Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Front garden

As you know MWM and I have been beautifying the inside of our home recently but Spring has arrived here, which prompted us to get out into the garden and spruce that up too.

Back garden

We pulled up all the dead stuff, cut the grass, trimmed the edges of the lawns, hoed and planted up some pots.  We also jetwashed the paths and patio and filled in the spaces with sand and cement.

MWM was clearing out the understairs cupboard and found a lovely bowl I forgot I had so, to put it to good use, on Friday I bought some hyacinth and minature daffodil bulbs to put in it.  The daffs flowered on Sunday, I'm still waiting for the Hyacinths but they should be out soon.

Then on Monday the Amaryllis, which my good neighbour bought for me about 5 years ago, flowered.

Isn't it beautiful?

Two of our grandchildren, Harry and Gracie, stayed with us on Friday night and it was such a lovely morning on Saturday that I took them to the local park for an hour, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Last night I tried out a new recipe for dinner - Sweet potato mash, Lincolnshire sausages and Red Onion and chilli relish - deelish.

Yesterday, when I got back from my Zumba class, we spent the day sitting in our lovely garden reading and enjoying the sunshine in temperatures of 20C - lovely.

This morning I'm back at Zumba then we plan to do some outside painting, hopefully we will get it all finished with time left to sit enjoying the sunshine again, as the weather forecast is for more wall to wall sunshine.

Well that's all my news, enjoy your week.


Melanie said...

What a lovely post! I love spring:). And...I think I need that recipe!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I love daffodils

Finding Pam said...

Your yard is lovely. I like the primroses. You have been busy, but I know it will be worth it.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I found some turkey sausage recently that I bet I could use in this recipe .. I love sweet potato

A Lady's Life said...

You started spring with a bang!!
Good for you!:)

Valerie said...

Don't laugh, I've never tried sweet potato. I tried to keep an amaryllis after it flowered, followed all the recommended rules but no joy. All I got was leaves. This year's NEW plant still hasn't flowered and that IS unusual. I'm used to having those beauties on the windowsill and all I have are leaves. Grrr!

Ron said...

Faaaaaabulous photos of your garden! It's so cozy, sweet, and lovely.

I clicked to view each one big. Love the sundial and Buddha statue!

And yes, the Amaryllis is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, m'dear!

Happy Spring!


Linda said...

Your lawn and flowers all look lovely, want to come over and take care of the yardwork that needs to be done in mine?? I had thought about going out and mowing as the grass had gotten rather high during our recent rash of warm weather but now it's back down in the 40's again and too cold to break out the lawnmower! Gotta love New England weather - not!

Looks like the grandkids had a great time at the park - it's so nice to see kids outside playing and not sitting in front of their computers or video games!

Akelamalu said...

The relish is easy to make Melanie. Heat butter and oil and add 2 red onions peeled and cut into quarters,chopped small red chilli, chopped thyme. Cook for about 15 mins until onion is soft, add another knob of butter, 2 tblsp brown sugar, good slosh of balsamic vinegar and cook for a further 10 mins until sticky. Mash your sweet potato and grill your sausages and Bob's your uncle.

Me too Scot's Lass :)

Thanks Pam, it's worth it already. :)

You can use any sort of sausage Daryl, I've detailed the relish recipe up above.

We always do Mama Zen. LOL

Sweet potato is lovely Valerie and strangely is the only potato MWM will eat mashed! Once the Amaryllis has flowered I just cut off the leaves and then water the pot once a week until it flowers again.

So pleased you like my garden Ron, I do too. x

We've been very lucky with the weather here this past week Linda it's in the 70's! All my grandkids love playing outside, especially Harry & Gracie, they will play out in the rain!

Adam said...

nice flowers

Anonymous said...

I love your backyard, I'd love to sit and read out there and just enjoy the weather.

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Adam :)

That's just what I love to do silverthoughts2 :)

Beach Bum said...

Sweet potato mash, Lincolnshire sausages and Red Onion and chilli relish

That looks awesome!

Nat said...

This is such a lovely time of the year... my favourite! Love your bulbs :-)

Nat said...

This is such a lovely time of the year... my favourite! Love your bulbs :-)

CrystalChick said...

You've certainly been busy! The gardens/flowers are quite lovely.

Sure looks like your grands were having fun in the park.

Hope you and MWM have lots of sunny days ahead to enjoy!

Travis Cody said...

I enjoy the benefits of a freshly spruced up garden, but I sure don't enjoy the work it takes to get there.

Akelamalu said...

It tasted even bette than it looks Beach!

Mine too Nat :)

I love being busy in the garden CrystalChick, it's so worth the effort. Yes, the grands had a great time, thanks. x

Gardening can be really hard work Trav but I think it's worth it. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh very nice!!!!

smiles, bee

Secret Agent Woman said...

Your yard looks fantastic!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks Bee x

Thankyou very much SAW, worth all the hard work. :)