Monday, 23 March 2009

Spain Part 5 - Torremilinos......

Our last day; we had planned to walk to Torremilinos and get the train back, but because of the late night and the fuzzy heads we decided to get the train there and back.

The weather was beautiful as we walked down the Spanish Steps to the Paseo and sat on the seawall. T and I even went for a paddle in the sea and despite me waving frantically to MWM indicating for him to take a photo he didn’t (fuzzy head I think). Anyway we did get some photos of us sitting on the seawall just to prove we were there.

After climbing back up the Spanish Steps exhausted we stopped at the first restaurant and ordered sandwiches and coffees. The service was terrible but the food was reasonable, satiated we set off looking for a tobacconist where I could buy my Dad a supply of cigarettes. Although cigarettes are not really as cheap in Spain as they once were, they’re still half the price they are in England, so I got him 1200.

We hopped on the train and stopped off at Spanish Square for one last brandy and coffee in the sunshine, then returned to the apartment as MWM and I were due to fly home the following morning and I had to pack. It didn’t take long and we relaxed with a cup of tea until it was time to shower and change for dinner.

We had booked a table at JJ’s for 8.30 pm, so we had a little walk before dinner to work up an appetite. After dinner we had another walk around Arroyo, we did have to wear a light jacket at night as it certainly went cooler and we couldn’t sit outside but it was still pleasant enough to walk about. We called in a bar and had a couple of drinks, no excesses this time as we had to be at the airport for 9 a.m., then went back to the apartment and to bed.

A friend of K&T’s who lives in a nearby apartment was taking us the airport so we didn’t have to leave until 8.45 a.m., as it’s only a 15 minute drive, which meant we didn’t have to get up too early. We said goodbye to K&T, who were spending another week there (lucky devils) and went to the airport. Booking in and the flight were absolutely painless and our youngest son picked us up at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, we were home for 2.30 p.m.

We really enjoyed our break, of course I had to go back to work on the Monday but I felt refreshed, even after all the late nights.

We haven’t got another holiday booked now until our Cruise in January next year. No doubt we will have some weekends away but we’re not sure where yet. I’ll keep you posted.


Robin said...

i'm not sure which i enjoy more: the pics or the narrative!

love 'em both.

you know i live vicariously through you, i don't how i'm going to last until "our" next vacation.

Basir Seerat's Photography. said...

beautiful work,

CrystalChick said...

So glad you got to make all those wonderful memories in Spain!

Where are you cruising to next year?

Have a happy week!

CG said...

You should have called in on your way back from the airport! Just imagine how exciting your cruise diary is going to be!!

buffalodick said...

Looked like a great time- again!

Daryl said...

What a great time .. and I cant wait til the next holiday!

g-man said...

I'm sure you'll find some place to jet off...hehehehe

Finding Pam said...

Lovely post and photos. The weather looks perfect. How fun was that?

Sandi McBride said...

Don't you dread the ending of the holiday? Don't you look forward to walking through your own front door? Aren't vacations full of fun and impossibilities? Looks like y'all are having a grand time!

Thom said...

What wonderful pictures and the story was great. Sure does look like someplace I'd like to go and visit.

Ron said...

Oh,'s all over!

Boo, hoo.

If I should ever decide to take a trip somewhere, I will SURE to get your advice!

I LOVE experiencing your vacations through this blog, Akelamalu! You do such a wonderful job of allowing US to take the vacation with you!

I really enjoyed this, dear lady!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a great Monday!

Akelamalu said...

I'm so pleased you enjoy my holidays Robin (hug)

Thankyou Basir

We're off to the Caribbean on our cruise CrystalChick :)

Had it just been MWM and I we would have called CG. The cruise travelogue is going to be so much longer - a different place every day! :0

It was Buff :)

Maybe London inbetween now and the cruise Daryl, unless we win the lottery! ;)

Oh don't tempt me G-Man!

The weather was beautiful Pam!

I never want holidays to end but yes I'm happy when I walk in my front door Sandi - what a contridiction.

If you get the opportunity to go to Spain do, I'm sure you'd enjoy it Thom :)

Aw, I'm so glad you enjoy my travels Ron xx

Nessa said...

