Sunday, 13 May 2007


Now I've got the hang of scanning photos, I thought I'd take the opportunity to sort out some from our holiday in Thailand in 1997.

We spent four nights in Bangkok and ten nights in Pattaya. Over the four day in Bankok we did a lot of sightseeing. The temples are beautiful.

photographs copyright 2007
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Spectacular statues.

We went on the Chao Praya river in a long-tailed boat and saw this beautiful riverside temple and this river house.

This is the Burma Railway (Bridge over the River Kwai) where thousands of Thai people and Prisoners of War lost their lives. You can read more about it here.

We went on the railway and here's the view on the left side of the train, and the view from the right. The POWs and locals excavated the 17 metre deep and 110-m long cutting through solid limestone and quartz rock in only 12 weeks. This is the infamous Hellfire Pass.

There's also the JEATH museum which replicates the huts that the POWs lived in, here's the legend. JEATH stands for Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, representing the nationalities of the prisoners of war (POW's) who were forced to work on the construction of the famous Bridge over the River Kwai.

We also visited the cemetery at Kanchanaburi . It is beautifully looked after by locals who can be seen on their hands and knees cutting the grass around the memorial stones with scissors. It is heartbreaking to read the memorials, I cried for the young men (some the same age as my sons at the time) who lost their lives there.

Bangkok traffic is a sight to behold as are some of the things that are sold in the street - Pigs snouts!

Suffice to say we didn't try them we opted for the more conventional banquet.

And you can get a manicure anywhere, including on the beach! MWM woke up just as she said "What colour you want on your toes?" She had already put a shiny base coat on!

Of course we had to go to a Ladyboy show.

This kind ladyboy posed for our camera after the show.

And, just to complete a perfect holiday, we were upgraded to Business Class on the flight home!

My knee
Sunday 13th May
Feels really good today. I'm getting about a bit more inside without the crutch.


Linda said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures, it looks like a lovely part of the world that I'm sure I'll never see except via photographs.

Too bad your husband woke up before she had a chance to do his toes in a snazzy color! That could have been quite funny!

Hope you have a glorious Mother's Day!

CG said...

What a fantastic holiday!! I'd love to visit there. LOL at YLM almost getting his toenails painted!!!

CG said...

YLM = Your lovely man

Akelamalu said...

Linda & cg
Glad you enjoyed the photos.

I was a bit disappointed when MWM woke up before she could paint his toenails red! ;)

talj said...

Lovely photos!! I got a scanner for my birthday and, sadly, I dont think i have been so excited in ages! LOL I cant wait to get scanning some of my old photos!!

Glad your knee is doing good :o)

Catch said...

what a wonderful holiday you had!!!! so many great pictures!!! I seen the pig snouts!! lol...what in the world would you do with them? thanks so much for sharing!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

what a lovely trip! sarge went there several times while in the military, but i never got to go. happy mother's day!

smiles, bee

letha said...

Great shots, it's somewhere I'd like to visit at some point.

Akelamalu said...

It doesn't take a lot to get us excited does it? :)
Looking forward to seeing you photos soon.

Pig snout soup? :( I dunno!

What a shame you never got to Thailand, maybe sometime soon?
Happy Mother's Day to you too.

I hope you get there it's a beautiful place. It's called the land of smiles with good reason the people are wonderful.

This Eclectic Life said...

Thanks for sharing a lovely trip! I'll probably never get to Thailand, but thanks to the World Wide Web, I can see the pictures you have shared.
That must have been a trip of a lifetime! Thanks for stopping by "my house." I look forward to visiting yours again!

R2K said...

This is a great page.

la bellina mammina said...

Aren't some of those ladyboys prettier than normal girls...and they are so friendly too!

Looks like you had an enjoyable time, it's always nice to be able to submerge oneself in another country's culture when you're on holiday...Singapore next? ;-)

GEWELS said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. It is on my very long list of places to visit before I die. (I better live a long time-lol).

Thanks for visitng and helping to make Steve's birthday a real party.
You're the best.

Miss Understood said...

I would love to go to Thailand. All the people I know who have visited, have gone back year after year. It looks amazing.

Nea said...

Facinating pictures. Wow, the pretty.....sure can't tell, anyway I couldn't...

Cream said...

Thanks for a lovely tour.
Where is his Adam's apple?

Akelamalu said...

this eclectic life
Thanks for dropping by, you're always welcome.
You may get there some day, never say never.

Thank you and thanks for dropping by. :)

la bellina mammina
Some of them are beautiful!
Ah Singapore is definitely on my 'to do' list. If/when I get there I'll look you up to be sure!

I hope you get there some day.
Great Party!

miss u
I would love to go back too.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. No, we couldn't tell either!

It was there - we checked! ;)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and tour. So beautiful It looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing my friend. Hope you had a lovely weekend and Happy Mothers Day,



Akelamalu said...

Glad you enjoyed the tour I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

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