Saturday, 25 August 2007

A walk in the country......

Yesterday MWM and I decided to go for a walk to what used to be our local pub. I say used to be, because it's a 1 1/4 mile walk so I haven't been able to do it for some time!

Anyway, as yesterday was such a lovely day we decided to walk there for lunch and walk back. It took us about 25 minutes and we are very lucky in that we are literally minutes away from some beautiful countryside. I took some photos on the way so you can see why we wanted to walk.

It was only 11.55 a.m. when we arrived at The Gardeners, so we sat on the bench outside for five minutes then went through to the Beer Garden when then opened. I had Broccoli Cheese Bake with crispy fat chips and some salad and MWM had a Cheese Baguette and Salad and we washed it down with a lovely cool lager whilst sitting enjoying the sun. Most pubs now have a seating area outside especially for smokers. I don't smoke any more but felt sorry for the smokers when I saw that not only do they have to sit outside but they're told what they can and can't do!

We stayed about an hour then set off back - it's uphill on the way back - I'd forgotton - I was knackered!

Have a great weekend!


oldmanlincoln said...

Walking is, they say, good for you and I am inclined to believe it. I know that when Patty and I walk around our 1/2 mile block we generally feel better when we get back home than we did before we went. She is going to be 71 and I will be 73 and we have been married for just over 52 years. So we have been around the block many times.

I listened to your music and watched your slide show and read your post. It was all nice.

Akelamalu said...

I am addicted to walking now my knee replacement means I can actually walk!

Married for 52 years - That's wonderful. We are coming up to 33.

Thank you for stopping and reading and for such lovely comments, I hope you'll call again. :)

la bellina mammina said...

I love walking - I walked everywhere when I lived in Italy and I try to walk as much as I can here even though we don't have nice parks or gardens.

In Singapore, smokers can't smoke in bars or pubs or restaurants. There's a tiny area outside the establishments where 10% of the area are reserved for smokers.

Akelamalu said...

I love walking too Bella it's such a pleasure now.

The smoking ban only came into force here at the beginning of July and smokers must go outside now. It's great for non smokers - means you don't go home stinking of cigarettes!

ron said...

Morning Akelamalu~

Yesterday sounded like heaven!

Living in a city, I LONG for those moments of peace and quite in the country (not that I do that much)! I've been back in the urban life, for the past 6 years...and I believe it's starting to "wear" on me. The older I get, the more I long for silence (last night, for 30 mnutes, I heard sirens, and I'm on the 21st floor of a building) - oy vey!!!!

I usually take a nice quite "retreat" every year...however, this year, it didn't happen - so I created my own "retreat".

Your meal sounded "heavenly." I'm such a "chip lover" (a regular "chipmunk").

Thanks for the slide show...I had an "out-of-body-experience!"'s off to work!

Have a fabulous weekend my friend!

Be well,

Rhea said...

I like the sound of 'pub'. So quaint. and 'knackered' is even better.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a lovely walk, Ake! So beautiful and a fun thing to share, especially since you weren't able to do this before. The lunch sounds wonderful, and yes - I too appreciate the recent smoking ban in public buildings here too - I am so very allergic to smoke and now I can eat AND breathe! :-) I do feel sorry for the smokers, but it is a choice. I have no choice about needing clean air in my lungs.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

whilst is such a beautiful word. i wish we used it here in the usa. the photos are lovely too.

smiles, bee

The Rotten Correspondent said...

What a beautiful spot for a walk, and so glad that your knee is cooperating.

We're big walkers ourselves. You see so much more than you would in a car.

Linda said...

That's definitely some lovely countryside you have there. Except for the pub where you had your dinner it looked a bit like Pennsylvania in places.

Sounds like you had a fantastic day with the exception of that last uphill walk. Bet you slept good!

Dumdad said...

Ah, pubs! How I miss them. Especially in the country and sitting in a beer garden, sipping a chilled lager. Hmmm, I can't do the beer garden or the countryside but I do know where I can find a chilled lager. Cheers!

Miss Understood said...

Brocoli is my favourite veg, and smother anything in cheese sauce and I'm anybodys! I may have had more than one lager though, if I were there :)

Looks like a wonderful part of the country you live in. I'd be out walking all the time I think...especially in this weather.

Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed our walk Ron. We used to live in a high rise building on the 6th floor I hated it!

I forget sometimes that some of the words we use here won't be used over the pond Rhea. :)

Yes Josie we enjoyed the walk so much more because we haven't been able to do it for such a long time.

You can use 'whilst' anytime you like Miss Bee. I hope you've recovered from your op my love. x

Yes you do see so much more when you're walking correspondent. We admired all the gardens we'd passed on the way to the pub!

Our pub looks like Pensylvania Linda? Lots of our country pubs look like that one. I did sleep well last night - all that fresh air! :)

Just pretent you're sitting in a beer garden whilst you're quaffing your larger dumdad. :)

I love broccoli but I adore cheese Miss U. We would have had another drink but decided to go watch some bowls at the club round the corner from where we live and have another drink (s) there - when we got there it was shut!!!

Catch said...

What a lovely walk, I bet that beer tasted so good going down. Gee, I didnt know us smokers werent allowed to pet anymore! ;))

CG said...

Beautiful countryside for a walk; sounds like a tasty lunch too!

RUTH said...

Like the sound of the walk and the lunch...tough going it being UPhill after eating though. Don't like the look of that smoking, eating and drinking is one thing but NO PETTING!!!!...takes the fun out of having a few drinks...LOL

julia said...

Thanks again for the slideshow. Beautiful day is right! I feel refreshed just sitting here.

Bankerchick said...

I am walking Gwennie more, however, she likes to walk off of flat surfaces and I still am afraid of dip and holes in the ground. But my ankle is getting stronger and I can walk downstairs now as well as up stairs. I am glad you are doing so much better. I'll bet they missed you at your pub

MONA said...

Wow! what a wonderful stroll that sounds! with sunshine and food & drink and all :)

Thank you so much for the creative bloggers award for all of us at the experiment! :) That was a very generous and a kind gestures!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I live in rural Devon so, like you, I have some beautiful walks near me. I love the photographs on your site. Like Ruth, I was amused by the "no petting" instruction on the sign! It conjured up all kinds of images of young couples trying to get entwined while holding a cigarettes in their hands - ouch!

Akelamalu said...

Oh yes the beer was good Catch - worth the walk. No Petting - ridiculous! :)

Yes cs we are really lucky to live only minutes away from lovely countryside, and the lunch was lovely too.

Uphill after lunch was a drag Ruth but I suppose it helped burn off some calories. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the sign - it was so ridiculous, though it was probably done tongue in cheek methinks!

So glad you enjoyed our walk Julia. :)

I'm still wary of kerbs and uneven surfaces too bankerchick but it's getting easier. Glad to hear your ankle is getting better.

You're welcome Mona and thanks for dropping by. :)

Oh you're so lucky around my kitchen table to live in such a beautiful part of our country. The sign made me laugh too - I think it was put up as a bit of fun really, not serious at all.

crazy working mom said...

Oh wow! So beautiful.

Akelamalu said...

It is rather crazy working mom, we are very lucky!

Shaz said...

Looks like a fab place to go for a walk, loved the slide show x x

Akelamalu said...

It is Shaz glad you enjoyed it. :)

somebody said...