Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday Wordzzle # 32

The idea is, every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either, both or a megawordzzle using all the words, or even all three, it's up to you, you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven. If you join in go to Raven's and put your name on the Mr. Linky so other participants can come visit you.

Here are my efforts - complete with my doodles.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: exacerbate, leotard, path, tomato, Jungle Book, vagabond, parade, limber, storage, Maharajah

Susie had been charged with decorating the neighbourhood float for the Lord Mayor’s parade, so she enlisted some help and recovered it from the storage warehouse. This year the theme was Jungle Book. Susie had persuaded the girls from her bellydancing class to take part by performing on the float in front of her hubby, who she’d talked into dressing up as a Maharajah. He wasn’t too keen about wearing the tomato coloured leotard under the robe she’d fashioned for him out of an old curtain, but he was certainly looking forward to watching the bellydancers limber up. Susie’s son, Mikey, had been enlisted to play Mowgli and her brother agreed to dress up in the bear suit as Baloo.

Everything was going perfectly on the day of the parade, the float looked superb, even if Susie did say so herself. The crowds were out in force clapping and cheering, and everyone was having a great time until a vagabond shot out from the crowd into the path of the float causing the driver to slam on his brakes. Balou, Mowgli, Maharajah and the belly dancers all ended up in a jumbled heap and just to exacerbate matters all this happened in front of the Lord Mayor’s podium!

And for the Mini Challenge: crocodile, special, sleep, droll, turn around

Joe had been the club’s concert secretary for many years and was losing sleep about the diminishing numbers of guests. He had to do something to turn around the fortunes of the club. He had to find a special act to bring back the punters. First thing Monday morning Joe starting ringing round the agents to find out what they had, two days later he’d booked an act that he hoped would change everything, a droll comedian who finished his act by having baby crocodiles clinging to each of his toes by their teeth whilst he sang ‘Crocodile Shoes’.


Maisie picked up her crocodile handbag and limped painfully to her car. She was on her way to see the doctor hoping he would be able to offer her some form of relief for the back injury she had sustained at the gym, which seemed to be exacerbated by lack of sleep.

Her face went as red as a tomato every time she thought about what had happened. It had been her first time at the gym, she’d bought all the right attire – leotard, gym shoes, headband etc, which would all be going into storage now. Oh the embarrassment!

She’d been persuaded to go to the gym by Patsy, her friend, after a night out at a local restaurant, The Maharajah. Patsy had commented that they both needed to lose weight and an added bonus to joining the gym were all the fit, eligible blokes that frequented the place. Maisie wasn’t too sure, until Patsy pointed out that their favourite waiter, Carlos, who happened to look like a grown up version of Mowgli out of Jungle Book, frequented the place. That was enough to send Maisie to the sports shop on a shopping expedition, she desperately wanted a date with Carlos.

Maisie watched Patsy parade round the gym in her new gear, wearing a path in the wooden floor in front of the personal trainer who had been assigned to them. As he showed them how to limber up Maisie couldn’t take her eyes of his buns, they were really something special. Patsy started laughing telling Maisie to wipe her mouth as she was drooling.

“Ha, ha, very droll” Maisie told Patsy.

They started off on the treadmill, gently at first, increasing the speed as they got used to it. Maisie was starting to enjoy herself and was working up a ‘gentle glow’. Suddenly all hell seemed to break loose, somehow a little vagabond dog had got into the gym and was running round like a mad thing barking. That’s when it happened.

The barking of the dog and the shouts from the staff made Maisie turn around to see what was going on. Losing her rhythm her feet shot backwards, luckily she was holding onto the bars at either side but this meant she was draped along the base unable to turn off the damned machine. Frantically trying to regain her footing Maisie let go of the bars and shot of the end of the belt and landed in a heap with arms and legs akimbo, only to find, as she looked up,  herself looking into the dark brown eyes of Carlos from the restaurant.

