Saturday, 30 August 2008

Saturday Wordzzle # 28 (& Doodle Week Day 6)....

Wordzzle first then scroll down for Doodle Week Day 6.

The idea is, every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either, both or a megawordzzle using all the words, or even all three, it's up to you, you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven. If you join in go to Raven's and put your name on the Mr. Linky so other participants can come visit you.

Here are my efforts - complete with my doodles.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: pogo stick, ant farm, psychic, tin box, wall safe, Waterloo, surge protector, pneumonia, ravages of time, turtle

Mabel Waterloo, was a famous psychic, who had starred at all the big theatres around the country. She was very popular, and a sight to behold bouncing around the stage as though she was on a pogo stick and had an ant farm in her pants. Her psychic abilities were exceptional and quite often when she was delivering messages to the audience the lights would dim to the extent that the theatres installed surge protectors whenever Mabel was appearing. After 40 years of unfailing duty to the spirit world, unfortunately Mabel’s health had now deteriorated, she had been made weak by the ravages of time and pneumonia. No more bouncing about on stage, Mabel was now as slow as a turtle but she still did private readings with her precious tarot cards, which she kept in a tin box because she hadn’t got a wall safe. Despite her failing health Mabel’s powers were still strong, in fact the neighbours often complained about their light bulbs blowing when Mabel was working!

And for the Mini Challenge: Swollen ankles, opera singer, toothy grin, oil paints, potter’s wheel

Carla picked up the hairbrush and sitting in front of her bedroom mirror, smiled her toothy grin and began to sing. In her mind she was an opera singer, a film star – she thought of her favourite film ‘Ghost’, she was Demi Moore sitting at a potter’s wheel with Patrick Swayze whispering in her ear, artists clamoured to capture her beauty on canvas in oil paints. Unfortunately none of her dreams were likely to happen, she was a middle aged woman about 20lbs overweight with swollen ankles and a voice that sounded like a cat on a hot tin roof.


Dame Marjorie Forsythe, the opera singer, took her place on the stage playing the part of Lady Hamilton in the new Opera ‘Waterloo’. Her mind wasn’t really on the part she was playing today, she just couldn’t stop thinking about the veritable ant farm that seemed to have developed in the kitchen of her house, first thing tomorrow she would phone the pest control people and have them send someone over.

Angus, the pest control man, had arrived like a whirlwind, displaying a toothy grin and a face that only a mother could love. Showing him into the kitchen she pointed out the problem, an army of ants marching relentless across her kitchen floor. Angus proceeded to tell her some story about him having been in hospital for six months with pneumonia but Marjorie wasn’t interested so she said

“Will this take long?”
Opening his tin box Angus pulled out a device which he plugged into the nearest socket.

“What are you going to do, electrocute them?” enquired Marjorie.

“Of course not” replied Angus “this is like a minature vacuum cleaner, I’m going to suck them all up and take them away.”

Hopping from one foot to the other because of her swollen ankles, Marjorie looked on as the ants disappeared up the tube. Suddenly there was an almighty bang and all the lights went out.

“Oops” said Angus “I think I should have used a surge protector.”

“Oh good grief, how old is that contraption, it’s certainly showing evidence of the ravages of time?” said Marjorie.

“I’m going to the summer house until you sort this lot out, let me know when you’re done” Marjorie told Angus.

In the summerhouse Marjorie fed the turtle in the aquarium and pondered whether to get out her oil paints and finish the self portrait she’d been working on, or rest her feet by sitting at the potter’s wheel, instead she chose to meditate.

Once Marjorie was out of the way Angus went on a search of the house, he guessed Marjorie was well off living in such a big house so there must be cash somewhere. Up in the bedroom Angus discovered a wall safe, which had been left open, behind a painting on the wall, what luck he thought as he busily filled his pockets with the contents. Suddenly he felt a crack on the back of the head and everything went black. Marjorie had walloped him with a pogo stick. What Angus didn’t know was Marjorie wasn’t just an opera singer, she was also a psychic!


