Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday Wordzzle # 85 and Competition Time.......

I haven't done a Wordzzle since July and am trying to get back into writing them again. You may remember I used to do doodles as well with my Wordzzles - I may do them again in the future but not at the moment. I'm combining this weeks Wordzzles with a competition - you will find details at the end of the post and I hope you'll all have a go.

Here's the 'structions for taking part in Wordzzles, if you don't already why not give it a try?

The idea is, every week Raven (Views From Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either, both or a megawordzzle using all the words, or even all three, it's up to you, you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven. If you join in go to Raven's and put your name on the Mr. Linky so other participants can come visit you.

Here's my efforts.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: early morning light, Pinocchio, mist, leaves, sandy, coffee, walking, traffic, pray, stomach

Walking to work, in the early morning light, Sandy Pinocchio kicked the piles of fallen autumn leaves in her path. Her stomach was grumbling because she had missed breakfast, so she stopped off at the shop to buy a coffee and a doughnut. She enjoyed the walk to work. She had recently changed jobs to one nearer home, which meant she no longer had to sit in traffic for an hour every morning waiting for the red mist of frustration to descend. In her last job, every morning her last words to her husband as he walked out the door had been “Pray that the traffic is light for me today” now she just said “I love you”!

And for the mini: train, art, admirable, cotton, fluffy

Arthur picked up his lunch box that his wife had lovingly prepared for him and set off to his job as a train driver, his cotton overalls crisp and clean – another of his wife’s admirable qualities – making sure he had clean overalls every day. She was very into art and all things craft-like and he called her his little fluffy bunny. If only he knew!


Sandy was sitting on the train enjoying a coffee on her way to work, she looked at the other passenger in her carriage. He was a strange looking man with a nose like Pinocchio. The man smiled and her stomach lurched, “I pray he didn’t notice me staring at him” she thought.

Turning to the window she watched the passing scenery – the mist over the fields in the early morning light was an eerie sight.

“Are you interested in art?” the man asked.

“I beg your pardon” asked Sandy, taken aback that he’d spoken to her.

“Art? Does it interest you?” he asked again.

“Oh, yes, somewhat. I don’t know a lot about it but I know what I like” she replied.
”I own an art gallery, here’s my card. If you’re ever in the area do please drop in and I’ll show you round” he said.

She looked at the name on the card – ‘Bartholomew Arnold’ it said. The conversation progressed and she found herself warming to him. He was a lot older than she and had an admirable friendliness about him. She was surprised to find they seemed to like a lot of the same things such as walking, the colours of autumn leaves, and they even discussed the excellent properties of cotton and how it didn’t go fluffy like synthetic fibres. It emerged that they both hated driving in morning traffic, which was the reason they were both on the train.

Before they knew it the journey had ended and they said their goodbyes, Sandy promised to pop into his Art Gallery as soon as she had a spare moment. Bart said he’d look forward to showing her round.

Of course, like all chance encounters, they never met on the train again and Sandy had all but forgotten about Bart, until she was returning from a meeting one day and happened to stumble across the Art Gallery. Being in no rush she decided to pop in on the off chance that Bart may be there. She had long ago lost the card he’d given her but she remembered his name and the name of the gallery.

She pushed open the door of the gallery and walked in. There were a few people about but she didn’t see Bart. Rather than ask for him she wandered about looking at the paintings.

Suddenly she saw him. She walked over and looked at the portrait.

Bartholomew Arnold


Born 16th November 1950 – Died 12th December 2007

What? It had to be a mistake. Today’s date was 15th January 2009, it wasn’t that long ago that she’d met him on the train. She remembered the date because it was the day after she’d gotten engaged, it was 12th December last year!

“Can I help you?”

She turned to see a younger version of Bart.

“It’s a great portrait of my father” said the man “we miss him so much. The gallery isn’t the same without him.”


Ok here’s another chance for someone to win


This award is unique and can't be passed on by the recipient.

All you have to do is tell me in the comments what it is about Fluffy Bunny, in the Mini Wordzzle, that Arthur doesn’t know.

Then we’ll have a vote on who is the most imaginative.
Are you up for it?

Go on and have a go then.


quilly said...

Art's wholesome, model wife whom he calls Fluffy Bunny actuially used to be a Playboy Bunny, but on her 26th birthday, she had too much to drink and told Heffy he was a lousy lover. He tossed her out on her ear and made sure she would never work in modeling or showbiz again.

