Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Torquay Part 2......

The next excursion on our short trip to Torquay was a trip into Cornwall where we visited the historic town of Looe, with its narrow winding streets

At the time of the Domesday Book the manor of Pendrym, which included much of the site of modern-day East Looe, was held by William the Conqueror as part of his own demesne and came to be managed by the Bodgrugan (Bodrigan) family. Land across the river belonged to the manors of Portalla (or Portallant) and Portbyhan (variously spelt Portbyan, Porthbyghan, Porthpyghan, among others).
Shutta, on the steep hillside over East Looe, is known to have been inhabited by the twelfth century. At some time between 1154 and 1189 a charter was granted by Henry II to Sir Henry Bodrugan for the town of East Looe. West Looe was given free borough status sometime after this (the first known historical mention of the town dates from 1327) and in the 1230s East Looe gained the right to hold a weekly market and a Michaelmas fair.

Looe has a beautiful beach

where we sat in the sunshine for a while before making our way to have lunch, which we had in a pub overlooking the harbour.

Leaving Looe behind we made our way to the unspoilt fishing village of Polperro, a picturesque place which is understanbly an artists haunt.

Smuggling is understood to have prospered since Polperro developed as a port in the 12th century. It reached its zenith in the late 18th century when Britain's wars with America and France precipitated the high taxation of many imported goods, making it worthwhile for the local fishermen to boost their income by the covert importation of spirits, tobacco and other goods from Guernsey.

Much of the success of the smuggling trade through Polperro is ascribed to the influence of Zephaniah Job (1749–1822), a local merchant who became known as "The Smuggler's Banker". A more organised Coast Guard service was introduced in the 19th century along with stiff penalties, and led to much less smuggling.

Whilst the Coast Path is maintained by the National Trust, the foreshore belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall.

I was really enjoying the quaintness of Polperro then suddenly, just after I took the above photo, I felt a thump on my back only to discover that a seagull had very kindly dumped it's load all over the back of my coat and white pants!  I quickly popped into the local pub to try to wipe the mess up, only marginally succeeding.   Oh well, it's supposed to be lucky isn't it?   I decided to play Bingo at the hotel that night to test the theory and guess what?  It's not true cos I didn't win!

Apart from the episode with the seagull we thoroughly enjoyed our day.

Join me next time for Torquay Part 3.


MorningAJ said...

I stayed in Looe many years ago, right at the top of the East side. It's a gorgeous little spot, isn't it? And Polperro. (Shame about the seagull.)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

and you're so lucky to have a bird poop on ye.

Its a sign.

The pictures are gorgeous and I just love this seaside town.

Akelamalu said...

I loved Looe AJ, wish we could have stayed there longer.

The bird poop wasn't lucky when I played Bingo Scots LassLOL

Valerie said...

Fab pics, Pearl. Love Looe, hate seagulls who drop stuff on people. I remember the old gaol, found that interesting. Fancy, the weather seemed nice when you were there!

optout said...

Have been to few places in Cornwall but not Looe or Polperro. Love your photos. Such charming places.

Linda said...

What quaint little places; it's like taking a step back in time!

Memo to self: Never ever think that being pooped on by a seagull is in any way lucky!

Beach Bum said...

Now that is a place I could spends week just walking around, seeing the sights, and taking to people.

Akelamalu said...

I agree Looe is a lovely place Valerie and yes, the weather was lovely that day!

Oh you must go Optout, Looe and Polperro are lovely!

It is like stepping back in time in Polperro Linda and seagull poop is definitely not lucky and is HELL to get off your clothes!

You would really enjoy it there Beach, I think it's just your sort of place.

Daryl Edelstein said...

ICK .. what a neat step back into time, aside from the shitty gull, love these photos ... looking forward to more!

Travis Cody said...

Those streets are so narrow. Wow.

Sorry about your misfortune with the seagull!

Akelamalu said...

I was thoroughly enjoying myself until the seagull targeted me Daryl.

They were VERY narrow Trav,and no traffic was allowed down in the village. I cursed the seagull. ;)

Banker Chick said...

What a great visit to Cornwall. I have been interested in visiting there ever since we started watching Doc Martin here in the states. This little seaside village looks delightful. I so enjoy your pictures.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Those seagulls are a nuisance!!

I vaguely remember going to Looe when I was very young, must have been under 7 or 8. It's a place my mum always loved.

CJ x

Akelamalu said...

I Love the Doc Martin series too BankerChick. You would love Cornwall and Devon.

The seagulls are a nuisance for sure CJ! I really liked Looe,but then I do love Cornwall in general.

Ron said...

Hello m'dear!

Just wanted to pop by and say hello!

GREAT photos! That little town is so ADORABLE!

As always, I so enjoy your tour posts!

Have a great week!


cloudia charters said...

quaint indeed

Have a fine Weekend

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

Akelamalu said...

Aw thanks for stopping by during your vacation Ron, I hope you're having a great time. You would love Cornwall, it's so quaint.

It is indeed Cloudia x

cheshire wife said...

Cornwall looks so like Brittany or should that be Brittany is so like Cornwall.

Jenny Woolf said...

My husband was born in London but moved to Torquay almost immediately until he was 3. He has not been back and keeps thinking he'd like to return to see the house where they lived. He remembers is as huge but his sister tells him it was really quite small :)

Adam said...

nice beach

Dianne said...

those gulls can be so rude

I love all the white and blue thruout the town
very pretty

Gledwood said...

I don't know whether I've ever set foot on Cornish soil, but I heard it's so radioactive the Americans didn't want their troops there in WWII. The nearest I've come to Cornwall, in fact, is probably Walls Cornish Dairy Icecream!

Akelamalu said...

I've not been to Brittany Cheshire Wife so I really don't know.

Everything seems big when we are small don't you think Jenny? If your husband hasn't been back for a while I imagine it will look totally different to him now.

It was Adam :)

The gulls are a nuisance Dianne. I agree the white and blue make for a really pretty scene.

I hadn't heard that about Cornwall being radioactive Gleds!

G-Man said...

Hey Globetrotter...
Friday 13th
The return of FF55
Hope to see you...G

A Lady's Life said...

lovely place :)

Akelamalu said...

I'll be there G. x

Yes it is Lady's Life :)

Gledwood said...

The radioactivity is said to be to do with radon gas leaking out of the granite in the soil... (Something like that...)

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry that happened to you. Yuk. You are a real trooper.

I see a BEACH, winding streets, beautiful buildings and mountains. What's not to adore?