Tuesday, 19 February 2008

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David's (Authorblog) question this week is

Who REALLY rules the TV remote control in your house

If you'd like to join in here's what David would like you to do:

Please answer today's question on your own blog, any time until next weekend. Just link to this blog (or to this post) so I can follow the progress of the discussion.

MWM thinks he does, but not if I get there first!

Actually we tend to have the same taste in television programmes so what to watch is not usually a problem. The problem I have is which remote is which! We have four, one each for the DVD, TV, Sound System and the Sky box. The only one I really know how to use is the one for the TV, the rest are a mystery to me. MWM has shown me numerous times how to record on sky, to play CDs etc., but I can never remember how to do it. I suppose I’m just not interested, he’s there to do it and he enjoys being in charge.

It’s not that I’m not a technophobe, if there’s anything I want to do on my blog I’ll find out how and I do it. MWM is amazed at some of the stuff I’ve done, but because he doesn’t need to do it he thinks it’s difficult, and because I’m not that interested in recording programmes on the TV, I think that’s difficult.

Being ancient, I can remember a time when you just had an on/off button and a volume control on your telly, and the only battle you had was “who’s turn is it?” to get up, cross the room and switch channels. Nothing had a remote control – imagine that! Hell we didn’t get coloured television until 1972!

How would today’s youth cope without remotes? Even my youngest grandson (not yet 2) knows exactly what a remote is for!

Ode to the Remote

Cookery, fashion or the soaps?
Pass me that remote.

Press a button,
Make a choice,
Flicking back and forth.
No, not that, I’ve seen that one,
We’d better have a vote.

Give it here,
The football’s on…..
Not while I’m in charge!
We’ll watch a docusoap tonight.
No way, José, I’m going for a pint!


Some time ago Pauline at Cursuum Perfido was disgruntled that she was restricted to passing on the Rockin'Girl Blogger to girlies, so she altered the badge to read Honorary Rockin' Girl Blogger Award so chappies can now become honorary girlies. How cool is that?

I thought it was a brilliant idea, because I felt exactly the same way when I received the award - I wanted to nominate some guys who I think Rock. However, I'd put the awards on the shelf and totally forgot about them, until now.

So, now I have the chance, I hope you guys will accept the award in the spirit in which it is given and display it proudly, you don't have to have a dress, matching shoes and handbag to collect the award, just choose which colour award you like.

The Rules are:
This award can be made by 'Rockin' Girl Bloggers' only

Nominate 3 (not 5 because it takes a really special Boy to be an Honorary Girl).

If that's you and you would like to give a worthy Boy Blogger this award, feel free! Just copy these rules onto your post and the following acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement to the creator of the Rocking Girl Blogger award Roberta Ferguson, great idea Roberta!

So here are my three nominees, guys who's blogs I've admired for a while.

In no particular order:

Ron (Vent) - I call Ron's blog 'the sunshine blog' because although it's called Vent (and he does sometimes) it is such a sunny place I always feel cheered after visiting.

Buffalodickdy (Opinions and Rectums We All Got One) - This Rockin' Blogger is a fabulous cook and shares some amazing recipes. If I lived near him I'd invite myself to dinner!

Dumdad (The Other Side Of Paris) - An amazing wordsmith. His tales of living in Paris and his years as a journalist on Fleet Street (London) are so entertaining.

I hope you will all go visit these three Honarary Rockin' Girl Bloggers (if you don't already).

Remember boys you can't pass this award on - it is JUST FOR YOU!


Dumdad said...


Blimey, you're up with the lark (it's about 7.05 a.m. in the UK?)

Many thanks for this award.

More bling for my blog! Now I must hurry back to Paris and put this in my trophy room.

Dumdad said...


I meant to say thank you also for pointing me in the direction of fake magazine covers. As you can see from my blog, I've had great fun with this. I've also done covers of my wife, son, daughter and friends!

la bellina mammina said...

Cool! My kids rule the remote! I don't watch tv!!!! ;-)

Flowerpot said...

neither of us watch much tv so there's no contest in this house!

Queenie said...

I don'thave to tell you my techno skills DOH!

david mcmahon said...

Can your grandson come over and show me how to use the pay-TV remote?

Really enjoyed the rhyme as well!

buffalodickdy said...

I didn't want to be a "Rockin' Girl"- I thought I was gonna win one! LOL! Thanks again for the award, but as you can see by my blog I haven't ever posted one, even though I recieved about 8...Thanks again, sweetie!

bindhiya said...

We don't watch tv..
News from no remote control
take care

Congrats for the award winners..

storyteller said...

I enjoyed your Ode to the Remote and seem to have been bitten by the poetry bug myself of late for my posts.

The "remote control" question is a moot point in my house (so probably not worthy of a post on either blog) since I live alone ... unless or until Molly learns to use it. Actually she does like to watch animals on TV and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Westminster Dog Show with me recently, though she thinks the Yellow Lab was Best in Show!

Congrats on YOUR "Rockin Girl Blogger" award and my compliments on changing the rules to fit your point of view. I'll check out the folks you awarded it to sometime soon.
Hugs and blessings,

ciara said...

back in the day no one argued about who had to change the was always me or my brother. i guess that's what you end up having kids for so they can do crap like that lol

i program all the remotes AND i only use one versus many. with our box remote it can control other things. stinky has to use ALL the remotes lol

Akelamalu said...

