Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday 55 Flash Fiction #207 Back off holiday.....

" Put the kettle on, tea first, then sleep, in our own bed" said Pat.

The first things everyone wants after two weeks away.

Early morning, piling out of the taxi they hurried up the path.

"What's going on, the key's not working?" said Carl.

Suddenly the door opened....

"Can I help you?" asked the squatter.

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.


Beach Bum said...

Actually heard something like that happened in an apratment complex. Some guy went over to Iraq for his tour of duty and came back to find out the apartment management rented his place after somehow believeing he had abandoned all his belongings.

Valerie said...

Food for thought, this one, Pearl. Although maybe squatters days are over now their rights are being quashed.

Banker Chick said...

I hope this didn't happen to you after your Golden West adventure.

Margaret said...

squatters rights? Valerie? I understand on land that isn't occupied or owned, but a two week vacation? ha. I would be totally freaked out. :)

G-Man said...

Ain't that the truth!
It's happening all over the world.
Loved your Homesteading 55 Ake...
Thanks for playing, thanks for not moving into my house,(Although you'd ALWAYS be welcome)and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Daryl said...

surprise! excellent ... you are so good a these

Ron said...


EXCELLENT and TOTALLY surprise ending! So are so dang clever!

*two thumbs ups*

Have a super weekend, m'dear!


Dianne said...

at least the squatter was welcoming and polite :)

well done lady

A Lady's Life said...

lol I think this is what it will come to one day lol

Akelamalu said...

Crikey that's terrible Beach! Not even squatters but a greedy landlord by the sound of it.

I think there's still a problem getting squatters out Valerie

Oh no, thank goodness BankerChick!

It would freak me out too Margaret!

Every time we go away I dread the thought that squatters may move in or we get burgled G-man. It doesn't worry me enough to stop me going away though. LOL

Thanks Daryl x

Glad you enjoyed it Ron x

LOL yes there was that about it Dianne

I think it already happens Lady's Life!

cheshire wife said...

What a nightmare to come back to! It puts you off wanting to go away.

Other Mary said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens! Great starting lines.

Cloudia said...

Or the Craigslist-renter!


Weekend Aloha from Honolulu, Dear
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

PattiKen said...

Yikes. I thought at first you were going to say that they were at the wrong house. Now that I would understand. :-)

Sandi McBride said...

ah squatters! I had forgotten about them lol...good job...

theothersideofparis said...

Another good one!

Secret Agent Woman said...

That would be a disturbing homecoming for sure!

Akelamalu said...

It does indeed Cheshire Wife!

Thanks Other Mary

Yep Cloudia

I imagine being at the wrong house would be a relief in the circumstances PattiKen! ;)

Thanks Sandi x

Cheers Dumdad x

Wouldn't it just SAW?

Denise Hicks said...

Hello, I am new around here. Found your site through Shreks blog.

Because you had a Hawaiian name and my son and his family live in Hawaii I was immediately drawn.

What an interesting story idea.
It almost makes me think; hmmm is this really a squatter or did something happen on the time line in the quantum realm, that changed their reality????

Akelamalu said...

Hi Denise and welcome! I hope you weren't too disappointed to find I'm not actually Hawaian! You can read whatever you like into the flash fiction, it's up to you.