Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Which button do I press?.......

Oh Lordy we had a laugh with Dad trying to teach him how to use his mobile phone.

Brother had left written instructions on how to answer the phone but Dad couldn't understand them.

"Don't worry Dad, we'll go through it step by step and you can write down your own instructions" I soothed.

We did and he now has an A4 sheet of instructions of how to turn it on/off, put the key pad lock on/off and answer it!

Just to check that he knew what he was doing I rang him on my mobile phone whilst sitting next to him, I warned him first.

His mobile rang, he picked it up.

"Hello" says I.

"Who is it?" says Dad.

Was he taking the michael?

My knee

Wednesday 23rd May

Lot more stable, I think the exercises are working.


la bellina mammina said...

Cute! I would have giggled and played along if I was beside him! :-)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Too funny and cute. Your Dad is so funny and precious.
Yeah the knee is doing better. Sending you prayers, love and light.


Angel ():)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Congrats on the Post of the Day. Cool. You deserve it. You are such a great blogger, inspiration, friend, encourager and light.

Angel Mama ():)

Akelamalu said...

la bellina mammina
We did for a while - he's naughty!

Akelamalu said...

Yes he is. Thank you for the good wishes for my knee and my award, you are too kind. xx

steve said...

yours sounds like a real "throwback"... they don't make many like him...and while i totally "get" the humor here, i haven't the foggiest, darling, what a "Michael" is.

RUTH said...

Bless him; mind you if I don't have my glasses on I can't see the display name and voices acn sound different on the phone. Sorry to hear it's been raining; I assumed the whole country had weather like ours today. So warm I even had to take some shade breaks!...believe me that's practically unheard of. Glad the exercises seem to be strengthening your leg.

Akelamalu said...

Oh Steve, I wish you still had your dad too. I'm so lucky to have mine. He's 83 this year and they threw the mould away after him.
Sorry, 'taking the Michael', or more usually 'Taking the Mickey' is a saying we have meaning 'taking the piss' pardon the French!
Apparently Mickey is short for the rhyming slang:Mickey Bliss providing the rhyme for 'piss'. Hope this explains. :)

Akelamalu said...

I'll be surprised if we can get him on the mobile. He said he'll have to turn it off when he's out playing cards anyway, cos it will disturb the players!
Glad you're having great weather, I hope it's heading this way!!

letha said...

So he could hear you then?

Akelamalu said...

He has selective hearing! :)

Bonnie Ann said...

Akelamalu, oh, i loved this post. reminds me of my dad. so cute. made me smile.

Akelamalu said...

bonnie ann
They can be cute, sometimes! :)

"Early Bird" said...

That is too cute!:)

CS said...

Aw, cute. But your explanation about what taking the michael meant left me even more confused. What in the world is taking the piss?

steve said...

Yeah, I'm with CS...i think i get it though...what we say over here (some of us) "he's more full of shit than Granmas Christmas goose" but I don't think thats it about "Pulling our leg" which is acting or pretending...yeah, thats it he was pulling your leg!

headless chicken said...

My Mum always puts her mobile in her bag when going out but usually forgets to turn it on. If it is on and it happens to ring she doesn't know how to answer it and there's no use leaving a message as she doesn't know how to look or listen to them! And Dad's not much better as although he knows how to use his,he is deaf in one ear and has tinnitus in the other so is unable to hear a bloody thing!!!

Linda said...

Isn't it great that your Dad has such a great sense of humor about all this? I remember when my Mom was first trying to learn how to use her cellphone, it was pretty funny. Of course what's really funny is how much we take all this new technology for granted - can you imagine what we'll be trying to learn when we are our parents age? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Old people and technology are funny. I bought my parents a PC thinking they would email me... NOPE.

Akelamalu said...

early bird
Yes he is cute - at times. :)

Akelamalu said...

cs & steve
Sorry about the confusion regarding our English sayings.

Right, for all my friends over the pond.

Taking the Piss, Taking the Michael, Taking the Mickey, Extracting the Michael - all mean someone is pulling your leg or making fun of you. So if you read any of these on an English blog you now know what they mean. :)

Akelamalu said...

headless chicken
Ha ha, I can just see Dad doing that! I offered to teach him how to text - if looks could kill!

Akelamalu said...

When I'm 82 I'll still be using my present mobile phone - if the battery's still live!

Akelamalu said...

My Mother in law uses email, she's in her 70's but she's young and lively for her age. No chance with Dad though, he just doesn't want to know.

Drunk Mummy said...

Hey - what's with all the 'old people and technology are funny'? Cheeky young whippersnapper. He reminds me of the Bright Young Thing who collapsed with laughter a while ago when I happened to talk about an 'LP'. Oh, how he will reap what he sows!

Akelamalu said...

drunk mummy
Hi and welcome, glad you dropped by. Oh my LP's, don't remind me. Yes these youngsters have it all coming!

Anonymous said...