Saturday, 7 April 2007

What's your favourite room?......

Mine has to be my kitchen, not just because I spend so much time in there (well I do when I'm not on crutches!) but because I waited 26 years to get it remodelled!

We have lived in our house since 1979 and over the years have spent a lot of money on it, but the one thing that always had to wait was the kitchen. Don't get me wrong it was functional, it had everything I needed, but just wasn't what I wanted you know? MWM always promised me when he retired I could remodel the kitchen to my specifications, I could have anything I wanted, blow the cost, so with that promise in mind I waited.

In 2004 MWM retired and guess what - I got my new kitchen.

We had three local firms come and draw up plans and give us a quote but only one of them would build my kitchen to my specifications. I don't know whether the other two thought it was too much trouble or not but suffice to say they didn't get the job!

I knew exactly what I wanted (and where) - eye level double oven, five burner hob, integral fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, undercupboard cd/radio and drop down television, tiled floor, wine rack (very important). Well I got it all and here it is -

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photographs copyright 2007
Worth waiting for, so you can see why my kitchen is my favourite room.
What's your's?
My knee
Saturday 7th April
Slept much better last night. I think I may have overdone it on Thursday (though God alone knows how!). Anyway I took it easy yesterday sitting in the garden soaking up the sun and drinking a beer!


CG said...

I can see why your kitchen is your favourite room. It looks just about perfect to me. My kitchen is also my favourite room in the house but i have never managed to get it quite right. We are planning some improvements soon.

Akelamalu said...

I hope you achieve your dreams in your kitchen, I waited a long time but it was sooo worth it.

Bankerchick said...

Aha! I've found you! Thanks for your kind comments. I am going to finish reading your blog and add it to my daily reads. I love your kitchen so warm and cozy. I also will have to learn more about Reiki,it sounds very intriguing. I am off to read more.

GEWELS said...

Gorgeous kitchen- I remember getting my done about 15 years ago. Time to do it again!

Great way to spend the day soaking up the sun an drinking beer. Happy weekend.

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for calling in, and your lovely comments. Aah Reiki - once in you never get out!

Glad you like my kitchen, have fun doing yours again!
Yes the sun and beer worked a treat!

Linda said...

I don't really have a favorite room at this point in time but if I had a kitchen like yours, that would definitely be it! Looks like it was well worth the wait and then some!

Glad to hear the knee is better. I'm sure sitting in a warm garden with a beer helped tremendously!

"Early Bird" said...

My Mama told me to drink a beer to clear up my UTI...I cannot abide the taste and just stuck with my doc's!
That is a beautiful kitchen and worth waiting for I'm thinking...what a nice aloe vera plant you have in the really likes that window judging from all the babes in that pot!
My favorite room is my bedroom...I stayed in a B&B in what was called "The Rose Room" and I've been patterning my bedroom from that. Although if you ask my family they would say this computer room is it...hehe!!
Have a great day!

The Feathered Nest said...

Your kitchen is just gorgeous! What a pleasure it must be to cook up a meal in there. I'm so glad you slept better last night too. Boy, seems like good sleep is the key to it all right? Take care, Dawn

Claire said...

The kitchen is lovely!
My mum is waiting for my dad to decide what he wants to do about the kitchen, he is most indecisive man ever!

Elween said... made it sound so complete..i couldn't simply have that as my room!
P/s:: Blessed Easter to you, Akelamalu! :)

Akelamalu said...

Oh yes it was worth the wait.

early bird
Not sure beer cures anything but it tasted good! 'The Rose Room' sounds very pretty.

I have always enjoyed cooking but even more now I have my dream kitchen. Yes, it's amazing what a good sleep can do!

I imagine your Mum can't wait to get started on the kitchen, hurry up Dad!

Glad you like my favourite room. Blessed Easter to you too. x

rhea said...

Gosh, I want a beautiful kitchen like that. One day, I hope...

Akelamalu said...

everything comes to she who waits!!!

Anonymous said...