Monday, 3 January 2011

Microfiction Monday #35

Susan at Stony River hosts this fun theme each Monday, so do pop over and read the others who have signed Mr. Linky. The rules are thus:

Every Monday Susan will post a picture for the subject of your story. Microfiction means the shortest of short stories. Think Aesop's fables, comic strips, or even jokes: complete stories that can be told in under a minute. For this game, the limit is a tweetable 140 characters or fewer, including punctuation.

Here's today's picture and my contribution.

Sandy’s parents hated the fact that they’d been right all along,

when they said Danny Zuko wouldn’t amount to much more than a grease monkey!

140 characters including punctuation and spaces


A Daft Scots Lass said...


Beach Bum aka Captain Barbossa said...

Very nicely done.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

he's a cute one!

smiles, bee

Valerie said...

I tried and failed (again) to guess what you would write about this fellow.

CrystalChick said...

Ah, good one!
I loved that movie. Saw it in the theater many, many years ago and still watch a bit of it when it comes on t.v. now and then.

Happy New Year!!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Scots Lass x

Cheers Beach Bum :)

Glad you liked it Bee x

LOL I like to keep you guessing Valerie :)

Yes it is indeed a great movie Crystalchick I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it!

the-rival said...

Good one! :)

anthonynorth said...

Nice one - 'tis his lot in life :-)

Daryl said...

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Sylvia K said...

Loved Grease and what a great MM for the day! I love it! Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday season!


Deb said...

You never cease to amaze me...and you always make it look so easy !

SparkleFarkle said...

I love it, and guess what? We're same-veining--> Click HERE.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Parents always know more than they are given credit for, don't they? Well done! Love the nod to "Grease".

Peggy said...

Wow, I never thought of Danny Zuko,
perfect take!

SouthLakesMom said...

He sure didn't age well, did he?

At least he could use the grease to keep their leather jackets oiled.

Ron said...


Danny Zuko!


Go, Greaselighting!

Have a wonderful Monday, m'dear!


Granny Sue said...

Aw. poor guy. Did she marry him anyway?

Travis Cody said...

Now that's funny!

Quilly said...

Oh no! Say it isn't so! LOL!

I like this!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks the-rival :)

Cheers anthony

Cheers and Happy New Year to you too Daryl x

I loved Grease too Sylvia, thanks.

Why thankyou Deb, how kind you are. x

Ah great minds think alike Sparkle!

Yep, parents usually know best Lisa!

Thanks Peggy x

No Danny lost his looks for sure SouthLakesMom!

Yeah go greaselightening Ron!

Yes she married him Granny Sue ;)

Glad it made you chuckle Trav :)

Could be Quilly ;)

secret agent woman said...

Ha ha! But even Grease Monkeys need love.

Linda said...

Now that's funny! At first I wasn't sure what I was reading but then when I scrolled down I actually did laugh out loud - for real and not just that LOL thing!

Julia Smith said...

But at least he seems happy...

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's! I'm back from my trip and already missing everyone. Till we meet again, I guess.

Akelamalu said...

That's true SAW :)

I'm so pleased it made you laugh, for real, Linda x

I think the smile is real Julia ;) Glad you're back. x

Mama Zen said...

This one is definitely my favorite!

Akelamalu said...

Oh how nice, thankyou Mama Zen x