Yep it was 7 ish and I'd been up an hour Dumdad and you're welcome hon. The covers are great fun aren't they?

LOL I bet you don't get time to watch TV with the kids Bella!

Perfect harmony Flowerpot!

No you don't Queenie I still remember us trying to play a CD at my house!!

I'll send him over David but you'll be soooorrreeee! :)

Sorry to disappoint Buff ;) You don't need to display it hon I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog! x

Very wise Bindi! :)

I've definitely been bitten by the poetry bug (albeit they're not that good!). Teach Molly how to change channels whilst you sit with your feet up Storyteller!

You're a cruel woman Ciara not showing stinky how to use the main remote! (snigger)

julia said...

Congrats again on another award - to you and to your nominees. And you DO look smashing on your Vogue cover! Love your remote poem - in our place, I always hand the remote to Brad when he comes home, which he laughs at a great deal. He knows it's because I AM a technophobe and don't want to deal with even that if he's around.

Akelamalu said...

I got the award ages ago Julia this is a different one especially for guys which I've been saving to give to 3 of my favourite guys. Glad you liked the poem and I can completely understand why you hand the remote to Brad!

Miss Understood said...

I have 4 remotes gathering dust with no batteries in them. Hooray for a manless house!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

absolutely sarge does. i only use the tv for background noise except for big brother and survivor and a few shows we both like.

smiles, bee

CG said...

Phil has control of the remote...if he's not there then eldest daughter! we have three and they are all faulty in some way!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are doing well.

Well, I'm outnumbered by the women in my household, so unfortunately it's been "Property Virgins" for the last few days.

But during Football Season there is a simple unspoken understanding. I own the remote Sunday, Monday night & sometimes on Thursday.

Take care!

Akelamalu said...

Good for you Miss U - oh there I go again with the poetry! :)

As long as he turns the TV over when you say so Bee, that's the important thing! ((wink))

Oh definitely leave it to them if they're faulty CG, don't want to get the blame for breaking them eh? :)

You have the remote for 3 nights Josh - you're a lucky man! ((wink))

Gledwood said...

I would love to get Sky (proper satellite not scuzzy old cable you don't get the crystal ball reading channel or al jezeera on cable)... maybe one day

right drs: because they refused me I can go to the drugs service where it is x20,000 better anyhow and no patronizing and they actually will know how bad my thing really is bc they've seen about 10,000 legs similar whereas the Nigerian locum probably has only full-on tropical infection as a point of comparison

Gledwood said...

i'm ok btw that music is making me feel most over-emotional


Akelamalu said...

Good to know you're OK but have you actually seen someone about the legs Gleds? You're not well that's why you're emotional honey. x

Nea said...

I will have to check out your blog noninations, I get so little time to blog lately, that I don't even get around to the friends I already have, but there are some nights when I do get in here, and my regulars haven't posted anything new. And I am looking for some new reading material. :):)

The remote, what remote?, no one even lets me see it!!

Ron said...

You WILD and CRAZY woman YOU!!!!

Of COURSE!!!! I will be honored to accept this award!!!!

(considering, MOST of my readers are fabulous females)

DAMN...I've ALWAYS had a secret fantasy to be a Rockin Girl Blogger...but have never told anyone! Now I AM!! I actually have a matching hat, dress and purse saved for this occasion

(it's in the BACK of my closet).


And thank YOU, Roberta...great idea!

Misty Dawn said...

The poem was adorable. I never get the remote in our house - Hubs always has it. It always makes me laugh, because he can be in the shower or in another room and I will have been watching a movie for the past hour... he will walk in, sit down, grab the remote, and change the channel! Then I get that innocent look and "What? Were you watching that?" ARG!!!

Smalltown RN said...

I love the photo of you on the cover of Vogue...oh yeah moma you as for that hubby certainly rules the remote....primarily because I don't know how to use the damn thing...I did a whole post on the remote thing in our house and it is just crazy...I think it actually is a conspiracy...but that's ok...I don't watch much TV anyhow.....

Akelamalu said...

I hope you find time to check them out Nea, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. x

Right Ron we want a picture of you in that dress! :) x

They just automatically turn it over don't they Misty Arrrggghhhh in deed! Glad you liked the poem. x

Aw thanks RN. Good thing you don't watch much telly isn't it, as, like me, you don't know how to use it! What are we like???

Mother of Invention said...

We have 2 tv's so I just watch the other one when I don't like whAT HE'S WATCHING which is always sports!

TopChamp said...


For this question it's easy. I am in charge. Always.

Travis said...

We share. Funny thing though...most times we want to watch the same thing. And if there's conflict, we have two televisions. We'll flip a coin for who gets which set.

Dave said...

Remotes.... I swear I have 10 or more old defunct ones lying around here as well from TV's and VCR's of days gone by... Just don't have it in myself to throw them out for some reason! :-)

Akelamalu said...

We have a TV in every room MOI - we don't ever have to watch the same show if we don't want to - but we do! :)

Attagirl Topchamp!

Very democratic Trav :)

All our old ones are in the kid's toybox Dave! :)

Anonymous said...