Monday 4 January 2010


Do you think this looks like a cat?

Our grandchildren built it on Saturday, they said it was a snowman but I think it looks like a cat!

We had a lot of snow here, again, on Saturday and apparently that has set the trend for the next week.  We are never ready for snow here in England no matter how much notice we get.    The gritters hadn't even been out on the main roads when MWM went out to get his paper yesterday morning and they certainly never come down our grove, we just have to wait for it to thaw.   I'm just praying it will thaw before Wednesday 13th so that there's no way our flight to Barbados will be cancelled or delayed.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Edited to say:
I should mention that picture was taken in the centre of Manchester where the snowfall was very light on Saturday.   The children built the snowcat whilst we were visiting my father.    Where we live (and the grandchildren) we had about 5 inches of snow on top of the 6 inches from last week that hadn't disappeared!  That may not be a lot compared to America and Canada but here in England it's enough to grind everything to a halt!


mrsnesbitt said...

Barbados sounds wonderful right now!
Happy New Year!

Deb said...

Happy New Year, my dear blogging friend. I took a little break from blogging so I could get my life in order ( HA) and since that didn't happen I decided to return to blogging. Crossing my fingers and toes that your flight leaves right on time !! Barbados sounds heavenly right about now !

Dumdad said...

That's one fine snowcat!

It's very cold here in Paris but no snow yet.

Fingers crossed for Barbados.

Evalinn said...

I´ll keep my fingers crossed! And Yes, I think it looks like a cat. A nice cat. ;-)

secret agent woman said...

Or maybe a teddy bear. Cute, though, and there are no rules for what a snowman should look like.

Akelamalu said...

Doesn't it just Mrs N? Happy New Year to you.

Lovely to see you back Deb, I missed you. x

Looks like a cat to you then Dumdad. No snow in Paris - are you hoping for some? Thanks for crossing your fingers for us. x

Cheers Evalinn and it looks like a cat to you too. :)

Yes it could be a teddy bear SAW, and you're right, there are no rules about snowmen. :)

buffalodick said...

You call that a snowfall? Cute!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Your snowfall looks a bit like a light dusting to this Maritimer Canadian... You wouldn't have wanted to drive in the blizzard that I drove in on Saturday, to get to my acupuncture treatment, which was so worth it, even though the drive was awfully exciting (translation, I slid like an Olympic bobsled team!)

I absolutely love the Snowcat.

Akelamalu said...

Buff & Julia I should mention that picture was taken in the centre of Manchester where the snowfall was very light on Saturday. The children built the snowcat whilst we were visiting my father. Where we live (and the grandchildren) we had about 5 inches of snow on top of the 6 inches from last week that hadn't disappeared! That may not be a lot compared to America and Canada but here in England it's enough to grind everything to a halt! LOL

TopChamp said...

We're still getting it here. New Yrs Eve I drove back up North through snowstorms. Saturday we drove back down South(ish) through snowstorms.

Beautiful though it is, after we arrived home to find our boiler had broken I am less enamoured with the snow.

TopChamp said...

Oh - and that is definitely a cat. A very lovely cat.

CrystalChick said...

I love the snowcat!
Sometimes we get mild winters here with barely any snowfall and other years we get blizzards. Just had 2 feet of snow recently and then a week later it rained and melted everything.
I'm guessing a 'gritter' is what we call a snow plow? And 'grove'... how quaint that sounds!!

Ron said...

Yes....being a cat lover I can definitely see the resemblance - MEOW!

How CUTE!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes as planned for your trip. I have a feeling it will!

Have a great Monday, m'dear!

Stay warm!


Elaine Denning said...

It looks like a snow bear :)

My son is off to Hollywood the same day as you.....I am SO envious!

Happy New Year, Ak.

(I love your posts, by the way.)

Akelamalu said...

I've been watching the weather reports and you are definitely getting the worst of the weather where you are Tompchamp!! Hope you get your boiler fixed m'dear. Another vote for the cat!

I don't think our gritters are as good as your snow ploughs Crystalchick, all they do is scatter grit they don't move the snow! :(

Oh yes keep those fingers crossed Ron, especially as I have to drive in this godawful weather before next Wednesday! :0 Another Cat vote. :)

A snowbear Laney - well yes I can see that! Your son's going to Hollywood?? WOW I hope you're going to blog about it?

CG said...

Happy New Year. I love the snow cat.
We have had hardly any snow here but it is cold. I can't believe it's nearly time for your big holiday. The year has flown past!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

honey floridians can't drive in a heave dew! and rain? forget about it! ha ha ha

take me with you on that cruise!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I seem to remember Claire telling me that snow is rather unusual for England in spite of what is always depicted in any version of The Christmas Carol! Looks like this year is the exception to the rule, eh?

I think the snowcat is adorable and that your grandchildren did a marvelous job!

