Monday, 9 March 2009

Spain Part 3 - Nerja....

photo courtesy of Google images

Thursday dawned bright and we set off for Nerja. Once again MWM and T had poured over the map planning the route. This was a 45minute drive along the motorway.

After an hour on the motorway someone ventured we might be going the wrong way, MWM said he couldn’t find any of the places that were signposted on the route they’d planned! K and I sat quietly in the back of the car until the boys decided they needed to come off the motorway and study the map.

A few minutes later we were sitting in the car on an almost empty industrial estate until MWM and T decided we needed to be heading back the way we came and turn off at a certain point which would head us towards the coast. This is what we did and once off the motorway, heading in the right direction, the scenery was breathtaking. We saw a lot of Spain we wouldn’t have seen had we taken the correct route in the first place, but it did take us four hours to do the 45 minutes journey.

We drove straight through the actual town of Nerja so haven't actually got any photos, hence the use of the Google image above.    We came to a place called La Herradura, where we parked on the beach road and went into the nearest restaurant for a very late lunch.

La Sardina Restaurant was right on the beach and we bagged a table right there on the sand, where we had a lovely lunch and a coffee whilst looking out to sea.

After some discussion MWM and T decided they knew how to get back onto the motorway for our return journey and were adamant that it would take only 45 minutes – it did, thankfully, and we got back just in time to shower and change for dinner with four friends of K&T’s who live in the area. Dinner was at their favourite restaurant the Honeypot, Arroyo, which served the most delicious food, the wine flowed freely and the company was superb!     You may have guessed by now – it was another late night, God help my liver!

Part 4 coming soon


Nessa said...

Wine drunk on vacation never counts.

Such lovely scenery.

Anonymous said...

Lunch on the beach. The hell with spring, now I want summer!

snowelf said...

I agree with Nessa. :)


skywind said...

Oh, beautiful city, and tranquil city, people dream made reality unlimited.
Health is the Greatest Happiness
The World at The Present

Emmie said...

what a holiday! I have had a trip like that before, 2 hrs to london turned into about 5 hours and driving thru the center at peak time! Not good! Glad your wasnt as stressful! xx

A. K. said...

Love the pics. You can never expect me to call you... LOL!

buffalodick said...

If you can't party on vacation, when can you? By the way, I have never been lost- I always know that I'm on a small planet in the Milky Way Galaxy....

Salute said...

Very nice pics....And sounds like a little adventure and good time.

Daryl said...

I have been swamped at the office and missed catching up with you .. what a wonderful holiday you had ... but why are there no photos of you!

Dianne said...

talk about stunning vistas!!

and I love the restaurant shot, that is the way to dine!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how fun! lunch right on the sand!!! this place looks stunning.

smiles, bee

Lulda Casadaga said...

Lovely pics....makes me long for the beach..thanks! :(
The best trips and sightseeing are done away from the main drags.

Akelamalu said...

You're a woman after my own heart Nessa ;)

You can't beat lunch on the beach Citizen and I'm with you, roll on summer!

Another woman who thinks like me Snowelf ;)

It was a beautiful place Skywind :)

No it wasn't stressfull at all Emmie, it's not like we had to be anywhere at a given time. :)

Thanks AK :)

That's a good way of looking at it Buff LOL

Yes it was an adventure Salute :)

There are photos of me Daryl but not very good ones, however that's me in the turquoise top!

Oh yes Dianne the scenery was absolutely stunning and that little restaurant was just beautiful. :)

It was just so lovely eating lunch right on the beach listening to the waves Bee :)

You're right Lulda you see so much more away from the main drags, especially when you're lost! LOL

Gledwood said...

Aye: tut Nerja looks like Welwyn Garden City wi't magic wand waved over it!

PS I've doon a PS at mine int Northern English and aye were woonderin' whether yer oonderstood it, bein' from oop North like y'are (and I were remindin' meself o't characters out 'er Barbara Taylor Bradford's Woman O' Substance, which is only entertain' novel I've read set oop North fer Donkies!

Ron said...

Hi Akelamalu!

Isn't funny how "things" happen for a reason??? You're so right, had you taken the right route, you would have never seen such beauty!

Gorgeous photos of the coast!

I bet you felt right in your element????

You all looked so happy!

Thanks for sharing part 3!

Happy Monday, dear lady!

Connie said...

Now that would be a great place to go eat and sit and watch the water. I bet the food was good.

cheshire wife said...

What a wonderful empty beach! It looks like you had it all to yourselves.

RiverPoet said...


I want to go....D

Dr.John said...

