Monday, 3 October 2011

Succinctly Yours - A Microfiction Meme #27

Grandma at Grandma's Goulash provides a picture and a word prompt for this Microfiction Meme and the rules are use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words.

Want more challenge? Use the word of the week in your story. This part is optional.

This week's word is PUGNACIOUS here's the picture and my offering using the picture and word of the week  in 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

They had called Jack pugnacious at school but he’d just been very competitive.

He proved that he could still pee the furthest at the reunion.


Beach Bum said...


You have fantastic talent.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

boys will be boys.

Shrinky said...

Yikes - hope he lifts the seat up at home!

Valerie said...

He obviously drinks too much.

Loved this one, Pearl.

Banker Chick said...

Very funny, you have a fun sense of humor.

Ron said...

"He proved that he could still pee the furthest at the reunion."



GREAT one, m'dear!

Have a wonderful Monday.


P.S. hope all is well with your father.

Julia Smith said...


Daryl said...

Now that is a hoot!

MorningAJ said...

Oh please! I need to breathe. But I can't - for laughing.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

he certainly can! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Dianne said...

I think I dated that guy!!

wonderful lady

Gledwood said...

bloody hell!

A Lady's Life said...

now that's leaving one's mark for sure. lol

Hope your Dad gets better