“Oh bugger” thought Maisie “of all the people to have seen what happened, it had to be him!”

Rushing to her side Patsy helped her up and ushered her into the changing room. Maisie was mortified, how would she ever face Carlos again now? She’d never get a date with him after this, she complained to Patsy.

Patsy burst out laughing.

“You were never going to get a date with him anyway” she told Maisie “he’s gay!”


KayDdid said...

I can just imagine a vagabond on parade route. I`ll have to give the megawordzzle a try next week that was funny.

Lu' said...

I liked the vagabond dog. Enhoyed them, thanks.

lettuce said...

exacerbate is a good word - and one which I suppose most of us don't use very often!

not sure a tomato coloured leotard is such a good idea though

Dr.John said...

I love suprise endings and your last story had a great one. I enjoyed all three stories.

RiverPoet said...

Oh, well done! As always...

Peace - D

Around My Kitchen Table said...

That was very clever and I enjoyed reading the stories very much. Must go and take a look at the website myself.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

very well done and as always, i love the doodles!

smiles, bee

Melli said...

Oy! Poor Susie! All that work... down the drain...

I think perhaps Joe is going to be looking for a new JOB! I'm not sure THAT act is going to DO it! ROFLMBO!

Oh oh oh! Your MEGA is fabulous! I do so LOVE your little ending twists! I shoulda seen that one coming though...

Raven said...

Lots of tragedies this week. Poor Masie! Poor Susie! Poor Joe, who I suspect is not going to be such a big hit. These are all great as usual. I love your illustrations, especially that tomato.

x said...

hi, ake! i love these doodles!!! they're too cute!!!

wishing you a wonderful weekend! :D

Jeff B said...

All of Maisie's efforts were for naught. Loved the mental picture of her on the treadmill hanging on for dear life! Bwahahahaha

Dianne said...

these were fun!!

Akelamalu said...

Oh yes, do join in Heather and thanks for stopping by. :)

I like vagabond dogs too Lu ;)

You'd have to have a figure like Kate Moss to carry off a tomato coloured leotard wouldn't you Lettuce!

Glad you enjoyed them Dr.John :)

Thanks Riverpoet x

I think you'd really enjoy doing Wordzzles AMKT do check it out.

I take that as praise indeed from queen of the doodles Bee x

You're right Melli, somehow I don't think Joe is destined for stardom!

Yes tragedies all round it seems this week Raven. I'm happy you liked them and the tomato! :)

A wonderful weekend to you too Acey and thankyou x

Poor Maisie, she was mortified Jeff! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, that was so funny! Nicely done. I ditto Dr. John - love the surprise endings.

Richard said...

Once again your mega delights me with another great ending.


Akelamalu said...

~So pleased you enjoyed them mommywizdom :)

Aw thanks Rich xx

storyteller said...

Ah … I love ALL your doodles, but Susie’s red leotarde is way cute and the alligator is very ‘kewl’ too! Poor Susie ;--(
Well done … as always ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anndi said...

That last one was a complete work of fiction! Since when do women oogle muscular fit men at the... nevermind *giggle*

Elaine Denning said...

I love your croc picture!

Ak, I very nearly had a heart attack just now. I clicked on your blog and began to house in total silence. A good ten seconds later your music kicked in and I nearly fell off the bloody sofa! This happens to me ALL the time, lol. You'd think I would remember by now to mute my volume BEFORE clicking on your blog - especially when it's three in the morning! x

Akelamalu said...

I enjoy doing the doodles as much as writing the stories storyteller, so I'm really pleased you like them. :)

Oh I know Anndi, we would never do that would we? ;)

LOL sorry about that Laney.

Flowerpot said...

very clever Ak - how long did it take you to do all that?!!

Travis Cody said...

I guess treadmills and puppies just don't mix!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Flowerpot. It probably took a couple of hours to write the stories and 30 mins to do the doodles.

I guess they don't Trav! LOL

Anonymous said...