Monday, 7 March 2016

China Part 7......

Whilst heading to our next destination I took advantage of the onboard facilities and enjoyed a fabulous foot massage, before joining MWM to marvel at the scenery as we travelled through the Qu Tang Gorge, the shortest and most majestic of the Three Gorges, it winds five miles from Baidi City in Fengjie County to Daxi Town in Wushan County.

After lunch we sailed through the Wu Gorge,  the second of the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, famous for its elegance. Winding over 25 miles, it starts from the estuary of Daning River (east of Wushan) in the west and ends at Guandukou in Badong, Hubei Province.  Because of the long and deep canyons here, the daily period of sunlight is short which impedes the dispersal of air borne moisture within the gorge and so creates clouds and fog in a variety of fantastic shapes.

We docked mid afternoon to join our next excursion, which was a Sampan cruise through the Wu Gorge to the Goddess Stream, which cannot be reached other than by sampan.
The scenery was magnificent as you will see from these short videos.

Our lovely guide on the Sampan encouraged us to join in the singing on the way back to the ship.

After a lovely day cruising, sightseeing and singing we were ready for a rest in our cabin before the Farewell dinner,  and the following day we would be leaving the ship for our onward journey.

Join me for Part 8 when we visit the 3 Gorges Dam before taking the Bullet Train to Wuhan to catch a flight to X'ian.


Ron said...

Pearl, I absolutely love the cloudy, foggy sky! It makes the scenery look magical and mystical!

And you're right, the sceney is magnificent! I really enjoyed your video clips. Looking forward to Part 8!

Have a lovely week, m'dear! X

Maggie May said...

I've just been skimming through the photos of the other parts I missed as well. What a wonderful experience. You are very lucky to have been to China.
Maggie x

Travis Cody said...

China? Wow! You've certainly broadened your horizons since the last time I made rounds. Cool!

Daryl said...

what exquisite scenery

Valerie said...

Beautiful scenery, and I loved that last video. Hope you joined in!

Akelamalu said...

Glad you enjoyed it Ron xx

Yes we are lucky, it was a great tour Maggie. X

Always wanted to see it so did it Travis! Xx

It really is Daryl though my photos don't do enough justice, x

Of course we did Valerie it was great fun. 😊