Monday, 29 June 2009

Never too late......

Our youngest son got a place at University studying for a Law Degree at Huddersfield University when he was 18 but ‘dropped out’ after about sixteen months and joined the working classes instead. We, as parents, were very disappointed but as long as he was prepared to work and not be a drain on society we backed his decision and he never let us down.

Fourteen years later, at the age of 32 with a partner and two children, he decided he wanted to study again and get his Law Degree and with the blessing of his partner, who offered to work all the hours God sends to keep the family whilst he studies, he secured at place at University to do just that.

He had to really sell himself at the interview to secure the place, the tutor suggested it would be better if he did an Access Course as he would find studying difficult after fourteen years of doing none. Son would have none of it – “it’s a place on the course or I do it through the Open University” he told the tutor. The tutor finally relented and said “he’d take a chance on him” and so last September he started the four year Law Degree course. His first two years are at Oldham, which is just one of the three campuses attached to Huddersfield University, which is where he was originally a student.

He completed all four modules of the first year exams last month and got 4 A’s therefore passing with flying colours and the tutor who was, at first, hesitant about his entry to the course told him he was Oldham’s best performing student. Not only that, he has also received a letter from the Head of Law telling him he is to be awarded the prize for the Best Year 1 student out of all three campuses!

We are so proud of him, he’s worked really hard and we’re also thankful to his partner, who has worked equally as hard to keep the family whilst he is studying thus enabling him to fulfil his dream.

Well done son!


bindhiya said...

Dear Akelamalu,
Thank you sharing this with us.
yes, it is never too late...just now am learning to drive..with two little ones... :)
You are blessed to have a sweet family my dear.
♥ & ((hugs))

skywind said...

yes, it is never too late. So long as we do attentively.: )
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Anonymous said...

WOW...Congratulations to him. That's awesome. You are never to old and it's never too late. My best to him and Congrats to you my friend. WOOT

Dumdad said...

Wow, you must be bursting with pride and joy. Back to university and top of his class - chapeau, as we say here in France. (We'd say "hats off to you").

Flowerpot said...

that is brilliant - and you are rightly proud. I just love stories like that.... particularly as I'm a late starter in most things myself!

Deb said...

You must be so proud! Congrats to the entire family on a job well done. This is proof that when a family works together as a team, dreams can come true! Celebrate!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow that is amazing! you are a lucky mom! i went back to school after children too, so i agree, it's never too late!

smiles, bee

buffalodick said...

As I myself went back in my 30's to take a few Management classes, I can appreciate what a feat he has accomplished! You have every right to be proud!

Linda said...

Congratulations to your youngest son - it sounds like he is doing fantastic and making you more than proud! It's never too late to go after your goals, right??!

Ron said...

What a WONDERFUL story, Akelamalu!



I can hear the excitement and pride in your voice, and I feel equally excited and proud for you!!!

Well done son!!!!


A Lady's Life said...

That is wonderful!
I know of people who went back in their 60's just to finish their degrees and I say why not?
Going back to school is ok no matter how old you are. It keeps your mind working. You are surrounded by young people. You find there really isn;t a thing called a generation gap.
Young people are really nice and kind and you get along fine doing homework and studying.
I say good for him and later he can do the same for his partner.:)

Akelamalu said...

I was 38 years old with two children before I learned to drive Bindi :)

I agree with you Skywind

Age is definitely no bar to learning Thom - I learn something new every day! LOL

We are bursting with pride Dumdad, thankyou :)

Being a late starter is sometimes a good thing Flowerpot, I think you can have more commitment don't you? :)

A family that works together usually stays together don;t you think Deb? :)

You're a smart lady Bee x

I have probably learned more since I left school too Buff :)

Yes Linda you're right, it is NEVER too late to go for your goals. :)

Aw thanks Ron, you're right I am so excited and proud. xx

My son had ended up a mentor to most of the other students on the course as he is the eldest Lady's Life. It's funny listening to him when he tells us what he's said to them - it's like Deja Vu - exactly the same things we said to him - work hard, concentrate etc etc. LOL

Finding Pam said...

I love to hear a great news! That is wonderful and I am proud for you and your family.

Tell him,"Well done".

Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations, to him and to you too! That's wonderful news, and I'm going to pass it on to my daughter--there was only one place she wanted to go in September, and she wasn't accepted. We're picking up the pieces and telling her it might be a wonderful opportunity in disguise--but I think your news might cheer her more, or encourage her to give it another run next year.

So, good luck in a new career to your son, too! It sounds like a wonderful beginning.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Woo hoo!! Congratulations!! I know you are so proud and excited!!

secret agent woman said...

Fantastic! WHat a wonderful story!!

Carol said...

That's great. Especially reassuring to me as my 17 year old is gearing up for college in 15 months but I honestly don't see him doing it. More shall be revealed!

Mama Zen said...

Well done, indeed!

Travis said...

That's fantastic. Proves that sometimes you have to wait a bit to find out what you really want. And then when you know, the rest is easy.

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh Im chufted to bits for your son..... Im beaming with pride and he aint even mine lol

What a fantastic story.... and what a great woman he has behind him of course ;)


Akelamalu said...

I will tell him well done from you Pam, thankyou m'dear. x

Oh I do hope this inspires your daughter Susan, keep me posted please. :)

Cheers Cheffie Mom I suppose my excitement is showing! :)

Thanks Secret Agent Woman :)

Carol you must tell your son that my son has so regretted not finishing his degree when he was younger, I hope it spurs him on. x

Cheers Mama Zen x

I so agree with you Trav x

Aw Marmie you're a good pal. xx

Nessa said...

Wow, congratulations to you all. Your son is doing excellent. Sometimes children need to wait a while to grow into these things.

Robin said...

hey there, i just stopped by to say hello and read this lovely post on your son.....what a great accomplishment for him!

and what encouragement for everyone else!

cheshire wife said...

Well done to your son. He is probably more motivated now than he was at 18.

Akelamalu said...

Yes you're right Nesaa it sometimes does take a while. :)

Lovely to see you Robin and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. xx

Yes he is more motivated Cheshire Wife and very determined. :)

San said...

An inspiring story, Akelamalu! Congratulations on your son's success--academically and in life. Clearly he has the determination to live his dreams. And his partner is very giving. Those children are growing up in a special home.

Akelamalu said...

Thankyou San. He is very determined now and his partner is extremely supportive - they make a great team. :)

storyteller said...

What a wonderful reminder (and fine example) for all of us! Congratulations to your son and kudos to his family for providing support ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...