Saturday, 24 May 2008

Saturday Wordzzle #14

The idea is, every week Raven (View From A Raven's Nest) gives you between 8 and 10 words/phrases and you have to create a small but coherent paragraph using every one of them and the same with the mini challenge. You can do either or both it's up to you, and you can post them on your blog or email them to Raven.

Here are my efforts - complete with my doodles.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: flamingo, monster trucks, Darth Vader, cucumbers, sugar-free, banking, determinate, thurible, sarcasm, drums

Arriving at the market Trixie was surprised to see the car park full of monster trucks, apparently there was some sort of rally going on today, which would have put her off coming if she had known about it beforehand. She had been banking on it being quiet today as she had a lot to do. Waiting at the fruit and veg stall she heard a strange sound behind her which turned out to be a man who sounded just like Darth Vader because he was wearing a bikers helmet.. “Are you going to buy those cucumbers or just look at them longingly?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Trixie ignored him, she didn’t want to get involved that was determinate. “Here try a piece of this” he said, thrusting a piece of sugar-free gum at her. “No thankyou” said Trixie trying her best to ignore him as she balanced on one leg like a flamingo, so she could reach over the cauliflowers to pick up a couple of drums of dried chillies. “Come on Trixie, lighten up!” said Darth. On hearing her name Trixie turned around to face Darth who had now removed his helmet, which he proceeded to swing around like a thurible whilst grinning at her like a Cheshire cat. “Oh bugger off” said Trixie, then clapped a hand over her mouth as she recognised the new vicar.

And for the Mini Challenge: procrastinate, memory lane, alley cat, argument, Florida

Sitting in the garden Alice sipped her Florida orange juice whilst looking through some old photographs, which took her on a trip down memory lane. Suddenly her peace was shattered by screeching sounds coming from the neighbouring garden. Alice shook her head, she decided she would procrastinate no more, she’d had enough, first thing tomorrow she would complain to the council about that alley cat that lived next door, the woman was a menace and she’d insist they evicted her, no argument.


Donna stood on the corner swinging her Dorothy bag like a thurible whilst furiously chewing on a piece of sugar-free gum. She had recently moved to Flamingo Park, Florida, after being given the opportunity of promotion with her job in banking. Never one to procrastinate, Donna jumped at the chance and arranged the move in a matter of weeks. Her family and friends had been full of sarcasm at her optimism but she wouldn’t be put off, the move was determinate. She settled into her new post at the bank and found a beautiful apartment with a sunny lounge overlooking the bay. She had made lots of friends since she arrived and had thrown herself headlong into the little community joining lots of established groups, she even started a Star Wars appreciation group, which raised a lot of interest with most of her colleagues, even the bank manager joined when she told him he could dress as Darth Vader – he was a huge fan. Actually it was Derek (Darth Vader) she was waiting for, he’d asked her if she’d like to go with him to see some monster trucks at some exhibition in the next town. Donna couldn’t give two hoots about trucks but she fancied the pants of Darth, so she didn’t put up any argument about where they were going she just agreed straight away. She heard the ‘beep, beep’ of the car horn and quickly jumped in the car beside Derek landing on a bag of cucumbers, which he’d left on the seat. “Oh sorry” apologised Derek “I have to drop those off at my mother’s on the way to the exhibition, she’s pickling today” he explained. Derek’s mother was a strange woman and Donna soon realised that Derek was a bit of a mummy’s boy, she was beginning to think agreeing to go out with him was a mistake! The pet names they called each other were bad enough but when they got into memory lane tales of Derek’s previous girlfriends and how they all had the morals of an alley cat Donna was sorry she’d agreed to the date. She wouldn’t be accepting any more invitations from Derek, she’d just put up with him today and that would be it. Mrs Bates (Donna’s nick name for Derek’s mother) was telling Donna about her pickling and offered to show Donna her store of various pickled vegetables. Being a polite sort of person Donna smiled sweetly and followed her into the basement totally unaware that Derek had picked up an axe, until he smashed it down onto the back of her head. “Get her into one of those drums of vinegar Derek” said Mrs. Bates.


Flowerpot said...

Oh my god!!! Have a good weekend - ifyou can sleep after that!

Linda said...

And doodles to boot - who could ask for more??

Richard said...

Well, I wasn't expecting that. Looks like a girl has to be careful in Merry Ole England.


Dianne said...

And the Queen of dark and wonderful endings continues to reign!

I love it!

TopChamp said...

whoa creepy!

These are very impressive. It's strange that in the first one it's the word 'determinate' which seems a little odd rather than cucumbers or Darth Vader which fit right in!

Glad to see you're well - sorry I've not visited for a wee while.

Raven said...

Awesome trio. I loved them all. First if my favorite, I think, but you totally tricked me with the last one. Well done! Cool doodles too. Wow! I especially loved the way you used thurible and flamingo. Brava!

Cindy said...

Looks like a fun challenge. And like you met it quite well...though Donna is now in a fine pickle.

ciara said...

oh ake, you kill me! no pun intended LOL i think you'd be a good crime or horror writer. so when ya gonna start your novel? :) xo

Travis said...

Great job as always!

the teach said...

Akelamalu, we both had a priest/vicar looking like Darth Vader. That's amazing! And very strange! Ha! :D

Jay said...

She told the Vicar to "bugger off" LOL .. Love it!

And the last one! Nice twist at the end! Great Wordzzles!

Julia Smith said...

You've outdone yourself with that last one. REALLY good.

storyteller said...

Marvelously done as always … and illustrated with doodles too! Wonderful!
Hugs and blessings,

bindhiya said...

great job.. the third one got not going to sleep tonight :))

Akelamalu said...

Scary eh Flowepot? :)

Yep I've gone doodle mad Linda!

No Rich Donna was in Florida!

Thanks Dianne :)

Nice to see you back Topchamp :)

Glad you enjoyed them Raven

Donna is preserved for posterity now Cindy!

I couldn't write a novel Ciara, short stories are about my limit.

Cheers Trav. x

I know Teach it's amazing how the same theme crops up in a lot of those who do the wordzzles isn't it?

LOL I know, what a terrible thing to say to a vicar Jay :0

Aw thanks Julia I take that as a real compliment from you x

I'm pleased you like them Storyteller x

Oh heck now I've scared you Bindi ;)

david mcmahon said...

You just did us a Darth favour!!!

Jeff B said...

I'm a sucker for a good axe murder story. Poor little pickled Donna.


ciara said...

ake-thx for your input on my post. i left a comment for you.

Elween said...

good job, akelamalu! :)

Akelamalu said...

Oh David you crack me up!

Yep Donna's in a real pickle Jeff!

I got your message thanks Ciara

Thanks Elween x

Anonymous said...