Friday, 16 February 2007

Lazy Week......

I'm having a lazy week this week. I have been on holiday from work this week and apart from one or two necessary chores I have done nothing. Well I say 'done nothing' but in fact I have achieved a lot by setting up this blog and thereby improved my computer skills.

No-one told me how compulsive blogging would become. I find myself thinking 'what can I put on my blog?' when I'm having trouble sleeping. MWM has become a blog widower! Mind you it has given him lots of time to 'play' his racing games on the XBox so he's not complaining overmuch.

We will see our grandchildren this afternoon - always something to look forward to. Our eldest grandson, Sam, will stay with us tonight. He has stayed with us every other Friday since he was six weeks old, he is now 7 years old. He always brings a DVD for us to watch in bed after he has had his bath. He has lots of DVDs but tends to bring the same ones over and over again. I think we have watched ROBOTS about 10 times now! He loves staying here because it means he has time on his own which he doesn't often get at home because he has a younger brother and sister, so staying here is his quiet time. He gets time on his own to be creative with the Lego and Mechano.

Tomorrow is our Manic day! Sam's brother and sister, Harry and Gracie, will arrive after lunch and we pile them all into the car and take them to see my father, 'Big Granddad'. My other two grandsons, Kai and Nate, will arrive at 'Big Granddad's' round about the same time and we will spend an hour watching them play together, which is a noisy affair to say the least. My father enjoys having the children there so much and doesn't mind the noise and disruption one little bit, which is remarkable as he's 82!

Oh Happy Days!


Queenie said...

Have a wonderful weekend. don't think you will be having a lazy one. Not wuth all that activity, with your grandchildren

love_to_laugh said...

thanks for the advice
it was relly good and much appreciated =]

Akelamalu said...

Love_to-laugh - Hello honey - youre more than welcome. Hope the problem get's sorted soon. I'm here if you need to talk. :)

Akelamalu said...

queenie - oh yes busy, busy, busy today! :)

Anonymous said...