Tuesday, 10 February 2009


What do you pack when you’re going to Spain in February and

· the days can be warm and sunny or cool and raining or a mixture of both
· the nights definitely are cool but could be dry or raining or a mixture of both
· there could be a possibility of snow – it has been known
· you are restricted to one suitcase between two of you and it must not weigh anymore than 32 kg?

Well obviously the one suitcase and weight restriction means that MWM will have to take less so that I can fit in everything I need! As it’s cold here we can’t arrive at the airport in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops; a jacket, trousers and some full shoes are called for, so I suppose that will take care of clothes in case it is snowing.

Do we take swimwear – the pool will be closed and the sea will be freezing.   I suppose we could take just one lot in case the weather is hot enough for sunbathing – what do you think?

I guess a couple of pairs of shorts for during the day would be a good idea and of course we (I) can take lots of t-shirts, but maybe a couple of pairs of daytime trousers are called for too? My trusty CROC toe post sandals will be coming with me for daytime – they are the most comfortable toe posts I have and if truth be known I would wear them all year round if the weather permitted. They’re waterproof so if there’s showers it won’t be a problem.

Maybe cropped pants and a couple of skirts, dressy-up tops and a cardigan for evening and a couple of pairs of glittery flip flops?

How much sun cream, bearing in mind we might not see any sun? We usually use P20 once a day sunfilter and a 200ml bottle usually lasts MWM and I just about a week, so perhaps I should get one of those?

I have to take my hairdryer, magnifying mirror (so I can see to put my make-up on – can’t go out without make-up in the evening), must remember the travel alarm, toiletries etc, sunglasses (just in case), reading material, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses in case it’s sunny and I want to read.

Obviously you all know how much room toiletries take up? There’s shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse, hair serum, hairspray, shower gel, body lotion, face cleanser, face toner, eye cream, face moisturiser – and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!

You see the problem I have – all this is just mine! Perhaps I should book another suitcase in or maybe I should just put a couple of things in a plastic carrier for MWM and he will have to make do!

Oh I just remembered we’re allowed hand luggage too – I might be able to fit a few more clothes and shoes in after all!



Elaine said...

You lucky thing! I'd give anything to get away from this bloody awful weather.

I HATE packing. I always take about three times too much! (I always buy sun cream over there now, and I take all the toiletries in miniatures.)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Whenever I used to pack for a trip, I packed as little as possible. That gave me the excuse to purchase new stuff while I was traveling.

Emmie said...

Brrrr I cant even think about holidays right now (though i have one booked for may...) a friend of mine had a UK holiday next week!!! I think she is crazy as its just freeeezing!

You sure sound on the right track with packing though, I am no help -I havent been o holiday since I was... 12!

Anonymous said...

I always pack a swimsuit, even if I know it will be cold. They take up no room and you never know when there will be an indoor pool.

But I have also learned to pack light. For my 5 days in Peurto Rico I managed on just one carry-on bag.

buffalodick said...

When traveling, pack light. If you're moving around, no one knows you wore it yesterday- and even if they do, you'll never see them again to be embarassed about it...

Finding Pam said...

It sure does take a lot for beauty?LOL! I would wear your underware,next add the swimsuit with the shorts over that, with the crop pants over the shorts,layers of t-shirts, stuff your pockets with little make up bottles top it all off with a rain coat and buy what ever you can in Spain.
Lots of layers...hahaha!!!

Have a wonderful trip.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I keep saying to my husband, "I'm gonna die here" :( It is my first winter here and I know I will not want another winter in here.
I love traveling, but I get paranoid going back home, I don't want that I could accidentally left something behind.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

they always tell me to pack half the clothes i think i'll need and take twice the money!

smiles, bee

Flowerpot said...

getting otu of this weather must be a good thing - have a great holiday Ak!

MarmiteToasty said...

Make MWM put all his few bits in your handbag and you nab the whole suitcase LOL....

I know you will have a great time.... just be safe..


MarmiteToasty said...

ps...... this is the first day I havent got booted from the internet when logging on in here, which has happened everytime for months now :)..... woooo hoooo maybe its fixed itself..... now I can come and play everyday again...


Akelamalu said...

