Thursday, 12 April 2007


There are so many perfumes on the market how do you choose yours?

Do you choose it because it smells lovely on a friend, because it reminds you of something or someone. Do you go to the store and try all the testers until you find one you like. Or have you used the same perfume for years and stick with it no matter what?

I ususally try the testers, though not too many at once or I lose track of which is which. I have three favourites at the present time; Jo Malone 154 Cologne, Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan and Roma by Laura Biaggioti. I have been tempted to try perfumes which have attracted me when worn by a friend but then found they smell totally different on me. I have had men ask what perfume I am wearing and say "I must get some for my wife/girlfriend it's fabulous". I always advise them not to because it will probably not smell the same but, more importantly, you don't tell your wife/girlfriend you bought her a perfume that smelt fabulous on another woman!!

I do think you get what you pay for with perfume, the cheaper ones may smell nice but they don't last so you use more because you have to keep refreshing. However, the most I have paid for a perfume is in the £50 bracket I couldn't justify spending any more than that, and that is usually as a Christmas or Birthday present from MWM. I can't say the packaging is important although a pretty bottle is nice. I would love to go to France to a real Perfumerie and have a perfume blended especially for me.

What is your favourite perfume and why did you choose it?

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Thursday 12th April

Feeling good today.


Cream said...

Mine is Chanel's Allure...
Ever since this Spanish shop-assistant said:"What is your aroma, senor?"
I said: "Allure."
She said: "Ah, Allura! Muy agradable..."
I was hooked.

Akelamalu said...

Well of course! I have some Chanel No 5 as well, I'd forgotton about that!

la bellina mammina said...

for years and years I've used Calyx by Prescriptives - I finished my last bottle last year and to my dismay they've discountinues it - I can't remember why I chose it but friends used to tell me that they can tell when I've arrives at a party when they smell my perfume. I've also used Chanel No 5 for evenings, now it's my constant perfume. I've tried and bought perfume becuz of its packaging and becuz I thought they'd smile good on me. Fortunately for my sister, I always end up giving them to her!

CG said...

My all time favourite is Shalimar by Guerlain; it dates from 1927 and I live in fear it will be discontinued. I like to always smell the same although I do digress into other scents occasionally. My friend wears Be Delicious (DKNY) and I always think of her when I smell it...then the other day I smelt it on an elderly lady and it was SO WEIRD!!

Dave said...

My favorite scent for my wife is Opium it smells wonderful. That is all I ever buy her. She like a variety of perfumes. For me it is always the same

mrsnesbitt said...

My hubby buys all my perfume and he usually takes in a bottle of mine and the assistant finds a similar one. I have to be careful what I use as some make me feel dizzy!

Catch said...

what I learned a long time ago is that some perfume is made from whales vomit!!! Can you imagine???

I stick with the good fragrances, they last longer...if I smell a certain kind somewhere and like it, I will try it.

Claire said...


Akelamalu said...

la bellina mammina
I don't think I know the Prescriptives one but I can understand why you would use Chanel No.5 its lovely.

Shalimar is lovely. Ah you see how it smells differently on people.

I don't particularly like Opium it's too heady and doesn't smell right on me but on other people it's so exotic.

Mrs nesbitt
Your husband is a doll!!! Mmm some scents can have that effect.

Whales vomit???? Arrgh!!!

H? Come on be fair, my brain's worn out looking for clues at the moment!

Queenie said...

At the momentI'm with Jungle by Kenzo and Prada. But you know me, I have a wide range!!!!

"Early Bird" said...

So glad to see you are "feeling good today"!!
I'm into cheepy!
I don't use that much, Husband says I don't use enough...and you are right, perfume smells different on each person!

Annelisa said...

I'm one of those 'stick to the same one for many years' people... I tried Opium (it's not so overpowering on me, I don't think, but I like a strong spicy aroma) and have used it ever since. I don't know if people's scents change over time (probably) but I still like it as much as the first day I tried it.

The other one I liked was 'Obsession for Men'... not the woman's

But, then, I haven't tried a new perfume on for a long time, so maybe there's some new ones out there I'd like :-)

I don't know if your music's always in the same order? But I wouldn't mind knowing the name of the first track that played (couldn't find where it was playing from)

The other thing I meant to say last time I visited, was - well done you, for getting the peace globe up in the sidebar!! It's good to see it there :-)

Glad the knee's doing alright today (you learnt your lesson the other day about overdoing it? :-S )

Claire said...

Its good for your brain!
The perfume that i love at the moment is Armani Remix and Paco raban Ultra Violet, also True Romance by Raplh Lauren and i better stop now!
I definitely agree that some perfume smells way better on others.
I don't go for packaging, purely for smell.
The most i have paid is around £40, but thats because there is no mwm!

Anonymous said...

I like the fresher smells on me, and my fav for my wife is Dior's Hypnotic Poison

Linda said...

I don't really wear perfume very often as working in a small office, it's not a good idea. We don't have a very good air circulation system and if someone has an issue with perfumes, scented lotions, etc. it can be pretty uncomfortable. Heck, we don't even have a window you can open!

However, I really like vanilla-scented perfumes like Vanilla Fields. I have an extremely keen sense of smell and I can't wear anything overpowering so need to stick more to a non-flowery scent. One of my other favorites is Amari from Avon (yeah, yeah, I'm cheap!).

lettuce said...

ooo what a nice post and comments!

I've only started using expensive perfume relatively recently, you're right, its worth it. At the mo: D&G Light Blue (bought by husband cos it smelled good on another woman haha a mutual friend, I didn't mind.) Also Ralph Lauren, Blue.

And always have Chanel No. 5
(No. 9 is good too)

Akelamalu said...

I haven't tried either of those and it's that long since I've seen you I haven't smelt them on you!!

If hubby says you need more get some on honey!

Opium smells good on lots of people just not me!
My video is at the bottom of the page but the list of titles is on the sidebar near the top under Welcome to my Blog. Anyway I think the song you mean is George Michael - A Different Corner.

My brain is almost bustin'.
Ultra Violet is lovely - I tried that at the airport.

A lot of men seem to like Poison.

Nothing wrong with cheap perfumes, it's just I find they don't last.

You let him get away with that - How Very Dare He! As long as you like it that's the main thing!

Elween said...

oh..i never thought perfume can so complicated, just like wine!

Elween said...

oh..i never thought perfume can so complicated, just like wine!

Elween said...
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Akelamalu said...

Oh yes!

Anonymous said...