You follow maps like we did when we traveled. Glad you finally found the right way. The cafe looks like a great place to lose a liver. I am enjoying your trip.

Paula said...

HI, just stumbled upon your blog and right into Nerja. I used to live in Spain and MISS IT SO TERRIBLY... just moved with my American partner to the States. Have a fabulous time, Paula, a German misplaced in Florida

Paula said...

HI, just stumbled upon your blog and right into Nerja. I used to live in Spain and MISS IT SO TERRIBLY... just moved with my American partner to the States. Have a fabulous time, Paula, a German misplaced in Florida

Maggie May said...

Looks a lovely place.
What more could you ask for..... warmth, good food and good company as well as a lovely view.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

What a adorable place...oh and to be there with the food and wine...that is living sweets.

the pics...of that place really shows how fab it really is. rock. Oh...have a glass of vino for me. :D


Dave said...

What a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Linda said...

One of the joys of being on vacation is that you can take 4 hours to do a 45-minute ride and it's all good!

Spain looks absolutely lovely!

Femin Susan said...

such lovely photos.

Travis said...

I love those accidental side trips, but they can be a pain when you're on a timeline.

Beautiful scenery!

Cloudia said...

such an enjoyable vicarious trip!

Bankerchick said...

What adventures you have! What a great lunch spot. Can't wait for part 4.

Cath said...

Hi Akelamalu - sorry I've been a bit absent. The holiday sounds idyllic. We are thinking of a holiday in Spain (I have never been) and going on Easyjet and travelling between airports was recommended. I am a bit scaredy, not having been to Spain before, but Nerja was recommended to stay in and it looks perfect for us.

Really glad you did this series. It gives a better insight than any rep can!

Flowerpot said...

I can almost feel that heat - ahhh!

CrystalChick said...

Ah sometimes getting a little lost is a very good thing.
Nice pics of that amazing beach.
Both this recap and the one of Rondo sound so nice. Good company, good food and drinks, now that's good living!!!
Glad you had such fun on your trip.

Shrinky said...

Four hours to do a 45min journey can often times prove serendipedic, eh? I am all for wine with sun, sea and sand, it goes hand in hand doesn't it? Oh my, what a lovely holiday this was, I feel quite envious!

Akelamalu said...

LOL Ey oop cocker, we don't all talk like that Gleds, well not unless we're talking to southerners!

We're glad we'd got lost Ron, we saw so much more than we would have done going the right route :)

I had the most delicious Tuna salad Connie and eating it in the sunshine on a beach made it all the more wonderful :)

Actually we did have it all to ourselves Cheshire Wife, it was great. :)

Aw Riverpoet I hope you get there sometime, you'd love it. x

LOL we only had coffee in that restaurant Dr. John no liver damage until later! ;)

Welcome Paula, I'm pleased you stumbled on my blog. Oh I can imagine how much you must miss Spain, it's a beautiful country. :(

Yes Maggie we had everything there! :)

It was a lovely little place Spiky, I wish we could have stayed longer but the bars were calling! (wink)

I'm pleased you enjoyed it Dave x

That's right Linda, no pressure - the best way to travel. :)

Hi Femin Susan I'm glad you like the photos. :)

Luckily we had plenty of time Trav :)

Glad you enjoyed it Cloudia x

We love travelling and that was probably the best lunch spot we've ever had Bankerchick :)

Oh Cath you must go and Easyjet is the easiest way to travel, honestly I can recommend it!

The sun and heat was wonderful Flowerpot it's so cold here now.

It's nice getting lost with friends Crystalchick :)

Julia Smith said...

Getting lost was Spain's way of getting to know you, I guess. What a great-looking coastal area. And I agree that wine enjoyed on vacation definitely does not count!

Lu' said...

Wow those are make me wanna go pictures if I have ever seen them :)

g-man said...

I've always wanted to sit and eat outside in the Meditereanian..
Great pics...G

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks again for letting me tag along.

CG said...

That was a long detour! Glad you got where you wanted to be eventually AND had a good lunch :)

MarmiteToasty said...

Shame you never got to visit the 'Caves' just outside Nerja..... gobsmackingly amazing....... but, what a lovely time you all were having..... and oh my T-shirts and shorts :) envious or what ..


Akelamalu said...

What a great way of looking at getting lost Julia! :)

You do wanna go Lu :)

Oh I do hope you get to do it one day G-man, it's the best.

I'm so pleased you've enjoyed my trip Nick x

It was a great detour CG and a great lunch. :)

Yes we missed a lot of Nerja but we've got an excuse to go back now Marmie ;)

Anonymous said...