Ooooh Day 6 of Doodle Week already.

Are you playing? You can, it's really easy. Doodle something on TODAY'S theme of YELLOW and post it on your blog, then go here and put your name on Mr. Linky so others can visit you. Don't forget to visit other participants to see their doodles.

Here's my YELLOW doodle. It's a yellow capsicum, just in case you don't recognise it!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Your creativity continues to amaze me! Grand work, as usual!

Queenie said...

"Phwoar", you should have been a teacher...

MommyWizdom said...

O that was masterful!! I couldn't choose a favorite - nicely done! :-)

Skittles said...

I, too, have been a victim of the ravages of time. :P

Richard said...

Once again my Wild Wahini you have taken me right up to the end and then surprised me. I loved the Dame Marjorie story.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well now i have to go see what a capsicum is! it looks like a candle made out of twinkies. am i right? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Raven said...

I love your doodle and all of your wordzzles. I just love the way you get the words in with such seeming ease... and your surprise endings are always a delight. I couldn't choose a favorite... I loved them all.

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Nick, you're very kind. :)

I work in a school Queenie that's more than enough for me!

Why thank you Mommywizdom, I'm pleased you enjoyed them. :)

You and me both Skittles :(

Aw thanks Rich, how kind of you. x

I don't even know what twinkies are Bee :0 It's a yellow pepper.

I'm so pleased you liked them Raven x

Linda said...

Capsicum? I think it's a pepper, am I right??

Great Wordwuzzles as always!

Melli said...

Looks like a yellow pepper to me!

Loved the 3 stories! I did like the last one the best! I think it was the turn of events right at the end!

Jeff B said...

Like Angus, I didn't see that one coming. Bravo!

Kim said...

Great job. Aren't they so much fun?!

Dianne said...

Yay Marjorie! You got Angus but good lol

I also loved the image of ant farm in the pants ;)

your painter's palette is beautiful

and I identify with poor sweet Carla lol

as always pure genius

ciara said...

ha ha lmao at these. the mini could be describing me, of course i don't dream about being a star, but dream nonetheless LOL

is that a type of pepper in the doodle? cuz i really don't know what a yellow capsicum is :-/ lol

ciara said...

oops, i should read the comments first LOL but twinkies, my sweet friend, are a yellow sponge cake that is filled w white cream. delicious, but fattening LOL they usually come about 10 in a box and made by Hostess (who make other snack cakes as well). Maybe I'll send you one some time :)

Akelamalu said...

Absolutely correct Linda :)

It is Melli, so glad you liked the wordzzles.

Aha I fooled you too Jeff! :)

Oh yes Kim so much fun.

Ohyou're too kind Dianne, thank you honey. x

Thanks for letting me know what twinkies are Ciara, we don't have them over here. x

Laura said...

I haven't done yellow yet. Still thinking of just the right yellow thing to doodle.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Those are fantastic. You have a gift.

Carletta said...

I sat here smiling then laughing through the first two. I wonder how many of us thought of 'Ghost' -I know I did.
'Electrocute them' - loved that and the surprise ending was superb!

Kimmie said...

Ants in her pants! Bawhhaaaaa!!!

Great Job on all three stories!


Akelamalu said...

I look forward to seeing what you come up with Laura:)

Why thank you so much imbeingheldhostage :)

I'm so pleased you enjoyed them Carletta :)

Aw thanks Kimmie :)

storyteller said...

Ah … your pogostick doodle brings back fond memories. I enjoyed all of your ‘doodles’ and Wordzlls (as always) and admire your artistic skills and wonderful ways with words.
Hugs and blessings,

SMM said...

I loved the surprise ending :)

Akelamalu said...

Oh do tell the story of the pogostick Storyteller!

So pleased you enjoyed it smm :)

Travis said...

I love how you come up with three distinct stories around these words.

Akelamalu said...

Aw thanks Trav, I'm so pleased you liked them. x

Anonymous said...