mike Golch said...

I float between Facebook and my Blog.I have 2 regular pasts I do on Minday 2 on Friday and One on Sunday sometimes.I did do my Blog Blast For Peace post today.

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