Saturday, 19 May 2007

I have been given an Award.......

Here's what Judd wrote about me...

We love when a post totally NAILS it. We appreciate Akelamalu for being a loyal supporter of this blog. We cannot emphasis enough how much we appreciate readers who take the time to comment. The Rising Blogger seeks out original and unique posts. We have all sang the lyrics incorrectly when singing in the car or the shower, but without an audience, does it matter? In Akelamalu’s post of April 27, 2007, she gives us a lot of laughs as folks get the lyrics wrong. In a post titled Kiss the Guy, the mangling of lyrics is hysterical! Yes, we know that this material was culled from the website of a similar name, Kiss the Guy: The Archive of Misheard Lyrics. But not only had we not heard of the site before, but also Akelamalu highlighted it for us. The blog Everything and Nothing is well titled. It is what we call a “variety” blog because it has a bit of everything, and as its title suggest it is a blog about “nothing” as well. Well, nothing that is but a lot of laughs, interesting stories and a great story teller. Congratulations, Akelamalu, you’ve writer today’s Post of the Day.

Do you think I need a new dress, shoes, bag and jewellery now to accept the award?


Cream said...

Black dress, lots of head jewellery... Go for it, Akela!

Akelamalu said...

Of course I already have the perfect outfit!
Thanks honey!

Linda said...

I've seen a few other bloggers get this award and I think it's one of the best out there so many congratulations!

Even if you already have the perfect outfit, this is a great excuse to go by a new one for when you attend the Cyber Awards ceremony!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks hon. I think I should have a new outfit as well just in case it's a 'fat' day!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yes and a tiara too!!! congratulations!

smiles, bee

Akelamalu said...

Of course a tiara boom de ay!
Thanks sweetie.

la bellina mammina said...

Woo Hoo - I totally agree with Judd - way to go girlfriend!
You have all those things - what about a fantastic voyage?

Akelamalu said...

la bellina mammina
Thankyou my lovely. Oh yes I need a cruise now. :)

headless chicken said...

Hi Alelamalu
Wow!! Well done,you clever thing.Definatly a good reason for a new outfit!

RUTH said...

Don't forget the HAVE to cry as you accept the award. Congratulations...well deserved.

Akelamalu said...

headless chicken
Hi and thanks for dropping by. When you get to know me you'll realise I don't need a reason to get a new outfit! :)

Akelamalu said...

Or maybe a little lace hanky just to dab at the eyes?

julia said...

Congratulations on your Rising Blogger Award! That's got to be worth at least a bottle of champagne.

"Early Bird" said...


Claire said...

When i am looking at bridesmaid outfits will look out for a suitable outfit for your acceptance!
Congratulations it is well deserved :D

mist1 said...

If you need help picking out the shoes, let me know. It's sort of my thing.

Miss Understood said...


Annelisa said...

Big congratulations, Akelamalu - you so deserve the recognition and award!

You most definitely do need to go out shopping, now you have appearances to keep up! :-D (don't forget to show us what you buy!)

lettuce said...

oh yes, i think you do.
and new perfume.

Akelamalu said...

Oh definitely champagne!

early bird
Thanks honey. :)

A hat as well I think! :D

No heels though, I can just about manage flats at the moment!

miss u
I thank you. :)

Like I need an excuse to go shopping?

Oh thanks for reminding me I almost forgot the perfume!!!!

CG said...

LOL at all your great comments and CONGRATULATIONS!!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks. :)

Claire said...

Maybe a tiara? :D

Akelamalu said...

On my list! :)

Anonymous said...