Friday, 1 August 2008

Friday 55 Flash Fiction # 37 Kaleidoscope

I got back off holiday yesterday afternoon but couldn't resist doing a 55, even though I've got a ton of washing to do!


She sat fascinated, watching the colours swirling around.

Blending, dancing, embracing, circling around each other faster and faster.

A Kaleidoscope of colours.

“This is amazing” she thought “I’ll do this again!”

"Hang on, I don't remember seeing that before" she thought.

as she sat in the Laundrette watching her washing spin wildly in the machine.

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.


smarmoofus said...

Welcome back from your holiday! Way to jump right in here with a 55. I'm impressed.

And it's cute, too! *squints at the photo* Is that a doll in there? That can't be good.


Linda said...

Ah but you are one very clever woman!

Ron said...

As usual...another wonderfully creative Friday 55!

I just love these things!

Hey, listen...are you back or is this a pre-dated post? If you are, welcome home! And if your not, HURRY home!

Miss Understood said...

Great 55, Ak.
Can't wait for the holiday pics :)
Hope you had a lovely time. x

ciara said...

i'm glad your back, ake! :) great 55. watching a machine like that does resemble a kaleidoscope doesn't it?

ciara said...

p.s. did you grab the badge from my 'tagged again' post?

Mona said...

Glad to see you back again!

LOL! That is cute! Indeed you can see colors swirl in the machine as it churns the clothes! :)

Great 55ve!

Gledwood said...

strangest things come through fraudian flips and misreadings... how I wish I had a Wishing Machine...


Queenie said...

Was it that great pile of sun-tan lotion that inspired you? Well done you jet-lagged and still 55ing, well done.

GEWELS said...

Welcome Back Akela- i hope you went somewhere fun.
I'm just back today from my holiday too. I'll post photos soon.
Can't wait to see yours.
Big Hugs

Dianne said...

I love how you took needing to get your laundry done and turned it into another one of your great twisty stories!!

Welcome Back, Missed You

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Hope you had a great holiday.

storyteller said...

Hope you had a lovely time. Washing can wait after being away … seriously ;--)

Ah … we can tell what’s on your mind however even though you're blogging and doing a '55'. Welcome back and well done!
Hugs and blessings,

Flowerpot said...

hope you had a great holiday Ak and are back feeling refreshed and bouncy!

buffalodickdy said...

Welcome back! Hope the trip was fun!

Emmie said...

How clever! Another great post by lil you :) I really enjoyed it, it was nicely done, thank you! x

Casdok said...

Emmie - i was thinking that too! Very clever!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Smarmoofus. A doll? In the washing machine? That would be the thing I don't remember putting in! ;)

And you're very kind Linda xx

I'm back Ron and desperately trying to catch up!

I'll get the piccies up as soon as I can MissU along with a commentary. We did a have great time.

I didn't notice the badge Ciara, I'll be back to take another look soon.

Thanks Mona, glad you liked it. :)

Oh a 'wishing' machine would be so much nicer than a washing machine for sure Gleds!

The mountain of clothes on the kitchen floor after I'd emptied the cases was my inspiration Queenie! Thankfully it's all done now. :)

I look forward to reading about your holiday and seeing your photos Gewels.

I missed you too Dianne. Unfortunately I just didn't have time to do a Wordzzle, but I'll be back on the ball next week!

We did have a great time Citizen, thanks. x

I really had to do the washing straight away Storyteller but it did inspire me. ;)

I'm definitely refreshed Flowerpot not sure about the bouncy though! ;)

Cheers Buff, it certainly was fun.

Glad you enjoyed it Emmie x

And you too Casdok, thankyou.

Julia Smith said...

I was thinking about some other sort of unidentified laundry item, but I do see a doll in the washer. Great way to ease back into non-vacation life - Flash Fiction.

bindhiya said...

Great 55!!
hope you had a great vacation...
miss you..


Travis said...

Welcome home! I missed you too.

The kaleidoscopes I see generally end in migraines.

Raven said...

This was very clever.

Hope you had a good vacation. We missed you at wordzzles. I think a few new people may post tomorrow if you feel like some off now that the laundry is done.

Welcome home.

Akelamalu said...

I hadn't noticed the doll until someone mentioned it Julia, but I can see it now.

Thanks Bindi, we had a great time. Back to reality now though. :(

Aw thanks Trav. I've experienced those sort of kaleidoscopes too. :(

Glad you liked it Raven, I'll get back to wordzzles by next Saturday I promise. :)

Anonymous said...