Well all my toiletries are minatures and I buy P20 (sunfilter) at the airport but I can't seem to cut down on clothes Laney! :0

Haha Nick, we've always said if we go back to Bankok we won't take any luggage at all - we'll just buy luggage and new clothes there it's so cheap!

A holiday in the UK in this weather? Is she mad Emmie???

You managed with 1 (I say ONE)carry on bag Citizen???? I take a carry on bag just for my hairdryer and mirror! :0 I'm going to slip a swimsuit in just in case it's really warm and I can sunbathe on the beach. :)

Ah but I won't be moving around Buff - good idea though. :)

LOL you've done that before haven't you Pam? (wink)

Oh this winter must have been a terrible shock to your system Grace, it was a shock to mine and I was born here! Welcome to my blog m'dear. x

Haha that sounds about right Bee but you must be the Queen of packing as you're Empress of the High Seas! LOL

You watch there'll be a heatwave here whilst I'm in Spain Flowerpot!

Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind Marmie! (wink) I'm so glad my blog isn't booting you off now. x

cheshire wife said...

Packing is the real downside to a holiday. I never wear everything that I take. Get out everything that you think you need then put half of it back in the wardrobe.

tony said...

Enjoy! It's bound to be better bloody weather than here!!!!

Jo said...

Thank you for the visit to my blog and leaving a comment.

I think Nick's idea to take as little as possible and buy what you need when you get there is a great idea.

I always pack far more than I will need.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm so excited for you!!!! What a great problem to have!

Akelamalu said...

I may just try that Cheshire Wife! :)

That's what I thought Tony! :)

I always take more than I need too Jo but I have to really cut down this time.

LOL yes I suppose it is RLL!

Daryl said...

WAIT ... dont pack all those sundries and cosmetics ... (a) you can buy travel size things THERE and then leave them behind for your hostess .. and (b) pool what you take in terms of that sort of stuff with your friend who you are going with ...

I always pack more lightweight tops that way I can get more wear out of a pair of capris or cropped pants, shorts or jeans ..

Mimi Lenox said...

Wait for me!

Dr.John said...

Wow! I never knew travel was so exhausting and you haven't left yet. I never had those problems because Betty always did all my packing.
We went to England in the summer and it was cold.

Lu' said...

Urgh I wouldn't look forward to the packing. Hubby and I travel in our motor home and that is fine by me. We stopped flying, too much trouble. Consequently we don't travel to the west coast anymore to see family and that is a bummer. Hve a great trip. I'll miss you :(

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie, it sounds like you already have all you need to pack ready.

Um, sweetie you forgot something. Yep and people that go off to fabulous places on this wonderful mplanet...always forget to pack.

Do you want to know what it is?


I'm kind of tall but I don't take up much space. And I'm good at getting us free drinks and food...Why I just flirt and bat my eyes and make them think they stand a chance.


Have a wonderful time dear. xxx

holly said...

i need to go too, i think. they are starting to require token americans as chaperones on all flights these days. it's fine, i'll pack too.

and yAY on the crocks. THEY *ARE* COMFORTABLE, DANGIT!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Good advice Daryl :)

I'm waiting Mimi! :)

MWM never has any trouble packing either Dr. John - I do it for him! LOL

Packing is the worse part of going on holiday Lu but it'll be worth it. :)

It would be wonderful if you could come along too Spiky, we'd have such fun! :0

Come on then Holly get your bags packed gal! LOL

storyteller said...

I always take more than I need so I'm afraid I wouldn't be any help ... but I'm excited for you and wish you a wonderful time on your trip!
Hugs and blessings,

Akelamalu said...

Aw thanks Storyteller x

aims said...

Packing for a trip where the weather is up and down is horrendous! I took more clothes to New Orleans than I have ever taken on any trip. And - I was glad I did because I needed them all.

I use to be able to travel with just a knapsack. One pair of panties and a bag of pantyliners. One pair of shorts - two tshirts and a pair of jeans. A sweater and a jacket.

What happened to those days?

Spain - oooooh! Sigh.

Akelamalu said...

I've never been able to travel light Aims :( Thankfully the weather forecast for next week in Spain is sunny and warm so that makes packing easier! :)

Travis said...

I always try to pack light. After all, you can probably find a laundry service just about anywhere.

Anonymous said...