Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday 55 Flash Fiction #143 Lost....

The car breaks down, she sets off walking,

until she’s lost in the woods, having lost the compass.

Cold, frightened and tired she tramps through thick snow then discovers more footprints!

Relieved and thankful that she is not alone, she follows them.

She realises she’s walked round in a circle,

 when she finds the compass.

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.


Quilly said...

I am glad she found the compass, but it is too bad she didn't find the car. And why the heck didn't she stay on the road where a car might come by? Argh. I'd better not start ....

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Lovely...have a great weekend.

Dominic de Mattos said...

It's nice when a story comes round full circle! ;P

Well done

Valerie said...

I would have stuck to the road if I was her. Desolate woods in the snow doesn't appeal to me one little bit.

Dominic's comment made me smile.

MorningAJ said...

Bet she didn't find the Woozle either!

(Well done if you know that reference)

Great story. Sounds like something I'd do! Sense of direction? I lost it over there somewhere......

Finding Pam said...

That was a cute Flash 55. I hope she got some help.

What application do you use for the falling snow on your blog? That may be the only snow we get this year.

Have a great weekend.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh the poor little thing!

smiles, bee

Ron said...

"She realises she’s walked round in a circle,

when she finds the compass."


Excellent Flash 55, m' dear!

As usual.

Have a wonderful weekend....X

P.S. Hey, I love your Christmas countdown!

Akelamalu said...

'cos she's stupid Quilly! ;)

Thanks Scots Lass :)

Hehe very clever Dominic LOL

I definitely wouldn't have gone into the woods either Valerie!

I have no sense of direction either AJ!

I think someone will have come looking for her eventually Pam. You can get the snow widget here:

I knew you'd feel sorry for her Bee ;)

Glad you enjoyed it Ron. Did you play the music on the countdown?

Flowerpot said...

oh poor thing!!

Alice Audrey said...

But now she has a compass, and can hopefully get somewhere beyond her own footprints.

Brian Miller said...

at least she found the compas right? nice 55...

Alice Audrey said...

Actually, I never did have a Blogger blog, just that notice to go somewhere else. I suppose I need to stop and figure out how to have a blogger presence so I can comment on blogs that only offer blogger account or "Open ID" which I've never been able to get to work without bothering with the blogger blog.

At this stage it'll have to wait until after Christmas.

Linda said...

Well thank goodness she found the compass and not a serial killer in the woods as is your usual wont! Girl was darned lucky you let her out alive ... or did you??

G-Man said...

I was hoping for Bigfoot!
Loved your 55 Ake..
Love your Holiday Look.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

KB said...

Oh no. At least she did't find a serial killer or a dead body as I was expecting.

moondustwriter said...

Ha - good thing she was in a circle

i was thinking something else

Nice 55

moonie smiles

Maggie May said...

That was a good ending :-)
Maggie X

Nuts in May


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


Travis Cody said...

I guess that's the old bad news/good news scenario...still lost, but with hope.

hope said...

Makes me glad I got that little emergency tool for the car: complete with compass. :)

Good one!

Mama Zen said...

At least she found the compass!

tony said...

she Kept Her Feet Warm! said...

I'm mesmorised by the butterflies and the twinkling stars on your lovely blog. I dropped over via Ron's blog and see you too practise Reiki. I am a level 2 having discovered it in France many years ago.
I have signed up to be your latest follower.
Kind wishes
Carol from

secret agent woman said...

Oh no!

Jingle Poetry said...

powerful 55.