Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday Wordzzle #5

The idea is every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either or both it's up to you, and you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven.

This week’s challenge: horse shoe, antique chest, marigold, lunatic, science fiction, Oregon, previously, 10 billion, google, tree hugger

Putting on her marigold gloves, Mary climbed the ladder into the loft of her uncle’s house. Uncle Jim had died suddenly and Mary had volunteered to clear out his house in Oregon. Mary didn’t know Uncle Jim very well but other family members described him as odd, a tree hugger even going so far as to call him a lunatic when the rumour went round that he had robbed a bank! It was a laborious job sifting through the junk in the loft; she eventually came across an antique chest, which she knew had previously belonged to her grandmother because she remembered seeing a photograph of it with the distinctive horse shoe on the lid. The chest was filled to the brim with science fiction comics, she thought they may be worth something so she made a mental note to get on google and see if there was a market for second hand sci-fi comics. She packed the comics into small boxes so that she could transport them down from the loft and into her car. As she removed the last of the comics from the chest she found the brown paper bags lurking in the bottom and gasped in shock when she opened them – they were stuffed full of money. Once she got over the initial shock she began to count the notes, it took her the rest of the day and when she totaled it up she realized there was close to 10 billion dollars, maybe the rumours of Uncle Jim’s bank robbery were true after all!

This week's mini challenge: pardon me, feather duster, gathering storm, furthermore, magnolia blossoms

Rocking back and forth on the porch swing Matthew watched the gathering storm on the horizon and made a mental note to sweep up the magnolia blossoms which had been scattered by the increasing wind. As the car pulled into the yard Matthew stood and peered through the spectacles on the end of his nose at the handsome woman behind the wheel. He’d met her through an online dating agency after his wife had left him and after ‘talking’ for six months this was their first meeting. Showing her into the kitchen Matthew handed her a feather duster saying “Well you may as well get started.” “Pardon me?” she said, “I didn’t come here to clean for you, furthermore this place is hardly the ‘ranch’ you described in your online profile, I’m off!”


Kim said...

They're both great...I'd like to read more! Nice work!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You did an excellent job, but the process reminds me too much of a creative writing class I once took.

Julia Smith said...

That challenge just makes me want to try it. You've done a great job with both, but my favorite is definitely the second one. You're really good with the twisty endings!

Thanks for the link to your 'Prisoner' blog post. I LOVE 'The Prisoner'. And Portmeirion pottery, strangely enough. Your photos are fantastic, especially that arch & set of steps by the large window, and the beach. Someday!

Krimo said...

Ahh... Le Prisonier. I watched that series in French, a long time ago. "Je ne suis pas un numero! Je suis un homme libre!"

Great stuff, Akela!

Raven said...

I loved both of these. I just love how wonderfully creative and different every entry is. Wish I had a bank robber uncle. (Well, not really, just the ten billion dollars...)

storyteller said...

You are so good at this! I loved both pieces … and if I wasn’t watching tennis today, I might give it a ‘go’ myself since I don’t have a ‘regular’ Saturday ‘thing’ at the moment. Maybe next week?
Hugs and blessings,

ciara said... funny the last one is! these are both really good. i would probably sit here for days trying to do one of these :(

Akelamalu said...

Cheers Kim :)

I presume you didn't enjoy the creative writing class overmuch Nick? ;) Thanks. x

I'm pleased you enjoyed the Prisoner post and the wordzzle Julia, I hope you do try it I'm sure your effort would be brilliant!

Thanks Krimo, the Prisoner was a great series!

How I wish I had 10 billion dollars too Raven! Glad you liked them.

Oh do let me know if you join in next week Storyteller I think you'd enjoy it.

I bet you'd write one in no time at all Ciara, glad you liked them. x

Jay said...

Both were great! Very creative!

Dianne said...

I think I responded to an ad by that Matthew guy! I love your twisty endings as julia smith called them, you are brilliant at that.

R.E.H. said...

I loved the second one - it made me laugh. Very creative.

The first was great too - and I sure wish I'd found 10 billion dollars... boy, could I use that kind of money ;)

Travis said...

Nicely done!

I like both of these ideas as writing exercises.

Elween said...

good job good job!! hehe :)

can't log into my blog?? but...gosh...i don't know what happened too...

did you enter correctly?
i have been receiving spam comments, i don't whether is it bcoz of that..sigh...

Elween said...

hey try my latest post and see whether you can access :)

i am missing you from the Diamond-drops Mansion!! :)

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Jay, and thanks for stopping by. :)

Glad you enjoyed them Dianne.

Cheers REH, I'd like to find that sort of money too! :)

I enjoy doing them Trav, I'm pleased you liked them. :)

Elween I have no idea what's wrong with your blog, I stop by every day but I just get your banner and a sponsor button and that's it! I tried following the link to your latest post too and got the same. :(

Gledwood said...

I once hugged a tree in all seriousness. Wanted to see if anything happened.

No! I wasn't talking about selfpublishing on paper though I know I veered into that. I wanted to do 2 distinct things over time. 1. get memoirs into print through HarperCollins type publisher 2. do other things totally off own back? e.g. "the tubby roborovski" book that would probably be told had no market (too specific) I would love to make a book with lots of colour pictures and funny text that I WOULD want to selfpublish!
Hope Eggster is going well with you... forgot nearly it's still on tomorrow isn't it. Easter feels unending this year!!

elena jane said...

those were great!! i did one too, posted it a bit early tho, :)

Anndi said...

I look forward to popping in here because of the little gems I always find.

You did a great job with your assignments!

Happy Easter!

Jeff B said...

Nice job on both of you paragraphs. I just did something similar last weekend with thirty four random lines to use. I love challenges like this.

Found another fun thing at r.e.h.'s site to try.

Nice to get aquainted with you.

Akelamalu said...

So, did anything happen when you hugged the tree Gleds? I understand what you are saying about the self publishing thing.

Thanks Elena, I'll be over shortly to read yours. :)

I'm pleased you enjoy visiting me Anndi, thankyou. x

Welcome Jeffand thankyou for your kind words. I'll visit you again soon. :)

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