It's so hard coming home when you had such a great time.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful trip! amazing places you went...

smiles, bee

Dr.John said...

I enjoyed your whole trip. It was nice to have the pictures and the descriptions . I wish I was well enough to travel but blogs like yours are the next best thing.

MarmiteToasty said...

Couldnt we get to pick where you go next, so that we can come with you via your blob :)

Looks like you all had such a lovely time..


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh that was a fabulous vacay...i want to be able to go to Madrid on my Mediterranean Cruise next year too. It;s fab to kow youaare goibng on a fab crusie thoug next January keeps you smiling knowing you will be crusiing.

I love it and really the best vacation I ever had was on a crusie...

Ciao sweetie...the photos are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Was it hard coming back to chilly weather?

Linda said...

How odd that my Google Reader just updated your last four posts earlier today. I hope that doesn't mean it's going to have issues like poor Gracie and Jeni did! Hopefully it was just a glitch!

Everyone looks so happy sitting on the sea wall; I'm just glad you weren't waving frantically at MWM because you were caught in a current and he was too fuzzy-headed to save you!

I'm sure your Dad will enjoy his smokes (1200 sounds like an enormous amount to me!) and I'm sure you will enjoy your memories of a great vacation!

skywind said...

Oh, very leisurely life. People admire. :)
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Salute said...

Sounds like a great trip and nice pics.

Flowerpot said...

I like Marmie's idea! Lovely trip Ak.

Dianne said...

you all look adorable - and so happy and relaxed - sitting on the wall
that's a great photo

Akelamalu said...

Yes it is Nessa but we have another holiday to look forward to. :)

There are so many more places to see in that area Bee, we'll have to save them until next time. :)

I wish you were well enough to travel too Dr. John x

Course you can choose Marmie as long as it's on the itinerary for our cruise! ;)

I'd like to go to Madrid too Spiky. You would love Granada - there is so much to see there!

I thought we'd landed in Siberia instead of England when we got off the plane Citizen, it was freezing! Brrrrr

I'm glad I wasn't drowning and waving to MWM too - he can't swim Linda! :0 My dad does smoke a lot but the 1200 will last him a while.

Leisurely yes Skywind but only for a week unfortunately. :(

It was Salute, glad you liked the pics. :)

LOL I put Marmie's idea to MWM Flowerpot he said yes - if we win the lottery!

We were relaxed and happy enjoying the sunshine Dianne :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ahhh...I have so enjoyed this trip through your words!

Deb said...

Lovely friends, incredible views, good food, happy hours, a change of pace ~ sounds like the perfect vacation to me. The way time has been flying latel, your cruise will be here before you know it. Maybe we should start packing now? ;0

Anonymous said...

I am doing all my travel this year via blogland! Looks like a blast in Spain!

cheshire wife said...

Feels like we have been away with you. Hope that you will have room for us in your cabin when you go on your cruise!

nitebyrd said...

Great pictures! Y'all look so happy. Spain sounds marvelous.

Cloudia said...

Thanks so for taking us along!

I'm sure you'll have escapes via the blogosphere before next year.

"Liverpool John Lennon Airport"

Ah! John!

Aloha, Gal Pal

Akelamalu said...

I'm so pleased you've enjoyed my travelogue RLL x

It was perfect Deb and I'm not thinking about the cruise too much yet because, as you say, it will be here before I know it! Saying that MWM bought 3 bottles of P20 Sun Protector today in readiness! :)

I get to go places via blogosphere that I would never get to see otherwise TTWCarried!

I wish you could all come along on the cruise with me Cheshire Wife, but you can be sure I'll report back on every little thing. :)

Thanks nitebyrd, we were and it is! :)

There's a statue of John Lennon in the Airport Cloudia and I didn't get a photograph! If we fly from there again I'll be sure to get one to show you. x

aims said...

Well - sigh! Nothing more needed!

Akelamalu said...

Nothing more to say Aims that was then. There's another holiday to look forward to, just happy memories left of Spain. :)

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh, look at you all basking in the sun! What a wonderful time you must have had. Lovely everything.

Akelamalu said...

The basking in the sun was my favourite part JAPRA! :)

Anonymous said...