Monday, 9 April 2007

Real Moms

I have been tagged by La Bellina Mammina for the Real Moms meme so here goes......

1. Can multi-task.

2. Don't feel guilty if they can't breastfeed.

3. Give lots of kisses and cuddles.

4. Are always there with a shoulder to cry on.

5. Always have chocolate in the cupboard.

6. Can make anything better with a kiss.

7. Gives her child(ren) her last Rollo.

8. Makes up the best stories.

9. Don't mind making a fool of themselves if it makes her child(ren) happy.

10. Chase away night monsters.

11. Sings along even though they can't hold a tune.

12. Always have a ready smile, even when they're ill.

13. Make their child's favourite food.

I hope you don't mind ladies but I tagged you - it's not compulsory though if you don't want to do it, Linda, Early bird and Catch.

My knee
Monday 9th April
I walked approximately 400 yds yesterday, with the aid of the crutches of course, but I did it!


la bellina mammina said...

all very true!! Thanks for playing along!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks, no problem. :)

mist1 said...

I haven't had a Rollo in ages. My mom doesn't love me.

"Early Bird" said...

Wow...I'll give this a try...I highly agree with your number 2 point! (only I would add...don't want to instead of can't)
All very good points though!
Hurray on your walk...keep up the good work!

Nea said...

Iff all children were loved and cared for in this way......there would be no need for foster care.......and very few messed up kids.

All great.

Linda said...

Those are some great Real Mom things! I will definitely give this a shot but I doubt that I'll do as well as you!

Annelisa said...

Oh dear... I give my kids more monsters... does that mean I'm a baaaad mum? :-)

But i do a lot of the rest...

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm glad your knee is doing so good ~ I wanted to tell you if you'd like the bird's nest art feel free to right click it!!
Take care ~ Dawn :)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh I love your list ! They are all so true.
Glad your knee will be better soon..


Angel ():)

Elween said...

oh i guess that really pamper them even more! kids need some discipline too, ya? :)

la bellina mammina said...

roast lambs and potatoes tomorrow - you're invited for dinner!!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Aw, I'll save you a rollo!

Thanks for joining in, I'll be along to read your list. Can't/don't want to breastfeed no probs!

It doesn't take much to make children happy does it?!

Oh great that you're joining in, I'm sure your list will be wonderful.

You give your kids more monsters - nah I don't think so. Your kids are so lucky to have a mum like you!

Oh thanks honey, that's kind of your to share. ((hug))

Glad you like my list and thanks for the good wishes.

Of course discipline when needed but lots of love is the key!

la bellina mammina
On my way, Mmmmmmmmmm.

Skittles said...

Great post.. and way to go on the walking!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks hon.

Anonymous said...