Sunday, 4 March 2007

THE NHS...........

Having recently been on the receiving end of NHS treatment I would like to give my honest opinion of the one thing that, quite rightly, is probably the envy of the rest of the world.

OK, it’s not perfect, but where else in the world can you get immediate treatment for anything from a wart on your hand to full blown intensive care for a heart attack, without having to produce your credit card?

I have had a number of major operations, over the years, and can honestly say I could not fault the treatment I have been given. Yes, I know I’ve paid for my treatment in National Insurance Contributions, but it’s like savings – you don’t miss a regular donation to the savings fund but you sure as hell wouldn't be able to find the cash for the final bill would you?

I’m not sure how much Knee Replacement surgery costs, but I could guarantee it’s got a few noughts on the end! Where would I find that sort of money, it’s not something you start saving for like an old age pension is it?

The NHS staff are, on the whole, fantastic. Yes, there are one or two who are in the wrong profession, but in my opinion they are few and far between. As in any other profession the ‘troops’, in this case nurses, are the lowest paid and I have to confess I wouldn’t do their job for a gold clock every week! Whenever I have been in hospital I make sure that whatever any of the NHS staff do for me I remember to say thankyou. It may be their job but everyone likes to feel that what they do is appreciated. I have seen, so many times, patients being rude to hospital staff in a ‘you get paid for it’ attitude. I find this totally repulsive and have very often gotten myself into hot water for sticking my oar in situations like this, I make no apologies for this and I would do it again and again and again. My niece is currently training as a nurse and is loving every minute of it. She knows at the end of her training she will struggle to get a job and if she does get one she will be working for a pittance but is not deterred. Without people like her our Health Service wouldn’t exist – it is a true vocation, no-one could say someone goes into the medical profession for the money; well maybe the top consultants reap the benefits but let’s face it they have worked for many years to get to that position so they deserve it.

No, don’t you dare call the NHS to me, I’ve had more than my money’s worth of excellent care and attention and will continue to pay my contributions willingly until I retire, hopefully I won't need any more operations but you never know..............
My knee
Sunday 4th March
Knee very painful and stiff today, I'm trying to move around as much a possible and doing my exercises - inbetween messing around on the net.


Queenie said...

I agree about the NHS. Having worked on the district and in hospital nursing, can also say it is hard work. I did enjoy my time nursing, and I found most people did appreciate us. It is a great shame that the NHS has been managed so poorly, but along with many other public services, this seems to be the case. Thank goodness for all those people who struggle on dispite this

Akelamalu said...

Yea, let's all fly the flag for the NHS.

Anonymous said...


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