Several months later, almost destitute, Sandy stumbled into a church and met Jesus. She cleaned up her life and with the help of the congregation got a good paying job and went to college, where she met her husband and fell madly in love.

Anonymous said...

My entry:

Fluffy Bunny is a sheep in wolfs clothing!

Great Wordzzles my friend

Nessa said...

Arthur doesn't know that Fluffy Bunny is a code name for history's all time best spy. Able to insinuate herself into any situation because she looks so sweet and innocent, Fluffy Bunny has been able to prevent the worst disasters from happening.

Come Visit Silly Saturday

Dr.John said...

I found all three stories enjoyable but the last one was fantastic. You have such a creative mind.
Now as to fluffy bunny. We know she is really a wer-bunny shapeshifter. When he leaves she turns back to a rabbit and eats carrots. He should have noticed their carrot bill going through the roof. But like most husbands he is not very observant . He is happy as long as his overalls are crisp and clean.

Linda said...

Great Word Wuzzles - especially that last one! You have such an incredible imagination!

Fluffy Bunny is actually running a discreet escort service but as long as she continues to make his lunch and ensure that his overalls are crisp and clean, Arthur is a happy man and has no clue as to what is going on in his house when he's away.

tony said...

BRAVO! Have A Great Weekend Akely!

Susan at Stony River said...

Excellent job on the wordzzles! I love Bart's story -- and the story he's started. I read it twice I liked it so much.

I'd say Arthur's wife makes such great gourmet lunches and can afford to get his overalls professionally cleaned, because she's leading a secret life as an author of lesbian bondage erotica, under the pseudonym Bunny McFluffles.

Reston Friends! said...
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Reston Friends! said...

Fluffy Bunny is a dream weaver. Purveyor of an ancient art that involves all natural fibers including cotton, spider silk, and those little things Dumbledore pulls out of his head when he's putting memories into the basin. Bunny's job is to incorporate them into fabulous textiles that hang on the walls of a special art gallery so that the dreams and the stories in them are kept through time. When enough time has passed, they vanish overnight. But the dragons know where they are because they are prescient and have lived so much longer than us. The guardian who opens and closes the portal to move the art is a timeless being, who in his most previous existence, was known as Bartholomew Arnold.

p.s. sorry, I had to delete the prior one because it had a major typo

Raven said...

So nice to have you back at wordzzles and as always you have done great stories. I especially love that last one. I want to know if Sandy is still engaged or of Bart was playing match-maker for the younger Bart... but...

I love all the reponses about Fluffy Bunny. My idea was close to Susan at Stony River so now I have to think of something else. Fluffy Bunny has a secret life as the star of an up and coming punk rock band which coordinates it's hours to coordinate with her husband's work schedule. Her band name is Demon Hawk. She hires someone to do the cleaning and laundry.

Cloudia said...

jolly that you're doing these again, Dear.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

fluffy bunny is a cake baker, the best in the world and her cakes bring in top dollar.

smiles, bee

Fandango said...

We dragons like the last one best because we love ghost stories. That is the best ghost story we havbe read in a long while.
Fluffy bunny hasn't told him that just like a rabbit she is pregnant with triplets.

Shrinky said...

Lovely tales, expertly woven as ever!

Fluffy bunny is totally obsessed by him, in fact she started out as his stalker. He thinks his first wife ran off with the blind, lesbian dwarf juggler living next door, but in reality, Fluffy Bunny ambushed her when she pretended to be a door-to-door starched apron sales-woman. She rolled her in an industrial starched overall and fed her pork luncheon meat until she burst. Sadly, the poor midget, hearing the commotion, drowned in the explosion when she came over to investigate. Both are pushing beautiful daisies up beneath the patio.

Arthur can't believe how well his life has gone since his second marriage, anyone who worries him simply disappears.

Argent said...

Lovely to have you back!

Your ten worder was no neat and the set words fitted in seamlessly. The last line finished it off beautifully. My hat is off to you!

Oh-ho, your mini left me wondering about 'fluffy bunny' and her hubby.

And I loved the ghost story mega. Really artfully done.

Hmm, what does she get up to when he's not around? Having an affair? No, too obvious. Maybe she actually is a were-bunny and turns into her rabbit form while he's out. Drat! Just read that DrJohn had the same idea! Note to self: read comments before commenting.

Maybe she's got a bizzare rabbit fetish and wraps herself up in their freshly flayed skins, then films herself, making tons of wonga on the internet.

Flowerpot said...

brain not functioning at the moment - will come back later!!

Anonymous said...