We've had way too much snow and cold here already and it's only January so I suspect it doesn't bode well for the rest of the year. Ugh! I'm too old for this!

Akelamalu said...

I wish we hadn't had snow here CG! I can hardly believe it myself it doesn't seem two minutes since I booked the holiday. Glad you like the cat.

LOL you make me laugh Bee. I wish I could take you with me. x

Certainly snow of this magnitude is unusual further south than Scotland Linda. Snow is for children and I'm way past it! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the snowcat. How cute. I am so hoping that the weather is okay for your flight. That's one thing about Honolulu, very rarely do we have to worry about the airport closing due to weather...go figure :)

Dul├že ♥ said...

I miss snow... although one usually misses what one is used to having... Anyway, I fell I need some snow to feel the winter as what it is... Canaries sunshine and drizzling... :(
Yes, I think that IS a cat hee hee

nitebyrd said...

Hmmm ... maybe a Snow Devil? LOL

Daryl said...

Looks like a cat to me, snowMEN do not have ears ..

aims said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you.
And my toes.

You know we sort of laugh over here at the antics you get up to with a little bit of snow. Also at the term 'the gritters' - here they are called 'the snowplow' because that's what needed. A huge blade to move the huge amount of snow we see for - oh - 9 months of the year! :0)

clean and crazy said...

you know how they say the grass is always greener, why is the snow always deeper in other parts of the world, i must live on this line where the snow refuses to pile up!! even 14 miles north of my house there is a significant difference in snow!!
awe Barbados sounds wonderful any time of year!! enjoy enjoy, enjoy the beaches!! yes it looks like a cat, garfield to be exact, just color it orange and give him some stripes, he is a squatty little thing!! too cute how much fun was that to make!!!

Dianne said...

I love that the sanders and plows are called gritters - sounds so manly and functional :)

the snowcat is adorable!!

Connie T. said...

Go to and see what your forcast for the weather is. They do up to 15 days.
It was snowing here today, but it did not even stick on the ground, just a light dusting. It is supposed to snow 3 inches on Thursday. Have a wonderful trip.

storyteller said...

Whether snowman or snowcat ... it's cute ... and there's no way anyone could build one here! Hope you're staying warm ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Dr.John said...

Consider the snow a gift of globsal warming. We have more coming on Thursday. I can hardly wait.
It looks like a cat to me as well.

Cloudia said...

Good bye Snow Cat

HELLO Barbados!!!

The tropics await, Sistah


Comfort Spiral

Travis Cody said...

Snowman or snowcat, I think it's great either way!

We haven't had snow yet, and I'm ok with that.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a snowbear...and I so wish we could have one. Sand doesn't hold together quite as well as snow! :0)

Flowerpot said...

looks like a Fat Cat!! Happy nbew year, Ak and many of 'em! xxx

Valerie said...

I thought there was a resemblance to a cat. My fingers are crossed for a weather change before the 13th. We've had more snow today and the sky looks ready to drop a load more.

Akelamalu said...

I wished I lived in Honolulu Thom! :)

I'll swap you the snow for what you've got Dulce anytime!

A devil Nitebyrd? Mmmm Possibly. :)

I certainly think snowmen don't have pointy ears Daryl LOL

Ah but you're used to it Aims, here such a lot of snow is unusual, well except in Scotland. :)

It would suit me just fine if we never had snow Clean&Crazy I should be living somewhere warm and sunny! :)

I suppose gritters does sound quite functional doesn't it Dianne. Glad you like the cat m'dear. x

I'm afraid to look at the forecast Connie. Manchester Airport was shut this morning so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it won't be this bad next week! :0

I'm staying in until I absolutely have to go out Storyteller!

It's been snowing here all day today (Tuesday) Dr. John :(

I can't wait to get there Cloudia and say goodbye to all this white nightmare! LOL

Glad you like the snowcat(man) Trav, I could live without snow too hon. x

It could be a snowbear Eternally Distracted. Swap homes with me you can have the snow I'll have the sand. :)

Ah another vote for a Cat Flowerpot. Happy New year to you too m'dear. x

The sky here is full of it Valerie and it's been coming down all day!

Spiky Zora Jones said... does look like a snow cat. or a snow baby bunny. :)

Susan at Stony River said...

What a cute little snow-thing!

We're iced in here, and snow was falling the day before my daughter's flight home and even as they drove to the airport --but the flight left on time and all's well. So I hope you have good luck with your escape too! LOL

Akelamalu said...

Yes it could be a bunny Spiky :)

Manchester Airport was closed this morning but opened up again pm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next Wednesday Susan. :)

Boomer Pie. said...

Love your butterflies and your photos. Enjoy your vacation.I signed up to follow your blog. Stop by my place and see what you think.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Color him orange and add some black stripes and it looks JUST like Garfield. :) Great job. When we get snow here in Arkansas it's the same way...things seem to come to a hault. Most folks can't drive on the ice and end up making fools of themselves.