Friday, 23 February 2007

Should I be worried?..............

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As my regular readers will be aware I am having my knee replacement operation on Monday - Oooooer!

Having read the following two articles of news I'm wondering if I should be worried.....

Surgeons fight mid-op
An operation in a Belgrade hospital was disrupted when two surgeons started fighting in the operating theatre.
The surgeons stormed out of the room and carried on fighting outside, reports the daily Politika newspaper.
Surgeon Spasoje Radulovic was operating when his colleague Dragan Vukanic entered and made a remark that started a quarrel, said the anaesthesiologist on duty.
"At one moment Vukanic pulled the ear of the operating doctor, slapped him in the face and walked out," she said.
Radulovic followed and an all-out fight ensued, resulting in bruises, a split lip, loose teeth and a fractured finger.
The operation was completed successfully by the attending assistant doctor.

Surgeons' lame excuse
Surgeons trying to correct the limp of a five-year-old boy in China has apologised after lengthening the wrong leg.
They say the mistake was down to the boy being anaesthetised on his back but then operated on while lying on his stomach.
Xiangya Second Hospital in Changsha city operated on Miao Mingming whose right leg is shorter than his left.
"The doctor suggested surgery to extend the withered tendon, and we agreed. But when Mingming came out of the operating room, I found his left leg was in the cast," complained his father.
The hospital has admitted its mistake and promised to take full responsibility, reports Xinhua News.
Chief doctor Zhao said: "I am very sorry about what happened. Before the surgery, the patient was lying on his back and received full anaesthesia, and then the surgery was done with the patient lying on his stomach."
Now Mingming has to undergo two more operations, one to extend the right leg, the other to shorten the extended left leg.

At least they didn't happen in England!