Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Spain Part 4 - Fuengirola

photo courtesy of Google images

Friday is market day in Arroyo so hoping for a bargain, though not looking for anything in particular, K and I set off to the market which just happens to be a five minute walk from the apartment. MWM and T were dispatched to the supermarket for some more supplies which didn’t include beer but miraculously some appeared in the fridge after they got back.

It was a bit overcast and out of the sun the wind was chilly but K & I looked at practically every stall on the market – shoes, bags, pottery, spices, watches, jewellery and the most delicious looking fruit and vegetables – you name it, it was there! However neither of us were tempted so we returned to the apartment and the boys were really surprised when they came back that not only had we beaten them back we hadn’t bought anything!

We decided to hop on the train to Fuengirola as K & T wanted to see the apartment that my FIL had owned there. It’s only a 15 minute ride from Benalmadena and it brought back many lovely memories of the time we had spent there in FIL’s apartment. It is right on the Paseo (promenade) facing the sea with beautiful views. How we wish he hadn’t sold it!

Hungry now we stopped off at a little café for a toastie and a coffee before having a mooch about the town. We had arranged to stop off to visit some friends of K&Ts at Torremuelle on the way back, where we sat by their pool admiring the views out to sea whilst sipping a cool beer in the warmth of the sun, which had suddenly reappeared.

An hour later we were back on the train to Arroyo and guess what? Yep, it was time to get showered and changed for dinner again!

Tonight’s feast was at a traditional Spanish restaurant which was offering a three course meal and half a bottle of wine each for 12 Euros! The food was delicious and we then went to JJ’s for a brandy, which turned into a few and yes, you’ve guessed it, another late night.   You're getting worried about me now aren't you?

Part 5 coming soon.


Dumdad said...

Oooo, first to comment! No, not getting worried about you - just a tad envious!

Anonymous said...

I love that first picture - there is nothing like the colors and smells of an open air vegetable and fruit market.

Emmie said...

oo another good day ake! Shopping, traveling, good food and alcohol! Your a woman after my own heart!

Nessa said...

Sounds like you are having the perfect vacation.

Daryl said...

Not worried .. envious .. what a wonderful time you had and more to come!

Salute said...

There is nothing like an fruit/veggie open market. We call something like that "a farmer's market."

snowelf said...

That apartment would be fabulous! I can't imagine the view.

Looking forward to more of the trip! :)


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely trip!!! and not worried about you, well maybe your liver, a little bit! ha ha

smiles, bee

buffalodick said...

I get the impression tourism is big business in Spain!

Akelamalu said...

I'm envious of you living in Paris Dumdad!

Oh the fruit and veg on the market were just heavenly Citizen, I just wish I could replicate the smell on here!

Yes a perfect day Emmie! :)

We did but we've been back almost 3 weeks Nessa :(

Yes the last day to report on yet Daryl :)

It was partly a farmers market Salute with the locals selling their home grown produce. :)

I left MWM in charge of the camera but he forgot to get a photo of the view Snowelf! You can't trust 'em can you? :(

My liver has recovered now Bee, don't worry honey. x

Yes it is Buff in certain parts.

MarmiteToasty said...

You wont be having all these late nights once you back in the home nursing home LOL....

Dam, now I crave for Spain again.... ok ok, so the best I will do is to get out all the old photos lol


Dr.John said...

My wife and daughter can't shop without buying. How did you pull that off?
I love the places you have been but there is just to much eating for me. I remember my mother going on a trip to Texas with a ladies group and she came back twenty pounds heavier than she left.

Spiky Zora Jones said... getting worried about you? sweetie...I want to be you. That all sounds like a whole lot of fun.


The apartment is fab...nice building and hello, that 3-course meal is sure a bargain.

ciao honey. take care.

Ron said...

Oh dearest lady...I would never be worried about you, because you know how to ENJOY yourself!!!!

LOVE the look of the apartment AND the fruit. It reminds me of some of the produce we saw in Japan.

Gosh...everything in Spain looks so clean and orderly!!!

Kind of like Philadelphia.


Thanks for sharing Akelamalu!

I await part 5!


Connie said...

I have never seen veggies like the yellow ones or the bright purple ones either.

Cloudia said...

"we sat by their pool admiring the views out to sea whilst sipping a cool beer in the warmth of the sun, which had suddenly reappeared."

Idylic!!!! Aloha & Hola!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! It looks like you had a superwickedawesome trip! We fell head over heels for Spain. Don't you love those set course meals? The wine is so drinkable too. :-)

Lu' said...

Fruit looks beautiful. That apartment building is interesting. I've not seen them so high and narrow here in Pa. or Ca.

Akelamalu said...

LOL I'm hoping my boys put me in a nursing home that allows plenty of drinking Marmie! :)

I put 4lbs on whilst in Spain Dr. John! We were proud of ourselves not buying anything, but it was a surprise to the boys!

We do have fun Spiky, wish you could have been there. :)

I've had years of practice enjoying myself Ron and many more to come hopefully. :)

Everything is colourful in Spain Connie even the fruit and veg! :)

It really was idyllic Cloudia :)

The wine in Spain is not only drinkable JAPRA it's really cheap!

I can't remember how many floors there are in that apartment block LU, maybe 12. The apartments are really big with 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom and a great sized balcony.

Travis said...

I admire your restraint for not buying something just to buy it.

Akelamalu said...

So did MWM Trav! ;)

Real Live Lesbian said... sounds divine!!!!

I'm just making my rounds after the flu. Looks like I've missed so much!

Anonymous said...